Sagittarius Man Favorite Body Part on a Woman

Published August 17, 2023

A Sagittarius man’s favorite body parts on a woman are often the ones that the sign of Sagittarius rules.

In astrology, each sign rules specific body parts. The signs tend to be drawn to these body parts in various ways, including being attracted to them.

Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs. This sign also rules the hepatic system, which includes the liver, and is in charge of removing waste from the blood.

The hips and thighs are some of a Sagittarius man’s favorite body parts on a woman. He loves it when a woman shows off these areas, so be sure to do so when trying to attract him!

Outside of the parts this sign rules, Sagittarius is also attracted to delicate features and expressive highs. A woman’s waist is another specific area that will drive him crazy too!

Her Hips

What body part is Sagittarius attracted to? One of the body parts that Sagittarius rules, the hips, is also one of a Sagittarius man’s favorite body parts on a woman.

Sagittarius men tend to prefer women with slender, narrow hips. A Sagittarius man doesn’t look for wide hips like some men do, though they won’t necessarily be unattracted to a woman just because she doesn’t have the specific hips he prefers.

A Sagittarius man wants to see what you can do with your hips. Regardless of their size, he appreciates how a woman moves her hips.

Even if you don’t have the usual body type a Sagittarius man prefers, you can make up for that with your energy. Let him see what your hips can do when attracting a Sagittarius man.

Dancing is a great way to show off your hips. Let your hips sway while you walk, too! If you casually walk into the room with your hips swinging from side to side, a Sagittarius man will find that attractive.

If you want to dress for your Sagittarius man, highlight your hips. Wear dresses that are more form-fitting so he can see your hips. Ensure that any pants or skirts you wear highlight your natural shape instead of hiding your hips.

How will you know that your hips are your Sagittarius man’s favorite parts of you? He won’t be able to keep his hands off of them! Sagittarius men tend to be physically affectionate toward their partners. Yours will constantly have his hands on your hips when he loves them.

Your Sagittarius man will sit close to you, with your sides pressed against one another, so that he can feel your hips on his. He will caress your hips during sex and rest his hands against them when you kiss.

This magic will make your Sagittarius man want a relationship with you.

Her Thighs

What is a Sagittarius man’s favorite body part? In addition to her hips, a Sagittarius man loves a woman’s thighs.

This is another part of the body that Sagittarius rules, and Sagittarius men are attracted to it. A Sagittarius man also loves it when a woman focuses on his thighs, so keep that in mind!

A Sagittarius man’s ideal woman is fit and flexible. She has a lot of energy and can keep up with him! If you’ve got muscular thighs and can dance or run around for hours at a time, a Sagittarius man will find that attractive.

Doing activities that highlight how athletic you are and how muscular your thighs are will attract a Sagittarius man. Whether you’re trying to attract a potential new partner or rile up your Sagittarius boyfriend, let him see how fit you are.

Do squats or leg lifts if you’re working out with your Sagittarius man. These exercises will help tone your thighs, and your Sagittarius man will love seeing you do them!

You can also go running or hiking with your Sagittarius man. Wear athletic shorts that show off your thighs while you get active together. Your Sagittarius man will love doing activities with you and looking at your thighs.

You can also show off your thighs to your Sagittarius man by wearing shorts, skirts, and dresses with hemlines that are high enough to reveal your thighs. You can also wear thigh-high socks or tights to draw attention to this area further.

Just like your Sagittarius man won’t be able to keep his hands off your hips, he’ll love touching your thighs.

He’ll press his thigh against yours while you’re in a theater watching a movie. He’ll rest his hand on your thigh. He’ll kiss down your thighs while you two are in bed together.

Her Waist

Her waist is another thing a Sagittarius man likes in a woman. Given its proximity to the hips, it makes sense he would be drawn to this area.

A Sagittarius man isn’t always looking for a well-defined waist like other men are. If a woman is slender and has the narrow hips a Sagittarius man likes, her waist will not be as noticeable as if she had wider hips.

What a Sagittarius man loves about a woman’s waist is how she can use it to display flexibility and strength. A fit, trim waist will be attractive to him, but only if you can be active because of that!

If you want to know how to attract a Sagittarius man, do some physical activity with him! Do things that cause you to bend at the waist so that he can see this area of your body better.

Take him to a yoga class and do poses that highlight and strengthen your waist. Go out dancing and let him see how easily you can swivel your waist around on the dance floor.

Many of the same activities and outfits that will highlight your hips will also show off your waist. If you want to accentuate your waist, wear something that cinches at the waist or add a belt or tie to your outfit.

You’ll know that a Sagittarius man loves your waist because he might wrap his arms around your waist when he hugs you. He’ll put his hands on your waistline when you two dance together. He’ll rest his hands there while he kisses you as well.

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Her Delicate Features

What are Sagittarius men attracted to physically? Many Sagittarius men love women with delicate features, though the specific features a Sagittarius man is attracted to can vary!

What does it mean to have delicate features? Narrow eyebrows, small eyes, and a soft jawline are all considered to be delicate facial features. Slender hips and smaller breasts can also be delicate features.

Why do Sagittarius men prefer delicate features on a woman? This might seem odd since Sagittarius men love strong and confident women. He might enjoy some delicate facial features or body parts, but he doesn’t want a woman to be weak.

Something about soft, round faces and narrow noses draws a Sagittarius man in. He especially loves it when a woman plays with makeup to highlight these features of hers or to make more angular features seem softer.

What attracts a Sagittarius man physically to a woman might be her feminine features, but don’t get hung up on that! If you are a vibrant, lively person who can make your Sagittarius man laugh, he likely won’t care if you have a larger nose or a more angular jawline.

Not all Sagittarius men have the same idea of what delicate or feminine features are, either. In general, they prefer delicate features, but not all like the same features.

What body type does a Sagittarius man like? He tends to be more attracted to slender and fit women, as they often have the delicate features he’s looking for, like slim hips.

You might discover that your Sagittarius man’s favorite feature on you isn’t the same as his favorite features on others he’s dated. He might love your nose when his favorite part of his last ex was her long fingers or athletic legs.

Her Expressive Eyes

What does a Sagittarius man find attractive in a woman? A woman’s eyes tend to be another part that Sagittarius men are drawn to, though not always due to what they actually look like.

A Sagittarius man might enjoy looking at a woman with small, delicate eyes to go with the rest of her delicate features, but what he’s attracted to is how expressive a woman is. If he can look into her eyes and tell how she’s feeling, he’ll find her more attractive.

Sagittarius men love women who are vibrant and lively. If you have expressive eyes, you will be more attractive to a Sagittarius man. He’ll love gazing into your eyes.

When a Sagittarius man loves how expressive your eyes are, he won’t be able to look away. You might notice that he makes intense eye contact when you talk. He may also look at you from across the room while you’re interacting with someone else.

You can make your eyes seem more expressive by smiling and laughing. Try to keep your expression as open as possible.

Draw attention to your eyes by wearing bold eyeshadow or eyeliner. Even some simple mascara can help highlight your eyes. Be sure you have a haircut that frames your face and doesn’t cover your eyes as well.

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