How Do You Get a Sagittarius Man to Text You?

Updated February 22, 2023
How Do You Get a Sagittarius Man to Text You?

Getting a Sagittarius man to text you can be difficult if you don’t understand his personality. He may be responsive one week and distant the next.

Don’t take this personally. Sagittarius men usually vary their text habits depending on a number of factors.

Getting a Sagittarius man to reply to your texts requires strategy. If you know how to compliment him, boosting his ego helps sometimes.

Other times, he’ll act completely indifferent to flattery. It all depends on his mood. Sagittarius men get bored easily so you have to spice things up.

When you text him and he doesn’t reply, wait a few days and try different approaches to getting his attention. Don’t repeat the same routines.

Avoid Him

When a Sagittarius man is slow to respond to your texts, or ignores you altogether, you may wonder about his intentions. You may think these are signs of a Sagittarius man testing you.

But this is not always the case. Sometimes he just needs a change in routine, especially if you’ve been texting each other a lot in recent days. If he doesn’t reply, try going out of your way to avoid him.

When a Sagittarius man stopped texting after you had a great week of almost nonstop communication and dates out together, it doesn’t mean he suddenly lost interest in you. He probably just needed a break.

Absence can make a Sagittarius man’s heart grow fonder. He may not notice the difference in the first few days. Give him some time to realize he hasn’t seen or heard from you. This will motivate him to reach out.

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Be Inquisitive

The more a Sagittarius man can learn from you, the more likely he will be to text you. A Sagittarius man’s communication style is based on wanting to expand his mind and experiences. If your conversations don’t offer him anything new, he’ll become bored.

Rather than sending him the same check in message every day, shake things up. Get inquisitive about the world around you. Study a new topic, learn new things you can then share with him. Stimulate his mind through your conversations.

This will encourage him to re-engage with you. If your conversations are too routine, you’re not offering him any food for thought. If you become more intellectual, philosophical, complex and interesting, he’ll be more inclined to want to further the conversation.

Be Vague

Though Sagittarius men love direct honesty and candor, sometimes it helps to be vague. If you text him too much information up front, he has no reason to follow up with you. You may have answered all his questions.

Info-dumps can turn a Sagittarius man off, so instead of being too comprehensive and detailed, be intentionally vague at times. Give him a reason to follow up with you and ask questions.

This tactic should be used strategically, not all the time. If you do this too much, he’ll sense you’re trying to lure him into conversation with bait that will seem inauthentic after a while.

Some of the things to say to a Sagittarius man to get his attention include brief messages hinting at going on an adventure, learning new things, delving into new spiritual systems and advancing in your career.

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Appear Wise

Sagittarius men can’t resist soaking up wisdom like sponges. They are drawn to philosophical and spiritual conversations. Offer wisdom related to challenging life circumstances or observations about society at large.

When you see subtle signs a Sagittarius man likes you, you can entice him into conversation by appealing to his desires to expand his mind in new directions.

You don’t have to pretend you have all the answers. In fact, doing this will turn a Sagittarius man off. But if you take a philosophical stance when interacting with a Sagittarius man, he’ll want to prolong the discussion.

Drop Hints

When you want a Sagittarius man to reply to your text, drop hints about subjects he’s interested in. Mention books in a genre you know he likes to read. Hint about films he may be interested in seeing.

Don’t approach him with any expectations or demands. Instead, casually mention a place you’d like to travel to for a weekend away. Let him get the hints. He will be more responsive when you let him put the clues together on his own.

When you hint about your interests in certain topics, a Sagittarius man will try to take the conversation farther. As a result, he ends up responding to you and investing in the conversation and you don’t have to chase him to get a reply.

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Become an Activist

When a Sagittarius man ignores you, look for ways to get his attention by aligning with things he’s passionate about. If you become involved in humanitarian causes and activist groups, a Sagittarius man will feel a common bond with you.

He may be surprised to see your level of interest in causes that matter to him. This will also give him an incentive to communicate with you more frequently. He’ll wonder what else he can discover about you and your interests.

Send a photo of yourself at a rally or casually mention an activist group you joined. Ask him his opinion on an important political issue. These forms of communication can easily prompt a response from a Sagittarius man.

Respect His Space

One of the hardest things to do in communication with a Sagittarius man is also the most important. When a Sagittarius man goes quiet, respect his space. Don’t pressure him for a reply.

Give him a few days or a few weeks to reach out. It is in his nature to be independent and frequently he will distance himself from you because he needs space.

When a Sagittarius man stops replying to texts, don’t repeatedly text him. Give him some time and then change up your routine. Otherwise, he will feel harassed and will be turned off by the communication.

A Sagittarius man may operate on a completely different timeline than you. You may have expectations about what the relationship should look like at a certain time, but don’t assume your Sagittarius man shares these expectations.

This is also true when it comes to amount of downtime between seeing you or texting you. You may expect long conversations every day, for example, while he finds this overwhelming and suffocating.

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Be Optimistic

Another easy way to make sure a Sagittarius man replies to you is to keep an optimistic tone when texting him. Even if you are going through a stressful time, try to look for the silver lining.

A Sagittarius man who sees you are trying to find meaning in conflicts will be eager to respond to you. If you are already staying positive and he still doesn’t reply, this could be one of the signs that a Sagittarius man has lost interest in you.

He may change his mind if you give him time. Even if your insecurities are triggered by a Sagittarius man ignoring your texts, don’t confront him. Let him decide to reach out next.

When a Sagittarius man sees that you don’t panic when he doesn’t respond to you right away, he’ll be more likely to communicate with you. This may seem like a paradox, but Sagittarius men fear losing independence in relationships.

If he ignores you or is too busy to reply right away and you create drama and confront him, it will seem like a validation of all of his worst fears. If you stay calm and positive, he’ll see that you are independent and sure of yourself.

Connect with His Friends

When a Sagittarius men is quiet, it may be fruitless to try to get him to respond directly. An indirect approach may work better. Reach out to his friends and strike up a conversation.

Keep the conversation positive and avoid gossip. Don’t drag his friends into the conflict between you and your Sagittarius man. Instead, get them excited about the new and interesting things you’re doing.

If you can get his friends to like you and see you as confident, successful and fun to talk to, word will get back to your Sagittarius love interest. His curiosity will triggered and he’ll reach out to you.

If a Sagittarius man thinks you’re reaching out to his friends to gossip or to complain because he hasn’t been in touch with you, he may end the relationship. Be sure to make contact with his friends positive and inspiring.

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Fascinate Him

Pleasing a Sagittarius man in bed will not guarantee he’ll answer your texts the next day. If you really want to fascinate him, you have to appeal to his mind more than his sexual or physical instincts.

Sagittarius men are fascinated by ideas that are new to them. Anything exotic, sophisticated, humanitarian, spiritual, or scientific that can be seen as a break from the status quo will appeal to a Sagittarius man’s desires.

When you keep him intrigued by offering new perspectives and ideas and don’t always agree with everything he says, a Sagittarius man will find it fascinating to text with you because he will continue to learn new things from you.

In particular, you can impress him with stories about your travels and about cultures you’ve studied. If these are not interests that appeal to you, try to step outside of your comfort zone. Self-improvement is also a topic that fascinates Sagittarius men.

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