Will a Sagittarius Man Keep Coming Back? (And Why?)

Updated February 22, 2023

A Sagittarius man coming back after a breakup is quite common. However, sometimes breaking up is a mistake.

Sometimes, a Sagittarius man will realize he just needed some space after being away from you for a while. He may want to rekindle the relationship.

Sagittarius men are notorious for having commitment issues. That causes many of them to end relationships, even if they are still in love with the person.

If a Sagittarius man is afraid to commit, he might leave only to realize he has made a mistake.

If the relationship ends and he honestly thinks it’s the right decision, he’ll just move on. If there’s any doubt in his mind, though, he’s likely to come back.

Many Sagittarius men stay friends with their exes. This can blur lines sometimes.

Moves On If He Wants To

Does a Sagittarius man always come back? That depends on the circumstances behind the breakup.

If a Sagittarius man has been hurt in love, he won’t want to deal with that again. If his ex cheated on him or did something else to betray him, he’ll do his best to move on.

If all you two did was fight, he’ll want to move on. If he is sure of his decision to end the relationship, it will be easy to get over it quickly.

It’s common for a Sagittarius man to pull away from you before the relationship ends. When he intends for a breakup to be permanent, he will detach from his soon-to-be ex.

That will make moving on from the relationship easier for him in the long run. If he’s already emotionally detached from you, he’ll be less likely to come back. When he no longer feels a connection, he’ll be fine moving on permanently.

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Sagittarius men don’t need to be in relationships. They are perfectly content being single.

A Sagittarius man won’t go back to his ex just because he feels lonely. He’ll reach out to friends and family if he just wants to socialize with somebody. He’ll find somebody else to go on trips with him.

He also won’t get back together with his ex just to have sex. Many Sagittarius men are fine with having casual flings or one-night stands.

Sagittarius men are highly independent. He likely didn’t feel reliant on you during your relationship and he won’t after you’ve broken up.

This independence means that if he gets back together with you, it’s because he wants to be with you. A Sagittarius man won’t go back to his ex just for the sake of being in a relationship.

A Sagittarius man’s independence also helps him stick to his guns when he believes the breakup was for the best. Even if he misses you, he doesn’t need you.

Likes Breaks

The best thing to do when a Sagittarius man breaks up with you is to give him space. If he does come back, it needs to be on his terms.

Sagittarius men need breaks sometimes. They need time to themselves. They don’t like to be around their partners constantly.

Sometimes when a Sagittarius man is mad at you, he’ll want a break from the relationship. He doesn’t intend for this to be a permanent breakup. He needs time to be alone and clear his head.

When he intends for the break to be temporary, he’ll usually communicate that. He might not always realize a temporary break is what he wants, though.

He may break up with you and then regret it once he has had some time to think. He might have just broken up with you because he was frustrated or feeling stifled, not because he wanted the relationship to end.

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Trouble Committing

Many Sagittarius men have trouble committing to a relationship. Even if he loves somebody, he may still fear commitment.

A Sagittarius man might end a relationship if he and his partner are not on the same page. If his partner is ready for marriage and he’s not, that may cause a breakup.

He might decide at a later point that he’s finally ready to commit. When that happens, he may go back to his ex.

You shouldn’t sit around waiting for your Sagittarius ex to decide he’s ready to commit, though. Even if he does end up being ready to commit, he might not want to be with you.

Some Sagittarius men get caught in on-again, off-again relationships because of their fear of commitment. It might take him a few tries to be ready to commit long-term.

Stays In Contact

Sometimes a relationship will end on good terms. A Sagittarius man will often stay friends with his ex in that case.

When a Sagittarius man wants to be friends after a breakup, that doesn’t always mean he will want to rekindle the relationship. He is just more likely to than if the relationship ended badly.

A Sagittarius man might decide that you two are legitimately better off as friends. When that happens, he’s not likely to try and rekindle your romantic relationship.

If he is still in love with you, though, he will want to be more than friends.

When a Sagittarius man is done with you for good, he will not keep in contact. He will not stay friends with an ex to be polite.

Even if you have mutual friends, he will not see a problem with cutting you out of his life. If you did something to betray him or your relationship ended on bad terms, he won’t stay in contact.

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Feels A Bond

Will a Sagittarius man miss you after a breakup? He likely will. Whether he wants to admit it or not, it’s not always easy to walk away from someone you have a connection with.

A Sagittarius man is more likely to go back to his ex if he still feels a bond with her. This is especially true if they stay friends after the breakup.

Sagittarius men don’t develop bonds with other people easily. They aren’t always in touch with their emotions. They often come across as emotionally detached and that makes forming bonds difficult.

If you two had a bond, your Sagittarius man might miss it. Even if he has a connection with his friends or family, it won’t be the same kind of bond.

A Sagittarius man will have a hard time moving on if he still loves his ex. If his ex did something unforgivable, he’ll stay away.

If things ended on good terms, he may decide he wants to give the relationship a second chance.

Stays Single

When a Sagittarius man is heartbroken after a breakup, he might choose to remain single.

He may have a few casual flings here and there, especially if he doesn’t intend to come back. A Sagittarius man who intends on getting you back is likely to avoid new relationships.

He knows that if you think he’s fully moved on, you might also move on. If he wants you back, he doesn’t want you to get into another relationship.

Your Sagittarius ex will make it clear to you that he’s still available when he wants to get back together.

He might flirt with other women to make you jealous if he knows that works. Otherwise, he will stay single and may avoid flirting with other people in front of you.

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Asks About You

When a Sagittarius man wants you back, he may ask mutual friends how you’re doing. He’ll want to keep up with your life, even if he’s no longer in it.

If you find out that your Sagittarius ex has been checking out your social media or asking about you, that might mean he wants to get back together.

He often does this to test the waters. If you two didn’t stay in contact, he’ll have no way of knowing if you’re open to reconciliation.

A Sagittarius man wants to know if you’re in a new relationship. He also wants to know if you’re still angry with him over the breakup.

He doesn’t want to get hurt. If a Sagittarius man doesn’t think there’s a chance you’ll get back together with him, he may decide it’s not worth it to reach out to you.

If you want to get back together with him, it’s a good idea to let your mutual friends know that. Make it clear that you’re still single.

Thinks Of You Often

If a Sagittarius man just can’t stop thinking about you, he may decide he wants you back.

When all his efforts to get over you fail, a Sagittarius man might want to date you again. He is usually good at moving on.

If he’s not able to get over you, that’s often a sign to him that he wasn’t truly ready for the relationship to end.

He might see something you left at his house and realize how much he misses you being there. A restaurant you two used to go to might remind him of you and the memories you shared.

Some Sagittarius men are more nostalgic than others. Even if he doesn’t start dating you again, he may still think of you often.

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