10 Important Things to Make a Sagittarius Man Commit

Updated February 22, 2023
10 Important Things to Make a Sagittarius Man Commit

A Sagittarius man’s commitment issues are legendary. You may think you’ll be the one to break his pattern of being elusive, but don’t be so sure.

Wondering how to know if a Sagittarius man is playing you? It can be hard to tell because he is so flirty and so difficult to pin down.

If you know how Sagittarius men act when in love, you can save yourself disappointment and frustration by not cramping his style. Sagittarius men are incredibly independent.

You can’t crowd a Sagittarius man if you want him to commit. In fact, the best thing you can do is act relatively uninterested. This reassures him that you won’t smother him in a relationship.

The best way to keep a Sagittarius man in your life is to keep a distance from him. He’ll chase you if you don’t make yourself too readily available.

1. Keep Separate Households

When a Sagittarius man is not interested in you, he’ll make it obvious. He won’t be friendly or nice just to placate you. He’ll avoid you or even become confrontational.

One of the best ways to encourage a Sagittarius man to commit is to do the opposite of what you normally do when you want to be close to a man.

As much as you want to live with him, it’s actually better for the relationship if you maintain separate households.

If you keep separate territory, he won’t feel like you’re intruding on his personal space. This will make him more likely to settle down and commit to you. His biggest fear is that he’ll lose his independence.

This is more precious to him than gold. If you maintain separate households, you eliminate this fear. A Sagittarius man will feel reassured because you have your space and he has his.

He will be more likely to open up to you and to make the relationship serious. At some point, he may want to live together but don’t rush this step.

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2. Travel Together

When a Sag man says he loves you, take him at his word. He doesn’t use this phrase lightly and feels no need to be manipulative in love. One way to encourage him to want to commit to you is to show him that you are adventurous. If you travel frequently, you’ll win his heart.

He will want to be your travel buddy. He won’t need to live with you in order to feel close to you, especially if he can travel with you and explore the world as your partner. The more he associates being with you with adventure and excitement, the more likely he’ll be to commit.

A Sagittarius man acting distant can make you feel alarmed. Yet this is a typical part of his personality. He usually acts distant and detached.

A Sagittarius man who is acting distant may just be trying to retain his independence. Traveling together frequently helps to keep the relationship strong.

It also keeps him from becoming bored in the relationship. If you want a Sagittarius man to commit to you, the best thing to do is to commit to a life of carefree globetrotting. This will help him to nurture the relationship with his passion and excitement for adventure.

3. Learn from Him

The signs a Sagittarius man has feelings for you are subtle as he won’t open his heart. He prefers to maintain distance and independence even when in love.

If you want to make him serious about you and willing to commit to you, you’ve got to show him that you appreciate his philosophy. Sagittarius men love to influence others.

Show him that you are learning important things from him. If a Sagittarius man feels like a guru who is changing your life, he will be flattered and feel more compelled to commit to you. He’ll love having the role in your life of being an important spiritual teacher, inspiration and mentor.

If you mention all the ways in which he is building up your confidence and helping you to become the best version of yourself possible, he’ll feel content with the relationship and with his role in your life. This will encourage him to make a commitment to you.

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4. Be Idealistic

Before a Sagittarius man will commit to you, he’ll want to commit to sharing ideology with you.

He’s attracted to your morality and philosophy more than he is to your appearance or other aspects of your personality. If you are idealistic and try to walk in alignment with your higher ideals, you will be able to better encourage a Sagittarius man to commit to you.

Sagittarius men fall in love and commit to women who share their humanitarian nature. If you volunteer at a food pantry or homeless shelter, you’ll help him to see that you are in alignment with his humanitarian nature.

He may still take a long time to commit, but this is also normal for a Sagittarius man. He won’t commit to you if you don’t embody the ideals that he feels are important.

He won’t commit to you if you are driven by your own wants, needs and ambitions. Sagittarius men need to see that you care about a higher vision and aren’t self-serving.

5. Further Your Education

If you want to impress a Sagittarius man and encourage him to commit to you, try to further your education. If you return to college, take online classes or pursue your interests in an intellectual or academic way, you’ll reassure a Sagittarius man that you are the one for him.

Sagittarius men are drawn to women who are constant seekers and students, just like they are. If you further your education, he’ll believe you are going somewhere and trying to better yourself.

This draws a Sagittarius man like flowers attract bees. A Sagittarius man will also want to commit to you when you advance your education for selfish reasons.

He’ll love learning vicariously through you. The more you learn, the more you can potentially teach him.

He’ll view your willingness to educate yourself and better yourself as a benefit to him as well. He’ll expect to have long, intelligent and philosophical conversations with you as you expand your mind.

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6. Don’t Crowd Him

When you ignore a Sagittarius man, he’ll become more encouraged to respond to you. He may even initiate contact more often. When a Sagittarius man feels too stifled, he’ll back down. If you want him to commit, keep a distance and don’t crowd him.

A Sagittarius man who sees you as independent and carefree will be more encouraged to commit to you. He won’t fear losing his independence in the relationship if he sees that you don’t panic when he doesn’t text back right away.

Keep yourself busy and have an active social life and he’ll feel like he has the breathing room he needs in the relationship.

A Sagittarius man who is interested in you will take the next step of commitment and settle down when he sees that he still has plenty of room for his friendships and interests even in a serious relationship.

7. Be Optimistic

If you want to know how to make a Sagittarius man obsessed with you, be optimistic and positive. He is more likely to want to commit to someone who shares his love of looking for the silver lining rather than someone who is always focused on the storm clouds.

If you are optimistic by nature, a Sagittarius man will feel more comfortable with you. He’ll be more inclined to commit to you if you share his love of spirituality, philosophy and being able to see the big picture in any situation.

If you view conflicts as lessons and difficulties as adventures, a Sagittarius man will want to spend his life with you.

If however, you pay attention to every negative detail and have a cynical world view, he’ll be discouraged and won’t make a commitment. You may even start to see signs a Sagittarius man doesn’t like you.

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8. Don’t Stress Over Finances

Wondering how to know if a Sagittarius man loves you? When he loves you, he’ll want every day to be a fun and exciting adventure. He’ll go to grandiose measures to show he cares, especially by spoiling you with extravagant gifts.

If you want a Sagittarius man to commit to you, you may have to keep your own finances separate and not stress out over how he spends his money. Sagittarius men don’t understand the concept of saving for a rainy day.

Instead, they believe that you only live once and should live life to the fullest. If you are anxious about sticking to a budget, you’ll come across to a Sagittarius man as being a downer.

He won’t commit to you if he thinks you’re going to stand in the way of his ability to have a good time. Don’t try to rein in his spending.

9. Be Adventurous

Showing your adventurous spirit will also help a Sagittarius man decide you are the woman for him. He’ll commit if he sees you as being fun loving, adventurous and exciting.

You can fulfill his desire for adventure by traveling frequently and also by taking an interest in always learning new things and new perspectives.

When you show a Sagittarius man that you are open to new things and are receptive to exploring all of the pleasures life has to offer, you’ll be more likely to get a Sagittarius man to commit to you.

Your sense of adventure can include things like skydiving or athletic pursuits, but it doesn’t have to. You can show him how adventurous you are by courageously working on yourself and overcoming past wounds or by courageously confronting difficult situations.

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10. Offer Status

One of the confusing things about a Sagittarius man is that he is a humanitarian and egalitarian but also he has a flair for status and grandiosity. He’s an elitist in some ways though he’ll never admit it. Yet he’s drawn to influence and power.

If you have some status to offer a Sagittarius man, you can get him to commit easily. He will want to commit to you if you have a place of status on a board of directors for his favorite charity, for example.

Also, he is likely to want to commit to you if you offer status in terms of his potential career growth or popularity in a social network.

A Sagittarius man will commit to you if you appear popular, well respected or have social clout.

Status that helps him exert social influence is appealing to a Sagittarius man, moreso than financial status. This is important but this marker alone won’t win his heart if not combined with other traits a Sagittarius man loves.

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