How to Get a Sagittarius Man to Respond to Your Text

Updated June 3, 2022
How to Get a Sagittarius Man to Respond to Your Text

If you’re crushing on a Sagittarius guy and just started texting him, you need to know how to get a Sagittarius man’s text response.

What should you say to guarantee a response from this zodiac sign?

Sagittarius is a very open and communicative sign, but a Sagittarius man tends to prefer face-to-face conversations over text messages.

So, what type of message can you send that will make him unable to resist texting you back?

Once you have a better understanding of his zodiac sign’s typical personality traits and communication style, you will know how to get a Sagittarius man to respond to your text.

Don’t Bombard Him With Texts

A Sagittarius man is very talkative and communicative, but texting isn’t his preferred method of communication.

If you tell him that texting is important to you and he starts texting you constantly, it’s one of the signs a Sagittarius man is falling in love with you.

But unless you say something about it, your Sagittarius guy probably won’t text you very often because it’s not his style.

If you want to guarantee a response from your Sagittarius guy, don’t think that texting him over and over or sending him long walls of text will make him reply.

When you send him too many messages at once or paragraph-long texts, he gets overwhelmed and will probably save your messages to read later, then forget to respond.

Try to only send your Sagittarius crush short, sweet messages, and don’t send more than one or two messages at a time.

He’s much more likely to respond if you keep your text messages concise because it’s easier for him to read and reply quickly.

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Be Honest and Direct

Sagittarius is a very honest and open sign, so what a Sagittarius guy looks for in a woman is truthfulness.

When a Sagittarius man is not interested in you, he will either ignore all of your texts or tell you frankly that he doesn’t have romantic feelings for you.

He won’t lead you on and play mind games to make you guess whether he likes you or not.

He doesn’t want to be with someone who plays mind games, either. If you want to get a Sagittarius man to text you back, don’t try to manipulate him.

For example, when you ignore a Sagittarius man and stop texting him, don’t think it will make him want you more.

Instead, be honest and direct in your messages, and make it clear that you have feelings for him.

He’s much more likely to want to get to know you and text you back if you are truthful and straightforward rather than dishonest and manipulative, so let the real you shine through your texts.

Ask Him Specific Questions

Sometimes, a Sagittarius man won’t respond to your messages not because he doesn’t like you but because he didn’t realize your message required a response.

Even a Sagittarius man in love with you might not text you back if your message didn’t contain a direct question.

If you want to guarantee a reply from him, start or finish your message with a question, and make sure you use a question mark so there are no miscommunications.

Don’t ask big, philosophical, open-ended questions, either. A Sagittarius man loves to have these kinds of conversations in person, but he doesn’t want to discuss the meaning of life over texts.

Just ask him something simple, like if he wants to grab drinks after work or what his favorite snack is so you can bring it when you meet him at the movies.

As long as your Sagittarius guy checks his phone, he is sure to respond to short, direct questions like these.

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Invite Him to Events

Sagittarius is a social and outgoing zodiac sign, so your Sagittarius crush is likely to text you to ask if you want to accompany him to a party or a fun event.

When he invites you to join him when he’s hanging out with his friends or attending a concert, it’s one of the signs a Sagittarius man has feelings for you and wants to get to know you better.

But if you’re wondering how to know if a Sagittarius man is playing you, he will only spend time alone with you when he wants something, and he won’t take you out anywhere or introduce you to his friends.

A Sagittarius guy can’t resist an invitation to something new and exciting because he hates the thought of missing out on a good time.

If you want to make sure he will text you back, send him a message inviting him to a cool event.

If you have tickets to see a show or an art exhibit, text your Sagittarius crush and invite him along.

If you’re heading to a bar to meet some friends for happy hour, text him to see if he wants to join and get to know your loved ones.

When you send him an invitation to anything, especially something unique and exciting, you are sure to get a reply from your Sagittarius guy.

Send Positive Messages

Sagittarius is one of the most positive and optimistic signs of the zodiac. A Sagittarius guy always looks at the bright side and can find the silver lining to any bad situation.

He tries to stay cheerful and upbeat, so he doesn’t like surrounding himself with negative people who complain a lot.

He also doesn’t like to send or receive negative text messages, so even when a Sagittarius man is mad at you, he will probably keep his tone light and fluffy.

If you want to know how to get a Sagittarius man to chase you and respond to your texts, try to send him mostly positive messages.

You can complain or vent to him every once in a while, but keep the majority of your texts happy and carefree.

When your tone is cheerful and positive, your Sagittarius guy will look forward to seeing your messages pop up on his phone screen.

But if you are always whining about something or asking him to cheer you up, your Sagittarius crush will start to ignore your texts.

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Text Him Jokes and Puzzles

In astrology, one of the things that the zodiac sign Sagittarius stands for is higher education. Sagittarians love to learn and they are quite inquisitive and insightful.

Sagittarians also have a good sense of humor and they always try to make other people smile and laugh.

When you’re trying to get a reply from a Sagittarius guy, text him a clever joke, a puzzle, or a riddle.

You will grab his interest when you send him a mystery to figure out, and you will win him over if you can make him laugh out loud at your texts.

If you can’t think of anything funny or witty to say, don’t hesitate to send your Sagittarius guy a humorous meme or video you stumble across on the internet.

If you can make him laugh with a good gif or a viral video, your Sagittarius won’t be able to resist texting you back.

And if you can stump him with a challenging puzzle or clever riddle, your Sagittarius guy will be impressed by your intelligence and want to text you back even more.

Text Him About His Travels

In astrology, Sagittarius is the zodiac sign of the traveler, so you can always engage a Sagittarius guy in a conversation about his travel plans and history.

If your Sagittarius man is acting distant and ignoring your texts, he might be on vacation and not checking his phone that much.

When you want him to text you back, find out if he’s out of town and ask how his trip is going.

Then, send him a nice photo so he thinks of you while he’s gone, but then wait until he gets back to text him more.

Text your Sagittarius guy about his favorite places he has been to, which destinations he recommends, and where he’s going on his next trip.

He loves travel and adventure, so texting him about one of his favorite topics is sure to get a response.

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Don’t Send Needy Messages

Sagittarius is a highly independent zodiac sign, so a Sagittarius man loves his freedom and hates being tied down to a place or person.

If you want to know how to make a Sagittarius man miss you and text you more, you have to give him some space.

Don’t send him lots of clingy, needy messages, and don’t text him so often that it seems like you don’t have anything else to do with your time.

Stay busy, and try to only send your Sagittarius guy light-hearted and undemanding messages. Don’t beg him to hang out with you or order him to call you right away if you want him to respond to your messages.

He likes an independent and laid-back woman, so when you show your needy, clingy side, it turns him off and makes him not want to text you back.

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