10 Sagittarius Negative Traits

Published September 11, 2023

A Sagittarius’s negative traits can undermine a relationship. People born under this sign have many strengths.

But they have a Shadow side. Their dark side can frustrate others and hold Sagittarius back.

Sagittarius’s negative traits are related to their impulsive nature. They can be passionate and exciting or overbearing and grandiose.

People born under this sign have high expectations. They can be open-minded but are also moralistic.

Sagittarius can be too idealistic. They balk at any suggestion that they aren’t being realistic enough. Yet their refusal to listen to reason can hurt their ambitions.

1. Overbearing

Sagittarius has plenty of energy to spare. They can be overbearing and are not likely to compromise. But they can be strong-willed. As a fire sign, Sagittarius follows their passions.

They can be motivated and ambitious, but the dark side of Sagittarius’s enthusiasm is their tendency to come on too strong. They can overwhelm friends and lovers.

Sagittarius needs to be in control. If they are not in charge, people born under this sign become passive-aggressive or openly challenge anyone else’s authority.

They are not good at following anyone’s lead. Sagittarius has an intense personality. They are overwhelming and fixated on having their way in relationships.

Sagittarius’s negative traits list may not be longer than their list of positive attributes. However, their negative attributes can damage relationships. Sagittarius can be exciting or frustrating.

2. Self-righteous

Sagittarius is known for being self-righteous. People born under this sign can be moralistic. They are ideological and have strong values they align with.

People born under this sign follow their ethical guidelines. They can be hedonistic and pleasure-seeking, but their self-righteous nature can turn people off.

Sagittarius can be eager to advocate for others. They have a philosophical sense of right and wrong. Sagittarius makes a moral judgment about everything.

They are too convinced of their moral high ground and seldom open to feedback from others. People born under this sign can be intense and push their beliefs on others.

Sagittarius can turn people off with virtue signaling. They try too hard to prove themselves and call people out on their moral imperfections. Sagittarius can be too self-aware for other people.

3. Grandiose

Sagittarius has a larger-than-life personality. People born under this sign are grandiose and have lofty ideals. They are extravagant and prone to exaggerating.

People born under this sign can be too over the top for others. They overestimate themselves and can be expansive and generous. Sagittarius can be spontaneous and caring.

They are arrogant because of their excessive self-confidence. People born under this sign can be uplifting. They inspire others but can be too grandiose.

A Sagittarius Moon’s negative traits, like Sagittarius Sun, can be unrelenting. Someone with these placements can be convinced of their pending success. They are arrogant and believe they are above others.

The dark side of a Sagittarius woman is her tendency to be grandiose. She expects too much too soon. She may act entitled and judge people who do not fit her expectations. Sagittarius traits for females are similar to male Sagittarius qualities.

4. Demanding

Sagittarius is a high-maintenance partner. They are independent and can be aloof and distant. But people born under this sign can also be demanding.

They are divas who expect others to live up to their high standards. Sagittarius wants attention when they are in the mood for an amorous connection but then insists on being alone when they need space.

Sagittarius can be generous and spend money to build you up. But they also expect the same in return. People born under this sign can be resentful if you are not accommodating.

They follow changing whims and expect you to keep up with their pace. Sagittarius can be selfish and doesn’t realize that others don’t want to be second to their needs.

Sagittarius Mars’s negative traits are more forceful. Mars in this sign for a Sagittarius can make someone headstrong and particularly stubborn. Sagittarius is naturally instinctive but can be unbearable when other planets are in this sign.

5. Bad with Money

Sagittarius is bad with money. People born under this sign are notorious gamblers. They spend money before they’ve earned it. As the luckiest sign in the zodiac, Sagittarius takes finances for granted.

They are constantly in debt but also live a lavish lifestyle. They are obsessed with luxuries and can be materialistic. Yet people born under this sign break all the financial rules.

They live for the moment and see no reason to save for a rainy day. Sagittarius wants to enjoy all their creature comforts. They have no sense of saving money for emergencies and often make risky investments.

Their business moves can pay off, and Sagittarius is usually lucky enough to make gains financially. Yet, they are not financially stable for long. People born under this sign need to be with financially savvy partners, or they will go broke.

6. Risk Takers

Sagittarius is known for taking risks. They don’t let anyone tell them what to do. People born under this sign are gamblers who follow their instincts. Sagittarius is attracted to get-rich-quick schemes.

You can make Sagittarius happy if you encourage their penchant for taking risks. Sagittarius may overestimate their luck, but they usually land on their feet.

Sagittarius doesn’t follow cautious guidelines. They are addicted to the adrenaline rush that comes with taking risks. The bigger the chance, the more excited Sagittarius becomes.

People born under this sign can be open to challenges and risks that make money in the long run. Sagittarius takes chances if they have a slight possibility of succeeding.

Are Sagittarius’s dangerous when angry? People born under this sign can be inconsiderate when upset. They say whatever comes to mind. They take chances that you will forgive them. If they are wrong, Sagittarius simply moves on.

7. Inconsistent

Sagittarius acts on instinct and passion. They make plans but don’t show up. They’re often late to dates and appointments. You can’t expect a Sagittarius to stick to their schedule.

Sagittarius is inconsistent. Their carefree and spontaneous personality makes them act on instinct rather than sticking to their agendas. You may find it challenging to keep up with someone born under this sign.

Never hold them to a commitment. If you want to be in a relationship with a Sagittarius, give them free rein. They come and go as they please and avoid conforming to anyone’s agenda.

Sagittarius can be erratic and needs room to follow their desires. They don’t want to be with someone who tries to put boundaries or limitations on them.

Sagittarius’s good and bad traits for females can make this sign challenging to date. People born under this sign can be labile. They are not reliable and can make others suspicious.

8. Selfish

Sagittarius can be generous and loving. But they have a selfish side. People born under this sign can be self-serving. They are not likely to compromise and don’t know how to meet others halfway.

Sagittarius puts their ambition and desires before anything else. They won’t be inconvenienced if others are in need. They love being philanthropic when it suits their agenda.

But Sagittarius won’t break their stride when focused on a goal. They follow their desires and only think of what others need once their needs are met. Sagittarius is a sign known for being self-serving.

Scorpio and Sagittarius’ negative traits can make this couple a nightmare. They play off each other’s territorial side and can be bossy. When they work together they are a demanding duo.

When Sagittarius and Scorpio clash with each other, they are turbulent and can be overbearing. Sagittarius needs someone who will adjust to their bossy side. Scorpio never backs down.

9. Dominating

Sagittarius can be dominating and tries to take charge of others. People born under this sign want to be in control. They often live and let live but can be controlling at times.

Sagittarius believes their way is always right. They want to be in control and resent anyone who challenges their authority. Sagittarius wants to be with an accommodating partner.

They won’t adjust to comply with others. Instead, Sagittarius expects others to follow what they want. They are dominating and can overpower you with their passionate personality.

How dangerous is a Sagittarius woman? Women born under this sign are not dangerous. They are selfish and demanding. They don’t consider other people’s needs, but the harm they do is from carelessness and not intentional.

10. Noncommittal

Sagittarius doesn’t commit. No matter how much this sign loves you, they insist on remaining free. They don’t want to be boxed in by definitions. They fear losing their independence.

Sagittarius only commits to a romantic partner when they are certain you respect their freedom. If you give Sagittarius room to roam, they will be willing to commit to you.

Sagittarius wants to be with someone who understands their need for space. They need more than a day to themselves once in a while. Sagittarius acts obsessed with you, then shuts down.

Once you get too close to a Sagittarius they become distant. Sagittarius wants to be with someone who understands their need to suddenly take off and not come back for days or weeks.

They are among the most distant in relationships. Sagittarius frustrates others by refusing to commit. They follow their passions and won’t become committed to a relationship out of guilt.

Despite all of Sagittarius’s good traits, their lack of commitment can make them difficult to date. Sagittarius wants to be free to wander without feeling like they are restricted by anyone.

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