How to Turn On a Sagittarius Man in Bed

Updated November 4, 2021
How to Turn On a Sagittarius Man in Bed

When you get a Sagittarius man in bed with you, adventure and excitement await. If you want to know the key to turning him on, you’ve got to keep his Sagittarius traits in mind.

Sagittarius men aren’t like other guys. They will easily grow bored with routines. You need to understand how to keep things fresh and interesting for him.

When you’ve decided to turn up the heat with a Sagittarius man, you may be in for the thrill of your life. But satisfying his numerous sexual appetites is no easy task.

You have to stay on your toes to keep a step ahead of him, or else he’ll become bored. His sign is one of passion and intensity and he is also a wanderer.

If you want to keep his attention focused on you and explore the boundaries of your intimate life together, you’ve got to avoid repetition and routines.

Be Intimate Outdoors

One of the best ways to turn a Sagittarius man on in bed is to ditch the bed altogether. Instead, opt for passionate encounters in unusual places. Especially out in nature. Spark an intimate moment while out on a hiking trail together, by the sea or in a lake.

Show him you are adventurous and carefree by being open to intimacy in outdoor settings that are both scenic and also a little daring. Knowing he is doing something taboo is liberating and exciting for a Sagittarius man.

Sagittarius men are born to roam and travel the open road. When you help him to create associations between being on the road and being intimate, he’ll stay obsessed with you. He’ll also want to keep coming back for more.

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Play Exotic Music

Sagittarius men are turned on by the arts and humanities, especially music and art of various cultures worldwide. If you play music that he finds exotic, either because it is culturally different or because it is groundbreaking in other ways, a Sagittarius man is likely to get turned on in bed.

A Sagittarius man is not usually all that interested in pre-planning an erotic scene. Yet if you take some time to set the stage in advance, including by playing enticing music, he’ll appreciate it. A Sagittarius man will be turned on by your selection of music.

A Sagittarius man’s erogenous zones can be physical, such as his legs and thighs. But if you really want to turn him on, you’ve got to excite his inner erogenous zones. His love of music, art and exciting new travels will do just that. A Sagittarius man always comes back to the woman who can inspire him.

When you use music to turn him on, you’re appealing to his erotic appetites on a higher level. He’ll appreciate you for recognizing the importance of this subtle but powerful turn on. A Sagittarius man will feel even more attracted to you when he sees that you know this secret.

Surprise Him with Wine

A Sagittarius man is likely to enjoy gourmet food and expensive wine. In fact, he usually enjoys anything expensive and associated with status and culture. If you surprise him with a hard to find vintage as part of a romantic evening, it will enhance his desire for pleasure.

A Sagittarius man will also be turned on because of the intoxicating effects of a good wine in addition to the psychological impact of knowing that you have gone to such lengths to pamper him. Enjoying wine during the seduction process can enhance a Sagittarius man’s enjoyment of the process.

When you see signs a Sagittarius man is not into you, it’s best to slow down. He won’t tolerate someone chasing him too intensely. Instead, step back and wine and dine him. Let him get to know you so that he’ll see that your ideals align with his. This is just as much a part of the turn on process as actually seducing him.

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Be Adventurous

When you want to turn on a Sagittarius man, try to be as adventurous as you can be. Challenge yourself to try new things and think outside of the box. You have to work to keep pace with a Sagittarius man’s appetite for adventure and lust.

He is likely to be excited and turned on by you if you show your carefree and adventurous side. A Sagittarius man needs an adrenaline rush, not just sexual attractiveness, in order to be turned on by you. He finds travel to be erotic and exciting and if you’re open to see the world with little agenda, he’ll be thrilled to be with you.

Signs a Sagittarius man has lost interest can be a good indicator you both need to get out more. Give him some space at first. Then suggest a romantic and sensual weekend getaway together.

He will want to explore intimacy in exciting new places as traveling is essential for a Sagittarius man. What kind of women do Sagittarius men like? They are partial to women who are full of surprises and open to trying new things. If you travel or help him escape from his mundane concerns, you’ll be able to turn on a Sagittarius man.

Treat Him to Luxuries

Sagittarius men are paradoxical. They are egalitarians who resist the idea of status and hierarchies and yet they love to enjoy status themselves. Creating an atmosphere of luxury and pampering can turn a Sagittarius man on in bed.

Satin sheets on the bed, a five-star hotel room with a heart shaped hot tub and other similar luxuries will turn on a Sagittarius man. Sagittarius men love to feel like royalty. It will turn a Sagittarius man on if he is able to bask in creature comforts and explore pleasure while indulging in his many appetites.

If you want to know how to make a Sagittarius man obsessed with you, you’ve got to pamper him and make him feel like he’s just won the lottery. Make the moment all about pleasure. Show him your spontaneous side and you’ll turn him on in bed.

A Sagittarius’s weakness is his tendency to be hedonistic. He can be a big spender and doesn’t know how to restrain himself when he sees something he wants. Dress in your finest lingerie and treat him to a sophisticated and classy experience. Seduction that is both luxurious and pampering will turn him on.

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Go to Extremes

If you keep a low profile and tend to be moderate and passive, your Sagittarius love interest may become bored. He is excited by the spark of passion and needs to see that you have a zest for life. If you want to turn a Sagittarius man on in bed, you’ve got to go to extremes.

Sagittarius men are grandiose. If you can expand your interests and express your passions in dramatic and grand ways, you will be more likely to entice and excite a Sagittarius man in bed. He needs to feel continually excited and stimulated. You may need to go to extremes to turn up the heat in the seduction process.

A Sagittarius personality is one of opulence and grandiosity. He wants to experience the best that life has to offer. He will go to extremes to have the most profound pleasures possible. When you want to turn a Sagittarius man on in bed, go to extremes to show him you take his pleasure seriously.

Dance Erotically

Sagittarius men are turned on by experiences. When you dance erotically, you are turning on a Sagittarius man. You can entice a Sagittarius man by dancing slowly and sensually. He loves to dance with you and will also enjoy observing you as you dance.

Erotic dance can turn a Sagittarius man on because it engages all of his senses and triggers his love of the arts, culture and the humanities. He sees your body as a work of art and erotic dance can encourage his desire for intimacy.

A Sagittarius man in love won’t be able to resist a romantic dance. He’ll be turned on by a slow dance as well. When you slowly disrobe for a Sagittarius man while dancing exotically, he will be turned on by your grace and beauty. Give him a feast for his senses.

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Explore Role Play

Sagittarius men love to expand their horizons and push past boundaries. One of a Sagittarius man’s favorite ways to do this is through role play. He loves to use his imagination in bed and exploring intimacy through role play can turn him on while also encouraging him to be playful and have fun.

A Sagittarius man taking it slow may be signaling that he is not ready to commit. But this won’t stop him from being playful and passionate in the bedroom. One of the ways you can encourage a Sagittarius man to let loose and explore his sexuality is to engage in sensual role-playing games.

Sagittarius men are turned on by a woman in costume. Dressing up in the bedroom can excite him and fulfill his fantasies of breaking past boundaries. He can imagine that he’s living in another time or in a fantasy land. He may even have a fetish for wearing costumes associated with his favorite genre of books or movies.

If you want to turn a Sagittarius man on in bed, one of the best things you can do is to give him a platform for exploring different aspects of his identity. He will want to role play different scenarios so that he can express his desires creatively.

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