Flirt With a Sagittarius Man by Making Eye Contact

Updated March 9, 2023
Flirt With a Sagittarius Man by Making Eye Contact

Flirting with a Sagittarius man using eye contact is all about drawing him to you.

If you catch a Sagittarius man’s attention, he’ll be likely to walk over to you. You won’t need to approach him when you start flirting with eye contact.

Be lively and playful when you’re flirting with a Sagittarius man by making eye contact. He won’t notice your gaze if you’re shy or nervous. You need to draw him in.

You can do certain things to highlight your eyes. Drawing attention to your eyes will ensure that your Sagittarius man notices when you’re staring at him from across the room.

Be bold in your flirting. Once you’ve caught your Sagittarius man’s eye, draw attention to other parts of your body. Stare at his lips and draw attention to your own. Use your whole body to flirt with him.

Highlight Your Eyes

One of a Sagittarius man’s favorite body parts happens to be the eyes. It’s a good idea to highlight this feature of yours if you want him to notice you.

You can highlight your eyes easily by wearing makeup. Wear bold eyeshadow or winged eyeliner to draw attention up to your eyes.

You can put a highlighter or other makeup under your eyes as well. That will get your Sagittarius man looking in the right direction.

You don’t have to wear makeup if that’s not your thing. You can also draw attention to your eyes by gesturing in a way that will draw your Sagittarius man’s gaze toward yours.

Run a hand through your hair while you talk or brush an eyelash from your cheek when your Sagittarius man is looking toward you.

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Stare Across The Room

A Sagittarius man will be able to feel your gaze on him whenever you’re looking his way. If you want to get his attention from across the room, stare intently at him.

Maintain eye contact when he catches your eye. There’s no need to be shy. You don’t need to look away or drop your gaze.

Maintaining eye contact is an excellent way to get a Sagittarius man to walk over to you. If you’re shy about making the first move, start flirting by making intense eye contact.

If you are successful, your Sagittarius man will get the hint. He’ll come over to you and take the lead.

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What does it mean when a Sagittarius man stares at you? It means something about you has caught his eye. When you see him staring, smile at him to show you’re interested.

When you smile, make sure it reaches your eyes. A Sagittarius man can tell when your smile is forced or fake. You want him to see the joy in your eyes.

Your expression will be a lot more open and flirty if you’re smiling while maintaining eye contact. Even if your Sagittarius man isn’t looking at your mouth, he should be able to tell how happy you are.

You can do other things with your mouth while flirting as well. Lick your lips or run a finger over them. Your Sagittarius man will be able to see what you’re doing if he’s maintaining eye contact.

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Be Mysterious

One of the signs a Sagittarius man has feelings for you is that he’ll want to get to know more about you. Be mysterious, and you’ll keep his interest piqued.

Eyes are the window to the soul. You want your Sagittarius man to see your interest in your eyes. You don’t necessarily want him to see everything, though.

You will seem more attractive to a Sagittarius man if he can’t read everything in your face right away. Keep him guessing.

You can do this by not reacting to every little thing he says or does. Act more nonchalant than you genuinely feel while he flirts with you.


The key to communicating with a Sagittarius man is being light-hearted and fun. While you’re flirting with him, laugh to show him how much fun you’re having with him.

Genuine laughter will make your eyes light up, even more so than smiling does. Your Sagittarius man should be able to tell that your laugh is a real one just by looking at your expression.

Flirting isn’t a serious matter. You don’t need to treat it like one. Feel free to laugh and show your Sagittarius man the joy you feel from being in his presence.

Maintain eye contact while you laugh at a Sagittarius man’s joke. You want to make sure he knows that you’re laughing because of him.

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Be Bold

Are Sagittarius men shy when they like someone? The majority of them aren’t. They will boldly flirt with you. You need to be bold with eye contact when flirting with a Sagittarius man.

Sometimes, flirting with a Sagittarius man can become a bit of a competition. Maintain eye contact with him while you two flirt. Never back down.

You never want to be the one to look away first. If you do break eye contact, it should only be to draw a Sagittarius man’s attention to something else purposely.

Show your Sagittarius man how confident you are with your gaze. Even if you are intimidated by him for some reason, don’t let him see that.

Boldly shift your gaze over your Sagittarius man’s body if you like. Make sure he knows that you’re checking him out. He’ll appreciate the compliment and your confidence.

Be Playful

Simply staring at a Sagittarius man isn’t going to catch his attention. If you want to flirt by making eye contact, you need to be playful.

Wink at your Sagittarius man when you catch his eye. You don’t need to send him smoldering looks to flirt with him. You can be fun and playful instead.

You can play with him by glancing over his body. Look him over. Pause your gaze on parts you find especially attractive. Stare long and hard at his lips.

Draw attention to your own body as well. Play with your Sagittarius man by shifting his gaze so he’s looking at the parts of your body you’re confident with.

You can be a little silly too. If you and your Sagittarius man are trapped in a boring conversation, make some faces at him. Roll your eyes or send him pointed looks. This behavior will make him laugh.

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Be Lively

You need to be lively if you want to keep a Sagittarius man interested. Even if all you’re doing is making eye contact with him, make sure you’re having fun with it.

Exude confidence in your gaze. Show your Sagittarius man you’re an effervescent, magnetic person.

Utilize your whole face while you’re flirting with a Sagittarius man. Make sure he can see how fun and exciting you are.

When you’re flirting, do so with a sparkle in your eyes. Make sure you look interested in your Sagittarius man.

You can be lively by looking over at your Sagittarius man whenever you say something suggestive to someone else.

Even if you’re physically flirting with another person, give your Sagittarius man a wink to show you’re paying attention to him.

You never want a Sagittarius man to think you’re getting bored. If he notices your attention is shifting away from him, he might decide to focus on something else instead.

Draw Him In

You need to be charming and magnetic if you want to make a Sagittarius man obsessed with you.

You’ll be able to draw him to you with your gaze as long as you are confident in your abilities. Don’t give up if he’s not noticing your stare after a few seconds. Give it time.

Once he looks at you, give him a smile. Let him see the attraction in your eyes. You can even gesture with your eyes for him to come toward you if you’re feeling especially confident.

A Sagittarius man’s personality is bold and confident. Draw him in by flirting with your eyes, and he’ll take over from there.

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Body Language

A Sagittarius man’s eyes will tell you a lot about how he’s feeling. Pay attention to the rest of his body while you’re flirting with him.

If a Sagittarius man is open to flirting, he’ll have open body language. He’ll stand out straight with his chest out. He will stand close to the people he’s chatting with.

Even if you’re across the room from him, you will be able to tell if a Sagittarius man isn’t in a flirty mood.

Watch him for a moment before doing anything else. If he’s slumped in a chair or crossing his arms, he might not be in a social mood.

How do Sagittarius men flirt? Flirting is a whole-body experience for them. Even when you’re just flirting with eye contact, the rest of you needs to be open and flirty as well.

Lean in toward your Sagittarius man. Make sure that your body language is open and showing as much interest as your gaze is.

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