What is The Sagittarius Man Texting Style?

Updated November 11, 2022
What is The Sagittarius Man Texting Style?

The most important thing to know about a Sagittarius man’s texting style is that he’s not the type to reply right away. Texting isn’t his top priority.

When he does text you, a Sagittarius man is a great person to talk to. He’s funny, flirty, and lighthearted.

Sagittarius men are straightforward in all their communication, texting included. You will never have to wonder what your Sagittarius man means when he says something to you.

Your Sagittarius man won’t text you constantly. He may not text you each day, but this doesn’t mean he’s uninterested in you. He gets busy with other tasks and forgets to check his phone.

You can expect a lot of questions and photos from a Sagittarius man. Those are often the way he starts conversations. He’ll also send you a lot of jokes.


Sagittarius men are straightforward. They don’t see any point in having hidden meanings behind what they say. Your Sagittarius man isn’t going to send you cryptic messages to decipher.

You will never have to rack your brain trying to figure out what a Sagittarius man’s text means. His texts are often simple and to the point. He’s not trying to trick you with his words.

A Sagittarius man will appreciate it if you are straightforward when texting him. He doesn’t have time to play games! He won’t sit there and try to find hidden meanings in your words.

Texting with a Sagittarius man is often uncomplicated because of his straightforward nature.

A Scorpio man might have all kinds of mysterious meanings behind his words. You won’t have to worry about that when you’re texting with a Sagittarius man.

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In addition to being straightforward, Sagittarius men are also direct. They are bold and assertive in everything that they do, including communication.

If you ask a Sagittarius man a question, you’re going to get a direct answer. He will always give you his honest opinion and isn’t going to sugarcoat anything.

If a Sagittarius man is busy or doesn’t want to talk for some reason, he will also often be direct about that. He will straight up tell you that he doesn’t want to talk to you.

He won’t always let you know when he can’t talk, but when he does, he’ll get to the point. He won’t apologize for being unavailable either.

His direct nature is one of the reasons you can always tell for sure when a Sagittarius man is flirting with you. He won’t be coy about it at all!

Won’t Reply Right Away

Should you text a Sagittarius man first? That is usually the best way to get his attention. Don’t be offended if he doesn’t reply right away, though.

When a Sagittarius man ignores your text, that usually isn’t cause for alarm. Sagittarius men aren’t the most frequent of texters.

A Sagittarius man won’t always reply to you right away. This doesn’t mean he’s angry with you or that he’s not interested. He’s likely just busy.

Sagittarius men don’t always pay attention to their phones. If he’s with friends or focused on something else, he won’t be checking for messages.

Don’t worry about it if a Sagittarius is not responding to your text. He likely just hasn’t seen it yet. He’ll reply once he’s available.

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Won’t Text Every Day

It is not necessarily a bad sign if a Sagittarius man never initiates text conversations with you. Some Sagittarius men don’t pay attention to their phones unless somebody messages them first.

Your Sagittarius man isn’t going to text you every single day. Even if he does, he’s not going to have lengthy conversations each time.

Sagittarius men lead busy lives. They have packed schedules and are always running off on one adventure or another.

Texting isn’t a Sagittarius man’s top priority if he’s visiting another country or spending the weekend with his family. He won’t be checking his phone if he’s busy with something else.

Not texting every day doesn’t mean your Sagittarius man is ignoring you. This is just part of his texting style. He will message to share some travel photos or check-in when he’s got some free time.


You can quickly tell if a Sagittarius man likes you through text. He will boldly flirt with you when he’s interested. You should always pay attention to the nature of his flirting to be sure if he likes you, though.

Sagittarius men are flirtatious. Some flirt with anyone, even friends and acquaintances they aren’t interested in romantically.

He will send silly, lighthearted flirty texts if he’s messing around. His flirtations will be more bold and even sexual if he’s serious.

You can expect a lot of flirty texts from a Sagittarius man, whether or not he’s being serious. This is just the way he communicates with people.

Sagittarius men love to flirt. If you want to turn on a Sagittarius man through text, be confident and flirt to your heart’s content! He’ll love it.

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Texting a Sagittarius man is usually quite fun! He is a funny person who loves telling jokes, especially via text message.

Don’t be surprised if your Sagittarius man is constantly texting jokes out of the blue. He might not be the most reliable texter, but he loves sharing jokes with everyone he knows.

If your Sagittarius is flirting with you, he might send some flirtatious or dirty jokes. If you two talk about a specific topic, he might share some niche humor with you.

Jokes are one way Sagittarius men connect with people. If he sees a funny video that he thinks you’ll like, your Sagittarius man will send it over as a way of showing he’s thinking about you.

Your Sagittarius man will love it when you share jokes and funny videos with him too. He’s always interested in hearing a joke he’s never heard before!


A Sagittarius man’s text messages are typically lighthearted. He isn’t the type of person to have serious discussions over text.

Sagittarius men tend to stay away from emotional topics while texting. Even if you two are close and he usually opens up to you emotionally, he won’t necessarily want to have those conversations via text message.

If you ever need to have a serious discussion with a Sagittarius man, it’s better to do it in person. He’s more likely to get distracted if you two are texting. He’s also likely to ignore you if you get too emotional over text.

It’s better to stick to lighter topics when texting a Sagittarius man. He might still talk about current events or have lengthy discussions with you, but he’s not going to get emotional over text.

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Sagittarius men might not like serious discussions over text, but they love to have philosophical discussions!

Don’t be surprised if a Sagittarius man suddenly asks you what you think the meaning of life is while you two are conversing over text. For him, philosophy doesn’t count as a deep conversation. It’s something he does for fun.

A Sagittarius man will love it when you’re willing to engage in philosophical discussions with him.

He has a lot of questions about life. He is always interested in hearing what other people think and seeing how their views differ from his own.

You can try asking a Sagittarius man some philosophical questions of your own. This is often one of the easiest ways to catch his attention and get him to text with you for a while.

Asks A Lot Of Questions

Sagittarius men ask a lot of questions in general. Questions are going to come up frequently when he’s texting you.

Your Sagittarius man might ask personal questions. He may also ask off-the-wall questions out of the blue. That is one of the ways he likes to start conversations.

If you’re telling a story or talking about a topic you’re interested in, your Sagittarius man will also ask follow-up and clarification questions. That’s how he shows you he’s paying attention to what you’re saying.

If he never asks you any questions, that is a sign that a Sagittarius man is not into you. He won’t ask any questions about your life or follow-up questions when you tell a story if he’s not interested in talking to you.

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Shares Photos

If you’re ever unsure what to say to a Sagittarius man when you two are texting, send him some photos! Sagittarius men love to share travel photos and selfies with the people they chat with.

Your Sagittarius man might not always text you when he’s on vacation. He is likely to share photos frequently, though.

If you know a Sagittarius man is going on vacation, ask him to send you some pictures while he’s gone. He will be more than happy to share what he’s up to with you.

Sagittarius men also like to send random memes and pictures they find on the internet, especially funny ones. He might not always know what to say to start a conversation, but a picture is a great way to kick things off.

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