10 Signs a Sagittarius Man is Using You

Updated August 25, 2023

It is usually fairly obvious when a Sagittarius man is using you. He won’t even try to pretend like he’s not!

Most Sagittarius men are straightforward with their intentions, though. If they don’t want to have a relationship, they usually tell someone instead of using them.

A Sagittarius man won’t seem interested in you at all when he’s using you. He will only call you up when he wants something from you. He won’t take you out or bring you around to meet his friends.

Your Sagittarius man will seem bored around you. He will ignore you whenever you talk, no matter the topic. He won’t ask you questions about yourself or try to get to know you.

When a Sagittarius man is using you, he will be indifferent toward you. Unless he gets something he wants, he’ll pay you no mind.

1. Won’t Take You Out

If he never takes you out in public, that often means that a Sagittarius man just wants to hook up with you. He’ll hang out with you in private, but he’ll see no point in taking you out.

Sagittarius men are social people. They enjoy taking their partners out on the town and bringing them to parties usually.

If your Sagittarius man never takes you out on dates, that’s a red flag. He usually enjoys going out with his partner.

Sagittarius men aren’t the type to stay home all the time. Your Sagittarius man will bring you around to his place to have sex but never do anything else with you if he’s using you.

You can try asking your Sagittarius man to go out with you if you’re not sure. If he’s always giving you excuses and refusing to go out with you in public, that’s a bad sign.

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2. You Never Meet His Friends

If you’ve never met his friends and you’ve been dating a while, that is a significant sign a Sagittarius man is using you.

Sagittarius men like to introduce their partners to other important people in their lives. If your Sagittarius man isn’t doing that, you likely aren’t important to him.

A Sagittarius man won’t introduce you to his friends if he doesn’t intend on sticking around. He won’t bring you to meet anyone important to him if he plans on leaving once he’s done with you.

It’s not necessarily a bad sign if your Sagittarius man doesn’t introduce you to his friends right away.

Once you two have had a lot of time to get to know one another, he’ll bring you to hang out with his friends if he’s serious about you.

3. He’ll Be Inflexible

If a Sagittarius man is unhappy in a relationship, he may start to become more moody, stubborn, and inflexible than usual.

Sagittarius men usually go with the flow. They can be stubborn sometimes, but they are often open to suggestions for potential date night activities.

Your Sagittarius man will never want to do anything you suggest if he’s using you. You two will do what he wants, or you won’t hang out at all.

You will see your Sagittarius man’s stubborn side more often than anyone when he’s using you. He will refuse to budge about even the most minor things.

He will always choose what the two of you do. This is because he doesn’t care if you’re having a good time. He only cares about himself and his enjoyment.

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4. He Won’t Listen To You

A Sagittarius man won’t care about your opinion if he’s using you. He will refuse to listen to you, even if you make a good point.

Your Sagittarius man won’t listen to a word you say if he doesn’t care about you. It doesn’t matter how interesting the story you’re telling is. He’s not going to hear a word you say.

When Sagittarius men care about somebody, they want to hear what they have to say! They love hearing about the things that excite them.

A Sagittarius man might not always agree with a loved one’s opinions, but he will listen to them.

You can tell when a Sagittarius man is not listening to you. He won’t even try to hide it.

Typically when a Sagittarius man is engaged in a conversation, he leans into whoever is talking and makes eye contact with them. He also asks questions or makes verbal acknowledgments. He won’t do this for you.

5. He Never Asks About You

Your Sagittarius man might be using you if he never asks you about yourself. Sagittarius men usually ask a lot of questions.

When a Sagittarius man is interested in somebody, he wants to learn more about them. He will ask them personal questions or ask their opinions about specific topics he cares about.

A Sagittarius man will also check in if somebody he cares about seems upset. If he’s using you, that won’t matter to him. He will likely ignore you until you’re no longer upset instead of asking you how you’re doing.

A Sagittarius man won’t want to know more about you when he’s using you. He won’t see a point in wasting his time learning about who you are as a person. He wants something from you, and once he’s done getting it, he’ll likely throw you aside.

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6. Won’t Make Any Compromises

Compromise is hard for Sagittarius men. They will try to compromise about important things when they care about somebody, but it can still be challenging.

If your Sagittarius man refuses to compromise about anything, he likely doesn’t care about you.

Don’t assume that all lack of compromise means your Sagittarius man doesn’t care, though. Compromise is a skill he needs to learn. If he treats you well in every other way, be patient when it comes to compromising with him.

The best way to beat a Sagittarius man at his own game when he’s being stubborn is to refuse to give in to his demands. If he’s refusing to compromise with you on something, don’t give in to him.

7. Avoids Serious Discussions

Your Sagittarius man will avoid all serious discussions about your relationship when he’s using you.

If he’s not ready to have a discussion, a Sagittarius man will usually let you know that. He’ll tell you if he’s confused about what he wants from the relationship.

He will refuse to define your relationship if he’s using you. A Sagittarius man will not attempt to open up to you. If you want to talk to him about your feelings, he’ll completely ignore you.

A Sagittarius man might pull away now and then, even if he’s not using you. It takes a long time for a Sagittarius man to open up. He will refuse to have any serious discussion when he’s using you, though.

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8. Indifferent To Your Feelings

Most Sagittarius men will care about their loved ones’ feelings, even if emotions are difficult for them sometimes. A Sagittarius man won’t care at all about how you feel if he’s using you.

A Sagittarius man won’t care if he hurts your feelings when he doesn’t care about you. He won’t change his behavior or listen when you tell him you’re upset about something.

If he used to care about your feelings and no longer does, that’s a red flag. When a Sagittarius man doesn’t like you anymore, he will no longer care about how you’re feeling. He won’t even try to pretend he does.

9. Seems Bored Around You

When a Sagittarius man is done with you, he may suddenly seem bored when he’s with you. Even if he was once interested in being with you, that will no longer be the case.

You’ll be able to tell if your Sagittarius man is losing interest. He won’t laugh at your jokes anymore. He won’t ask about your day or ask follow-up questions when you’re talking about a topic that excites you.

A Sagittarius man will usually enjoy being around his partner, even if he’s not engaged in one of his interests. He’ll be visibly bored and may even get up and leave if he’s using you and doesn’t care about what you’re doing.

Your Sagittarius man will be bored whenever he’s not getting what he wants from you. He might seem perfectly excited about sex, but he won’t care if you try to tell him about your day afterward.

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10. Ignores You Constantly

If he’s using you, a Sagittarius man will ignore you constantly unless he’s getting whatever it is he wants from you.

If you say you don’t want to have sex or do whatever your Sagittarius man wants, he’ll stop talking to you. He won’t want to do something else.

Your Sagittarius man will stop responding to texts or suddenly have to leave to do something else.

If a Sagittarius man is testing you, he might occasionally ignore you or take a while to reply to a text. He’ll always ignore you if he’s using you.

A Sagittarius man ghosting someone he’s using is pretty common. Once he’s done with her, he often won’t bother to let her know that. He’ll disappear without a word.

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