How Does a Sagittarius Man Like to Kiss?

Updated February 22, 2023

A Sagittarius man’s kiss can be intense and unlike any other kiss. Sagittarius men aren’t as vulnerable and emotional as other guys.

Yet when a Sagittarius guy loves you, his kiss will reveal his true passions.

When a Sagittarius man kisses you, you may feel an intense connection with him. This is no surprise, as he is a passionate fire sign.

Sagittarius men can be sensual and can sweep you off your feet with just one kiss. He may not show his emotions openly, but his kiss makes his feelings clear.

Sagittarius men can be passionate but they also like to be discreet. This reflects in their style of kissing. They don’t like to make a scene.


To a Sagittarius man, bigger is usually better. He is often accused of being grandiose, and this is for good reason. A Sagittarius man has a big heart and bold personality. He can be passionate about his beliefs.

He’s equally passionate about his kissing style. A Sagittarius man loves to kiss in passionate and dramatic ways. He doesn’t just kiss with his lips, but makes kissing a full-body, sensual affair.

A Sagittarius man is intense and his passions can fuel his nature when he’s in love. He loves to portray his deep passions when he kisses you, even if he doesn’t express his feelings verbally when he’s falling in love.

What a Sagittarius man wants in a woman is a partner who shares his zest for life and has plenty of energy and passion to spare. If his passionate style of kissing is exhausting or overwhelming, you may not be able to keep up with his impulsive and fast-paced lifestyle.

When a Sagittarius man touches you, you’ll feel the intensity of his desire. He can’t do anything on a subtle level. He’ll kiss with passionate energy that you’ll be able to feel without a doubt.

He loves to kiss passionately even at the risk of making a scene. But he won’t always be in the mood for this style of kissing. You need to take your surroundings into consideration. Yet when a private moment arrives, he’ll let all the desire he’s been storing up be released in a moment of passion.

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Even though they try to be detached and aloof, the intellectual and philosophical Sagittarius man can be quite the romantic. He loves to kiss in romantic ways. A Sagittarius man in bed can reveal his vulnerable, sensitive nature.

He may start off by kissing you softly and then increase his passion gradually. He also likes to kiss you in romantic locations such as during candlelight dinners or under the full moon.

Yet he also has no problem stealing a kiss at just the right romantic moment. He can be spontaneous and knows how to show you how much he cares when he kisses you romantically.

A Sagittarius man has a sense of romance influenced by the arts, film, music and culture. He may want to kiss you at a formal gala while you are both romantically dressed in your best evening wear. He may even kiss you while quoting love songs or movies.

A Sagittarius man may surprise you when he quotes romantic poetry. Use this to your advantage and recite some poetry of your own as you kiss him. His heart will melt when you kiss him in romantic ways.

To a Sagittarius man, eye contact can speak volumes. This is particularly true because he is not always good at verbally communicating his deeper feelings. When you kiss a Sagittarius man, periodically step back and gaze intensely into his eyes.


Sagittarius men don’t like to be controlling or dominating. Yet they can be intense. A Sagittarius man can kiss you and make you feel like you’ve entered another world.

His favorite style of kissing can be all consuming. If he kisses you in a way that distracts you from anything else going on, he will feel like his technique was successful.

Sagittarius men don’t usually need to be the center of attention. Yet when a Sagittarius man kisses you, he may easily take the focus and cause you to forget any other worries or thoughts in your mind.

He wants to be kissed in a similarly intense way. He loves to be kissed so that he feels like he’s just escaped from his surroundings and is being elevated to new heights.

When you see signs a Sagittarius man’s in love with you, be prepared to get swept away in a tidal wave of intense love and desire. He doesn’t always verbalize his strong feelings but you’ll know he’s in love when he kisses you.

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In Exotic Locations

Sagittarius men are attracted to travel and adventures. For this reason, he likes to kiss you in new and exotic locations. This could be a five-star hotel room overlooking a Greek island, or it could be a lush green forest near a lake in a location not many people know about.

Sagittarius men also like to kiss while on adventures. When you’re on a road trip or cruise with him, share a special sunset together with a romantic kiss. He loves to kiss in or around special landmarks or unusual locations in your travels together.

You can add excitement to a kiss with a Sagittarius man by strategically planning to kiss him as you cross the boundary into a new place, such as at an airport or train station. Sagittarius men love the adventure of traveling and kissing him as you reach your destination is thrilling to him.

When you see signs a Sagittarius man is in love with you, look for fun ways to surprise him by kissing him in unusual places. Even standing in the pouring rain can be a great place to kiss a Sagittarius man and make him feel like he’s in a romance film.


For all his grandiosity and pleasure seeking, Sagittarius guys do have a discreet side. They usually like to be out with friends and large groups of people, even when on a date. Also, even when in an intimate moment, Sagittarius men think of their image.

Some Sagittarius men like public displays of affection. Some do not. Most enjoy this kind of display but only when they are in a particular mood. Gauge his mood and receptivity to passionate kissing in public before surprising him.

Though he can be passionate and romantic, a Sagittarius man will appreciate your use of discretion when kissing him. Keep this in mind when considering public displays of affection with a Sagittarius man.

If you are wondering how to get a Sagittarius man to chase you, keep a low profile and be discreet. If you remain a bit of a mystery, he’ll want to pursue you. Kiss him with discretion and leave him wanting more.

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Sagittarius men need a lot of breathing room, even when they are madly in love. It’s common for a Sagittarius man to travel or to frequently keep himself at a distance. He isn’t afraid to enjoy kissing and even some forms of intimacy that is adapted to distance.

A Sagittarius man loves to kiss virtually. He can be excited to see you use emojis and gifs to “kiss” him in chat and text. He may also enjoy kissing on the phone or a virtual video kissing session. He doesn’t see virtual kissing as detached or cold.

Sagittarius men aren’t shy when it comes to sexting and kissing long distance is also within their comfort zone. It may even be normal for a Sagittarius man, who is used to long distance relationships, to kiss through emojis more often than kissing in real life.

A Sagittarius man slow to admit their feelings is typical and should almost be expected. He will start to open up and drop his defenses by flirting and even sexting from a distance. He may find creative ways to kiss you, virtually.


When a Sagittarius man is comfortable, or when he’s gotten you into a romantic, private place, he has no problem letting loose and kissing in grandiose ways. A Sagittarius man likes to do everything on a large scale.

When he likes you, he may give you small kisses. But when he really loves you, his kissing becomes bigger, dramatic and bolder. He doesn’t like to hold back.

He’s a natural pleasure seeker and can be extravagant. This is also reflected in his kissing style. You can excite a Sagittarius man by kissing him for long periods of time and by making dramatic romantic displays of affection through your style of kissing.

If a Sagittarius man doesn’t initiate contact at first, don’t panic. They get bored easily and crave variety. Sometimes he needs to be enticed with some grand reminder of how exceptional you are.

What a Sagittarius man wants to hear is that he excites you, inspires you and turns you on. Don’t be afraid to whisper reminders of how great you think he is while you’re kissing him.

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