Are Taurus Men Romantic?

Updated February 22, 2023
Are Taurus Men Romantic?

The tendencies of a romantic Taurus man aren’t always obvious. Sometimes, a Taurus man will opt for traditional romantic dates and sentimental evenings with the woman he loves.

Yet other times, his style of romance is more subdued.

A Taurus man testing you may conceal his romantic nature. Taurus men can be romantic, but they’re also very cautious when it comes to love and relationships.

When a Taurus man misses you, he may let his guard down and show you his sentimental side. Taurus men love beauty and romance and are quite sensual.

Even a Taurus man’s negative traits such as his tendency to be detached and slow moving in relationships, can be balanced out by his potential to be romantic and affectionate at times.

He’s Obsessed with Romance

If you’re wondering how to emotionally connect with a Taurus man, it is best to appeal to his romantic nature. Although he tries to put on a tough exterior and play it cool, Taurus men actually are die hard romantics.

All you have to do is soften his defenses. This is a challenge if you try to confront him head on or aim right for his vulnerable emotions. Yet if you shift your focus and focus on creating a romantic atmosphere rather than focusing on getting him to open his heart, you’ll see him melt.

Taurus men love romantic energy. Romantic movies, love songs and candle-light dinners all appeal to his desire for traditional forms of romantic expression. The more you create a romantic scene, the more comfortable he’ll become.

Even when a Taurus man seems to be completely immersed in work and other details of practical life, deep down, he’s waiting for the right opportunity to indulge in his love of romance. He can be cautious and hold out for a long time, but be patient and encourage his romantic interests.

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He’s Romantic and Practical

One of a Taurus man’s gifts is his ability to be both romantic and practical at the same time. He may look at a beautiful collection of candles and think that they would serve a purpose used during a cozy date at home, but also come in handy in a power outage.

He’s drawn to beauty but is turned off by anything too dramatic or over the top. His sense of romance is more classical. If you’re wondering how a Taurus man expresses his love, he tends to do so in practical ways. This makes it easy to overlook his signals.

Yet when he loves you, a Taurus man will do things to make your life easier. He will want to help you fix things and will nurture you by making sure you are well fed and taken care of financially.

He’s romantic, yet a Taurus man who doesn’t want a relationship may also be acting out of practicality. If he’s made this point clear it may be because he wants to enjoy the trappings of romance without commitment. He may know he’s too busy with work to invest in a commitment for example.

He’s Nostalgic

A Taurus man’s communication style is hard to decipher. He’s not good at expressing himself. Yet he does have a nostalgic side. Actions speak louder than words for a Taurus man. He may pick up on romantic signals easily when you take him on a trip down memory lane.

Watching old movies, especially old romantic movies, can appeal to his romantic side. At the same time, if you play old love songs, or even if your fashion style embodies traditional romance and femininity, you’ll appeal to a Taurus man’s sentimental nature.

You can tap into a Taurus man’s love of nostalgia through the arts as well. Inviting him to a date involving theater, opera or the ballet can awaken his romantic instincts.

Taurus men can get bogged down in the serious and dramatic details of daily life. This is especially true when it comes to his work and career. Yet when you trigger his love of nostalgia, you can awaken his romantic nature.

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He Loves Romantic Songs

Due to his sensual nature, Taurus men also love romantic music. Their sense of romance and love can be triggered by their love of music. When a Taurus man hears his favorite love songs, even melancholy ones, his whole mood can change.

Yet Taurus men can even become romantic even when it comes to music not traditionally associated with love. Music in any genre that reminds him of a favorite date or experience with a woman he loves can trigger his sense of romance.

One way to further excite a Taurus man in bed is to play romantic music during intimate moments with him. Playing romantic music during a romantic dinner date at home can also put him in the mood.

If you’re wondering how to know if a Taurus man is done with you, you’ve got to watch his response to sensual cues. If your favorite song that you always share together fails to garner a response from him, it’s a sign he’s becoming detached. A Taurus man disappearing act may be in the near future.

He Finds Pleasure Romantic

Taurus men are drawn to sensual pleasures and romantic encounters are a large source of pleasure for him. He can be one of the most hedonistic signs. Anything that makes a Taurus man feel physical pleasure he’ll automatically associate with romance.

Yet a Taurus man doesn’t always equate romance with love or commitment. This is why you can enjoy a pleasurable evening or weekend with a Taurus man and then he will insist he doesn’t want a relationship.

It may seem like he’s running hot and cold, but the difference is, he is just exploring his romantic and sensual nature while maintaining strong boundaries. A Taurus man can easily shut down his need for commitment and love while also ramping up his need for romance and affection.

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He Needs Tokens of Romance

Taurus men know that actions speak louder than words. What’s more, they are materialistic. They look for physical proof of love, affection and romance. Expressing your desires verbally only goes so far with him.

If you really want to appeal to a Taurus man’s desire for romance, create physical souvenirs of romantic encounters together. This is why he loves to give or receive gifts. He sees gifts, even simple and symbolic ones, as a gesture of romance.

A Taurus man may even want physical “evidence” of your intimate and romantic encounters as these items become tangible reminders of the connection you share. This can include items that are erotic, such as an article of intimate clothing.

A Taurus man will see physical gifts as romantic or intimate offerings and he values these treasures as proof of your feelings for him. Framing a romantic photo, giving him flowers, sweets, wine, jewelry or other tokens of romance and affection can go a long way with a Taurus man.

He Loves Romantic Art

A Taurus man loves creature comforts but he is also smitten with all of the arts and humanities. Surrounding him with art that appeals to his romantic nature can enhance a Taurus man’s mood.

Taurus men are often art enthusiasts and may even be inclined to artistic tendencies. They are likely to appreciate art from many cultures and eras, yet if you want to appeal to his romantic nature, decorate your home with art related to love and romance.

A Taurus man’s idea of a romantic date may also involve a trip to a museum or art exhibit at a local gallery. Indulge in his love of visual arts and you can easily awaken a Taurus man’s love of romance.

If you are looking for an ideal romantic gift for a Taurus man, a gift of art or support of an arts foundation will appeal to his love of art. Visual and creative arts can awaken a Taurus man’s emotional desires in a way that directly asking about his feelings can’t.

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He Loves Romantic Movies

Taurus men love romantic movies. From romance comedies to more serious films, one of his favorite dates is to enjoy a romantic film with you after eating a gourmet dinner. Watching a romantic film with a Taurus man also provides an opportunity for affection.

Watching romantic movies together can actually help a Taurus man open up and talk about his feelings. He may not volunteer as much personal information at first, but will talk about his desires and thoughts after being triggered by watching a romantic film and relating to the characters and their situation.

Even if a Taurus man has seen a romantic film before, it never gets old and he will enjoy re-watching it again and again. Therefore, he may have seen the same movie several times but will enjoy watching it again with you. You may find that a romantic film can soften a Taurus man’s defenses. He may even shed tears.

This is a great way to encourage him to open his heart without directly questioning him about his feelings. Taurus men aren’t as directly expressive, but they do find it easier to convey their message through discussing films, books and songs.

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