How Do You Make a Sagittarius Man Jealous?

Updated August 13, 2022
How Do You Make a Sagittarius Man Jealous?

Making a Sagittarius man jealous isn’t easy. Many Sagittarius men are laidback. They don’t always get jealous because their partner is talking to somebody else.

When they do get jealous, they will try to hide it. Sagittarius men don’t always like acting on their “negative” emotions.

It will be hard to make him jealous if you are just flirting with a Sagittarius man. It can be done, though! He might feel envious of the other men you spend your time with if he’s really interested in you.

Rejecting a Sagittarius man can make him jealous as well. Sagittarius men are used to getting what they want. He’ll be confused and upset if you choose someone else over him.

Going places without a Sagittarius man can also make him jealous. Go somewhere he’s always wanted to go, and he’ll be envious of you.

Focus on Others

A Sagittarius man won’t get jealous if you have other people in your life. He will get jealous if you never focus on him, though.

Sagittarius men understand that they aren’t the only people in your life. They have other people in their lives, especially if you two aren’t in a committed relationship.

He will want to spend time with you sometimes. If he likes you, he’ll want to have some of your attention.

Focus on other people even when you’re with him, and you might make your Sagittarius man jealous.

Try texting other people while you’re on a date. Sagittarius men usually focus on the person they’re with. It might annoy him if you’re not paying attention to him, but it might also make him jealous.

He may start to wonder if he’s boring you or if you’ve lost interest in him. He may get jealous of the person who does have your focus.

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Reject Him

Many Sagittarius men are self-confident. They are used to getting what they want in life. They are eternal optimists and are often quite lucky.

If you think he has been playing with you, you can beat a Sagittarius man at his own game by rejecting him.

Start telling him you can’t hang out with him because you’ve got plans with another man. If your Sagittarius man is used to you always going along with what he wants, this will be a shock.

What happens when you reject a Sagittarius man? He may start to wonder why you’re rejecting him. Have your feelings for him changed? Is the person you’re spending time with instead better than him?

Travel Without Him

Are Sagittarius men jealous people? Many of them aren’t overly jealous. One thing that can make them jealous is when people go to places they want to go.

If you know your Sagittarius man wants to go to a particular city, go there without him. He’ll likely feel at least a little envious that you’re going somewhere he hasn’t been yet.

It will make him jealous if you go out with men he sees as “competition”. Bring one of them along on your trip if you’ve got other people you’re flirting with.

When you’re on your trip, make sure you post many pictures. Put them all over social media. Send some in any group chats you’re in with your Sagittarius man. You can also send them directly to him.

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Be Better Than Him

Many Sagittarius are competitive people. You can make him jealous by being better than him at something he thinks he does well.

If you two share a hobby, he might get jealous if you’re better at it than him. This is especially true if he’s invested in the hobby and is confident in his skills.

Set up a competition with your Sagittarius man. It can be over anything. He’ll get jealous if you’re constantly beating him.

Your Sagittarius ex might also get jealous if he sees you’re doing better than him after your breakup.

If he’s having trouble moving on, he’ll be envious of your new relationship. If he’s not doing well in his career, he’ll be jealous if he sees that you are.

Ignore Him

Ignoring a Sagittarius man won’t always make him jealous. He doesn’t need constant attention from the people around him.

He might get jealous if he’s trying to get your attention and you’re ignoring him, though. This is especially true if you’re always ignoring him in favor of someone else.

This is an excellent way to give a Sagittarius man a taste of his own medicine if he’s been ignoring you. He’ll get jealous when he sees that you’d rather spend time with other people. It might get him to spend more time with you.

Be careful when you’re ignoring a Sagittarius man. You don’t want it to backfire on you!

If a Sagittarius man starts acting distant, you’ve been ignoring him too much. He might give up if he thinks you’re not interested instead of getting jealous.

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Have Fun Without Him

If you want to make a Sagittarius man chase you, you need to show him how much fun he could be having with you.

Go out without your Sagittarius man. Post all over social media so that he can see all the exciting things you’re doing.

You can try going places that you know he likes to hang out. Go to his favorite bar or nightclub without asking him if he wants to tag along.

Your Sagittarius man might get jealous when he sees that you’re going to places he likes. He might wonder why you didn’t ask him. He’ll be jealous of the people you went with instead.

You can also try going to places he’s mentioned wanting to go to. Go to a museum exhibit he’s been wanting to see or a restaurant he’s interested in.

Be Too Busy For Him

Ghosting a Sagittarius man isn’t always a good idea. You need to spend some time with him to show you’re interested.

You can make it challenging to schedule time with you, though. That might make your Sagittarius man jealous.

Sagittarius men are spontaneous people. Your Sagittarius man knows you won’t always be available, especially if he asks you out at the last minute.

He might get jealous if he sees that your calendar is always full. If he has to fight for your time, he might start to feel envious of the people in your life who don’t have to fight so hard to spend time with you.

Your Sagittarius man might also get jealous of you if he thinks you have a more active social life than he does!

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Put Off Plans

Sagittarius men don’t always plan things out. When they do, though, they expect people to keep the plans they’ve made.

You can make a Sagittarius man jealous by canceling plans with him to go out with somebody else.

He’ll understand if an emergency comes up. He won’t if you decide at the last minute to go on a date with someone else or go to a party without him.

Don’t do this too often, though. Your Sagittarius man will feel disrespected if you are constantly putting off plans. He’ll think you’re unreliable, not that you’re trying to play hard to get.

If you succeed in making your Sagittarius man jealous, you’ll know because he’ll constantly try to come up with better dates to take you on. He won’t want you to cancel on him again.

Show Him You’ve Got Options

Most of the time, the only time a Sagittarius man is possessive or jealous in a relationship is when he feels threatened by someone in his partner’s life.

Your Sagittarius man might get jealous if he sees that you’ve got options other than him. He might feel a sense of competition, especially if he thinks you’re interested in these other options.

He may also get jealous even if you’re not in a relationship. If your Sagittarius man is thinking about a relationship with you, he will get jealous when he sees you’ve got other options.

This is an excellent way to make a Sagittarius man think about whether or not he wants to be serious with you. If he really likes you, he’ll make a move before someone else has a chance to.

Some Sagittarius men are competitive. If your Sagittarius man is interested in you, he’ll be willing to compete for your affections.

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Flirt With Others Openly

A Sagittarius man won’t always be jealous over their partner flirting with someone else. They like to flirt for fun and may do so even if they are in a committed relationship with someone.

Your Sagittarius man will get jealous if he thinks you’re being serious when you flirt with someone else. If he’s into you, he’ll get jealous of you paying serious attention to other men.

How can you tell if a Sagittarius man is jealous? He might be noticeably irritable, especially when around the people you’re flirting with. He may be rude to men he sees you interacting with. He might also act passive-aggressively.

If you’re in a committed relationship with your Sagittarius man, be careful not to make him think you’re cheating on him! Stick to flirting and don’t get too serious with other people.

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