Do Sagittarius Men Have a Freaky Side?

Updated January 6, 2023
Do Sagittarius Men Have a Freaky Side?

Many Sagittarius men have a freaky side. They aren’t ashamed about it, even if they don’t reveal that side of themselves to everyone.

As you get to know a Sagittarius man, his freaky side will come out more and more.

Most Sagittarius men don’t try to hide their freaky side, but they won’t let everyone know the full extent of it. If you are in a long-term relationship with a Sagittarius man, you’ll see his true freaky side.

Sagittarius men will try almost anything once. They love new experiences. Many Sagittarius men are thrill-seekers, and if being adventurous means being a little freaky, they’re okay with that!

You will see a Sagittarius man’s freaky side if you have sex often. He has a high libido. Many Sagittarius men have kinks too.

Try Anything Once

What does a Sagittarius man like in bed? He probably has a wide variety of things he enjoys. He will try anything once so it’s easy for him to figure out his preferences.

Most Sagittarius men are down for anything. If a partner suggests something he hasn’t tried before, a Sagittarius man will rarely turn them down.

A Sagittarius man is likely to suggest new things in bed constantly. If he hears about something from a friend that piques his interest, he’ll bring it up the next time you two are having sex.

The list of a Sagittarius man’s turn-ons and turn-offs is constantly growing and changing. He’ll discover more about his personal preferences as he tries new things in bed.

Many Sagittarius have few limits when it comes to the things they’ll try. They think that the only way to honestly know if you like something or not is to try it out yourself.

Suggest something new in bed if you want to turn on a Sagittarius man. He’ll be thrilled that you want to mix things up.

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Loves New Experiences

Having new experiences is one of a Sagittarius man’s turn-ons. He is unlikely to say no to most things. He likes to have as many new experiences as he can.

Your Sagittarius man has likely tried many things in the bedroom that you haven’t. You may be surprised to hear about his past escapades.

Sagittarius men like to step outside their comfort zones. A Sagittarius man might not know if he’s going to like something. He will try it anyway because that’s the only real way to see if it’s something he wants to do.

A Sagittarius man will actively seek new experiences. He’s not a passive person! He will often be the one to suggest new things in the bedroom.

Your Sagittarius man might watch porn or talk to other people about their sexual adventures to find new things to try. He will always try to find new sexual experiences for the two of you.

Thrill Seekers

Sagittarius men are thrill-seekers. They get an adrenaline rush from trying out new things, no matter how risky they are.

Sagittarius men can get a thrill out of things like one-night stands or risky sex. Most of them try to be safe, but the idea of danger gets them off.

Your Sagittarius man will show his freaky side when he’s doing risky things in bed. Even in a committed relationship, he’ll find some ways for you two to experience thrills in the bedroom.

Many Sagittarius men aren’t scared off by BDSM or other intense sexual experiences. They may actively engage in kinks that other people consider dangerous or problematic.

Don’t worry too much if your Sagittarius man engages in risky behavior. Most of the time, he’s being safe about it. He likes the illusion of danger.

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Enthusiastic Lover

Are Sagittarius men good in bed? Most of them are. They are enthusiastic lovers. A Sagittarius man will enthusiastically let his freak flag fly while in bed too.

Your Sagittarius man will happily let you know about any kinks he has. He will be glad to guide you if you’ve never done the things he likes to do in bed.

Having sex with a Sagittarius man is fun, but it can also be intense! Sagittarius men aren’t the most emotional people. They are incredibly expressive when it comes to sex, though.

A Sagittarius man will never hide his excitement about trying something new. If he ends up liking whatever it is, that will be very obvious as well.

If your Sagittarius man has a freaky side, he’ll make that clear in bed. He will have no desire to hide it.


Sleeping with a Sagittarius man is always an adventure. He is not the type of person to hold back when it comes to pleasure.

Some people try to hide their freaky side. Even if they have odd preferences, they won’t always let other people know about them. Sagittarius men have no problem showing their freaky side.

Sagittarius men let their whims guide them. If they get the impulse to do something, they want to give in to that impulse.

Your Sagittarius man won’t stop himself from doing something just because it might be embarrassing.

He will get permission before doing anything in bed, of course, but he’s not going to refrain from asking just because you might think it’s weird.

Your Sagittarius man won’t make a point of hiding his sexual preferences from you. He might not reveal them all at once. He won’t stop himself if he gets the urge to do something with you, though.

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Many Sagittarius men have kinks. They might not always be the wildest kinks, but they do have them.

Your Sagittarius man won’t hide these kinks from you, especially if you two are in a long-term relationship.

It’s hard to pinpoint common kinks for Sagittarius men. They can be into nearly anything! There are a few that many of them might have, though.

One of a Sagittarius man’s favorite body parts is the thighs. If he’s got a freaky side, he might have some odd kinks involving this part of the body.

Many Sagittarius men also like things involving power play. They are dominant people, but that doesn’t mean they are dominant in bed 100% of the time.

Loves Sex

A Sagittarius man in bed is a freak, even if he doesn’t seem to have a freaky side in other aspects of life.

Sagittarius men love sex. They aren’t ashamed about this either! They will openly discuss sex with friends and acquaintances.

A Sagittarius man will let you know his sexual preferences without feeling an ounce of embarrassment. He likes to be open and honest when it comes to sex.

Where does a Sagittarius man like to be touched? He’s not picky. When having sex, he wants to get lost in the moment. He’ll appreciate any sort of touch you’re willing to give him.

If loving sex makes him a freak, a Sagittarius man is okay with that. He won’t downplay his love of sex just because it makes other people uncomfortable.

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Sagittarius men have a competitive side. His competitive nature can sometimes come out in the bedroom.

Some Sagittarius men love powerplay during sex. They like to control things, but they love it when their partner also fights for dominance.

You’ll be able to see your Sagittarius man’s freaky side if you try to take control during sex.

Sometimes, he will gladly give up control. Your Sagittarius man will do whatever you want, especially if he thinks it will be pleasurable for both of you.

Other times, he’ll fight to stay in control. It will all be good fun, of course. A Sagittarius man likes the illusion of powerplay, not an actual fight to control anyone in bed.

Your Sagittarius man will be up for some friendly competition in bed too. If you two have multiple partners, he might get turned on when you compare him to others and let him know where he’s excelling.

He will gladly compete with you too. He might suggest games you can play in bed that will bring out the competitive side in both of you.

High Libido

Many Sagittarius men have a high libido. They may crave sex often.

This high sex drive brings out a Sagittarius man’s freaky side. Because he likes to have sex so often, he needs to mix things up to avoid getting bored.

A Sagittarius man doesn’t want to do the same thing every time he has sex. His sex drive is not satisfied by doing the same old boring things every day.

Your Sagittarius man might not always let his freak flag fly in bed, but you can bet that’s not going to last long. He needs to mix things up constantly.

A Sagittarius man’s high libido by itself can seem freaky to many people as well. Not everyone is down to have sex as often as a Sagittarius man is.

Some of the habits a Sagittarius man picks up because of his high libido can also bring out his freaky side. He might do things other people aren’t willing to do because he has an itch to scratch.

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