What to Expect Sexually From a Sagittarius Man?

Updated February 22, 2023
What to Expect Sexually From a Sagittarius Man?

You won’t always know what to expect when it comes to a Sagittarius man’s sexuality. He is spontaneous, and he’s likely to surprise you!

Sagittarius men are wild in bed. They can get freaky sometimes. Expect the unexpected when having sex with a Sagittarius man.

Sagittarius men will try anything once. They like to experiment a lot in bed. Your Sagittarius partner will likely suggest new things to try frequently. He’ll gladly go along with your ideas too.

Sagittarius men are passionate, and they love pleasure. They want everyone involved in a sexual experience to have a good time. The majority of Sagittarius men are generous lovers.

Expect your Sagittarius man to have some wild kinks and preferences. Sagittarius men are not vanilla! They like a wide variety of things in bed.

Wild Sex

A Sagittarius man’s sex life is often wild. He likes having fun with sex.

Sex will never be boring with a Sagittarius man. You’ll always be trying new things. Some of the things a Sagittarius man likes in bed are wild and freaky.

Your Sagittarius man likely has a lot of energy. He isn’t going to tire himself out having sex with you.

You can expect things to get weird in bed with a Sagittarius man sometimes. He’s a free spirit. He is also spontaneous and impulsive.

Your Sagittarius man is guided by his whims in all areas of life, and sex is definitely no exception.

A Sagittarius man’s wild nature means that you should always establish clear boundaries with him. He doesn’t always ask before doing something when he’s caught up in the moment.

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It’s pretty common for Sagittarius men to be exhibitionists. They have no shame, and many of them love attention! Not all of them are exhibitionists to the same degree, though.

Some Sagittarius men like having public or semi-public sex. They aren’t necessarily looking to get caught. They just like the idea of being outside where anyone could see. They get an adrenaline rush from this.

Other Sagittarius men enjoy activities like group sex. They love having an audience for their sexual escapades.

Of course, not all Sagittarius men will like group sex or public sex. For some Sagittarius men, their exhibitionist nature is only expressed with their partners.

Your Sagittarius man might enjoy it when you watch him do certain activities. He may also like doing a striptease for you. Sometimes, the only person he’s looking to impress will be you!


You can expect your Sagittarius partner to have one or two kinks. Not all Sagittarius men are kinky in the same ways, but they are not vanilla.

Exhibitionism is a common kink for Sagittarius men, but this isn’t the only one they tend to enjoy.

Many Sagittarius men enjoy power play in bed. They tend to be dominant people, but they also love challenges. Your Sagittarius man might enjoy “fighting” for dominance now and then.

Some Sagittarius men like threesomes, while others will prefer to satisfy all their kinks with one person. The list of kinks that a Sagittarius man might have is honestly endless.

Sagittarius men are constantly discovering new kinks. They love to try new things. If you have a particular kink, don’t be afraid to suggest he try it out with you. He’ll likely be on board!

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Tries Anything Once

Sex with a Sagittarius man is always exciting. You’re never going to have the same experience with him twice.

Sagittarius men will try pretty much anything once. They are curious people, and they love having new experiences.

Your Sagittarius man will likely suggest new kinks, positions, etc. all the time. If you two have sex frequently, expect to try a wide variety of different things.

Sagittarius men are always open to suggestions too. If you have anything you’d like to try in bed, tell your Sagittarius man! He won’t judge you and will likely be down to try it.


Are Sagittarius men good lovers? The answer depends on your preferences. Many people consider Sagittarius men to be excellent lovers because of their passionate nature.

A Sagittarius man’s seduction techniques are bold and passionate. You won’t have to question whether or not a Sagittarius man is trying to proposition you. It will always be obvious.

You’ll always be able to tell how strongly your Sagittarius man’s feelings for you are when you two have sex. Sex is when a Sagittarius man is most expressive. He won’t be able to hide how much he loves you.

Your Sagittarius man will always be a passionate lover. He will do whatever he can to ensure that you two have the best experience possible every time.

His passion doesn’t only exist in the bedroom, of course. Sagittarius men are passionate about everything they do. He’ll be passionate and charming with you even when you two aren’t having sex.

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He Loves Pleasure

Many Sagittarius men love sex. They like to experience everything that life has to offer. Sex is just another way they can find pleasure and experience the world.

A Sagittarius man is willing to try anything in bed because he wants to ensure he’s constantly experiencing as much pleasure as possible. He doesn’t want to miss out on any experiences.

Your Sagittarius man won’t just be concerned about his pleasure. He won’t have a good time if you’re bored or obviously not enjoying yourself.

Pleasure-seeking is a big part of a Sagittarius man’s personality. He won’t just look for pleasure when the two of you are having sex.

You can start pleasing your Sagittarius man before you two even get into bed. You can send him some flirty texts or get him riled up while you two are out at dinner. He’ll love it.

He’s Generous

Are Sagittarius men good in bed? Many of them are! They are excellent lovers because they can be very generous in bed.

You’ll find selfish Sagittarius men, of course, but most of them want to make sure that their partners always have a good time in bed.

Your Sagittarius man won’t be in any rush to finish when you two have sex. He’ll be more than happy to take care of you first.

If you ever want to try something in bed, don’t be afraid to suggest it to your Sagittarius man. He wants you to have fun and experiment as much as you want! He’ll always try to give you what you want.

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He’s Freaky

You won’t always know what to expect from a Sagittarius man in bed. He can be a freak sometimes!

Your Sagittarius man might like some things in bed that you’ve never even heard of. He has probably tried many different things throughout his life.

Sagittarius men are creative. They are capable of thinking up weird things to try in bed. Your Sagittarius man will never run out of ideas.

Many Sagittarius men are shameless. They aren’t easily embarrassed, especially when it comes to sex. Your Sagittarius man will have no problem talking to you about sex. He’ll proudly let his freak flag fly!

No matter how weird or freaky his ideas are, your Sagittarius man will share them with you. Expect to hear some strange things from him now and then.

High Sex Drive

A Sagittarius man’s sexual compatibility with someone is often based on whether or not they can keep up with him. Sagittarius men typically have a high sex drive.

Many Sagittarius men will be down to have sex every day, sometimes more than once. They are energetic people, and they love to have sex.

Your Sagittarius man will likely be down any time you’re ready to have sex with him. He’ll almost always be up for anything you want to do.

If your sex drive isn’t as high as your Sagittarius man’s, don’t worry. This doesn’t mean that your relationship is doomed.

Your Sagittarius man will have no trouble taking care of things himself sometimes. If you’re not in the mood, he won’t push you. No matter how much they love sex, Sagittarius men are capable of taking no for an answer.

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High stamina is one of a Sagittarius man’s sexual traits. Sagittarius men can and will have sex for a long time.

A Sagittarius man might enjoy a quickie now and then but don’t expect that from him all the time! He’s more likely to take his time and enjoy the experience.

Your Sagittarius man won’t be in any rush to get to the main act. He will gladly engage in as much foreplay as you want.

Sagittarius men have a lot of energy. Your Sagittarius man isn’t the type of person who has sex and immediately falls asleep. He’ll likely be ready to go again without even taking a breath!

You can expect that your Sagittarius man will gladly have sex with you as long as he can. He’ll love it if you can always keep up with him.

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