10 Signs a Sagittarius Man is in Love with You

Updated July 3, 2021
10 Signs a Sagittarius Man is in Love with You

A Sagittarius man’s love signs can be hard to read. He’s generous, passionate and demonstrative with his many friends.

Yet in one on one relationships he feels awkward expressing intimacy. He may be more loving in a group than he is when you’re alone together.

To a Sagittarius man in love, behavior that is common for romantic couples feels smothering. He’ll avoid being too affectionate because it seems clingy to him.

The signs a Sagittarius man has feelings for you are usually vague at first. You may second guess whether you’re in the “friend zone.”

One of the best signs a Sagittarius man is in love with you is when he gives up more of his precious free time to see you. He’ll also become more passionate around you.

1. He Tells You

Sagittarius men are among the most honest in the zodiac. Though a Sagittarius man may come right out and tell you he loves you, don’t count on him to repeatedly pour his heart out in romantic ways. He may say the words once and assume that is enough.

Or he may tell you loves you while in the heat of the moment but not at random times throughout the day. You may wonder if he really even meant it. Trust that when a Sagittarius man says he loves you, he is being honest. He doesn’t throw these words around lightly.

Yet when he’s told you how he feels, he won’t continually repeat the statement for the sake of making you feel more secure. He’ll let you know how he feels about you and assume that you are confident and optimistic enough to know he still loves you, even when he’s not answering his phone right away.

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2. He Travels with You

When a Sagittarius man asks you to travel with him, it’s one of the signs he’s falling in love with you. His travel time is as sacred as his social time and he’s careful about who he selects to join him on his many excursions. Sagittarius men will only travel with a partner who will enhance the trip and add to the adventure.

A Sagittarius man will become frustrated and disappointed if he plans a trip and the person he is with brings him down, complains too much or isn’t up for spontaneous exploration. If he chooses you as his travel partner, it means he really wants to spend time with you. It also means he’s confident you won’t bring him down.

Though it may not seem overtly romantic, a Sagittarius man asking you to take a trip with him will make it clear whether he sees you as a romantic adventurer or a platonic travel partner. Sagittarius men are honest and direct. If he sees the trip as a chance for friends to spend time together, he’ll make this clear. He’ll book separate hotel rooms, for example.

3. He’ll Show Passion

As a fire sign, Sagittarius is feisty and passionate. When he starts to fall in love, this passion is directed at his love interest. He may still play it cool in a crowd, but he’ll pursue you more intensely. He’ll act with great passion when speaking with you.

Even when discussing mundane topics like the economy, weather or politics, a Sagittarius man, when in love, will become feisty. His eyes will light up. He may talk a bit louder or gesture with his hands. His body language will become more passionate as well when he’s in love.

A Sagittarius man’s weakness in love is that he is instinctive. He’ll want to indulge in pleasure and will seek passion in his encounters with you. He’ll get so lost in the moment that he will easily spend all his money or stay up all night with you

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4. He’ll Party with You

If you think a quiet, romantic evening at home is the only way to show you love someone, think again. When a Sagittarius man is in love with you, he’ll want to party with you. Even if he’s in a room with dozens of other people, he’ll seek you out to dance. He’ll flirt, drink and talk with you as well.

When he wanders off to socialize with others at the party, don’t panic. Let him go. Act too busy dancing and mingling to even notice. Sagittarius men won’t tolerate jealousy at all. Stay calm when he acts aloof. When he sees that you are well liked and popular, a Sagittarius man will make his way back to you.

Keep him on his toes and he’ll seek you out. He’ll also want to invite you to more parties and keep an eye on you without being too obvious about his intentions and feelings at first. But rest assured he wouldn’t invite you out if he didn’t love you.

A Sagittarius man always comes back to the woman who is the life of the party. If you show him you know how to have a good time and aren’t going to crowd him, he’ll want to be around you more frequently. This is a sign he’s falling for you.

5. He’ll Spoil You

If you’re wondering how to know if a Sagittarius man is playing you, follow the money. Sagittarius men can be big spenders. This is particularly true when they are in love. A Sagittarius man in love will try to impress you by treating you to the most expensive food, wine, chocolate or jewelry he can find.

He knows he can’t buy your love, but he doesn’t mind using his money and expensive tastes to try to pamper and spoil you. If he was just out for a good time or if he is playing you, a Sagittarius man won’t go to these lengths. If he has serious intentions, though, he’ll show it.

If you mention an interest in something, the next time you see him, he’ll surprise you with a gift of whatever it was you were admiring. If you tell him you like a certain band, he’ll surprise you with tickets to see the show when they are in town again.

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6. He’ll Brag About You

A Sagittarius in love may be discreet at certain times, but he won’t keep you a secret. He may not even be able to keep himself from bragging about you to others. He’ll want everyone to know what an amazing person you are.

Sagittarius men are uplifting and optimistic. When he is in love with you, a Sagittarius man will see all of your strengths and talents as if they were magnified. This means he will also want to tell the world about how great you are.

Whether you have talents in art, writing, cooking, fixing things, accounting, technology and so forth, a Sagittarius man will talk about you as if you were an expert or prodigy. He’ll boast about your accomplishments and skills.

You may think he’s exaggerating and talking you up, but to a Sagittarius man, this level of flattery is not shallow. It’s honest and also a reflection of just how much he admires you. He’ll want everyone to know how lucky he is to be with you.

7. He’ll Share Connections

A Sagittarius man’s personality is outgoing and charming. He usually maintains a connection with his friends dating back to childhood. A Sagittarius man believes that social connections are a key to success.

A Sagittarius man will gladly share his connections with you when he loves you. If you are in the market for a new car, he’ll share a business card from a friend who is a car dealer. If you are trying to get into college, he may have a connection with an advisor and will arrange an introduction.

He thinks nothing of doing this if he’s in love with you because he wants to make sure your problems are easily solved. He’ll want to connect you with people who can help you to achieve your goals and succeed.

He may otherwise be discreet about who he shares connections with but when he loves you, a Sagittarius man will encourage you to tap into his network. This is a good sign that he cares about you.

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8. He’ll Help Your Career

If you are wondering how to make a Sagittarius man regret losing you, you’ve got to stand out as intelligent, independent, and exceptionally passionate and creative. When a Sagittarius man loves you, he’ll start to offer help for your career.

If he sees you are ambitious, he’ll be encouraged. He loves feisty and motivated people. He’ll do what he can to help you succeed in your career and will encourage you every step of the way when he loves you.

Will a Sagittarius man chase you? Only if you are going places. Show him you’re independent in your personal life and ambitious in career and he won’t be able to subdue his passion and love for you.

9. He’ll Admire You

If a Sagittarius man always comes back to admiring your beauty, strengths and accomplishments, it’s his unique way of telling you he loves you. He’ll put you on a pedestal because he’s an idealistic person.

When a Sagittarius man compliments you frequently, it’s a good sign he’s serious about you. It may sound like he’s trying to flatter you, but he’s usually being sincere.

He may not always share his vulnerable emotions, but he will get excited about you and treat you as if you are his perfect dream come true. He’ll always find something positive to say to you and seldom criticize you.

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10. He’ll Become Affectionate

Another sign of a Sagittarius man in love with you is when he starts to become more playful and affectionate. Even if he’s shy about public displays of affection in certain company, he’ll become more affectionate with you.

Sagittarius men may hug all their friends as a matter of course. But when he hugs you and lingers longer each time, or when he holds your hand and finds reasons to make physical contact, he’s showing you his softer side.

A Sagittarius man who wants to cuddle and kiss when sex is not involved is also likely showing signs that he’s falling in love with you. He will become more affectionate and open with his displays of affection when he’s in love with you.

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