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Are Aquarius Men Romantic?

Are Aquarius Men Romantic?

If you’re looking for someone romantic, an Aquarius man might be just what you need.

They are hard to pin down, but once they commit, this unconventional and creative sign knows how to take romance to the next level.

But since they are such unique lovers, how can you recognize when an Aquarius is trying to romance you?

How does an Aquarius man express himself romantically, and what kind of romance does he expect in return?

You can learn a lot about how to read an Aquarius man and his romance style based on the traits of his zodiac sign.

He is a Romantic Idealist

Aquarians are dreamers and idealists. They know what they want, but they also see the potential in everything and everyone.

An Aquarius in love won’t settle for anything less than an epic romance. He will make his love story as romantic as his imagination allows, even if he is the one putting in all the effort.

For this reason, sometimes an Aquarius falls into the trap of giving more in a relationship than he gets in return. He works so hard to romance his partner that he doesn’t notice his efforts aren’t being reciprocated.

Aquarians are also often drawn to a partner who can balance them out by being grounded and practical rather than romantic, so they get stuck doing the heavy lifting in the romance department.

If an Aquarius man loves you enough to show you his romantic side, do your best to return the favor. This sign wants and deserves, but doesn’t always get, the love and romance he gives.

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He is the King of Grand Gestures

An Aquarius is the master of big romantic gestures. He knows how to completely sweep you off of your feet, and he enjoys doing it.

Big displays of romance come naturally to him; it’s just how an Aquarius man shows love. He won’t put in this amount of effort for just anyone though; he only makes grand gestures for someone he deeply cares about.

Aquarians have a hard time expressing themselves verbally, so they compensate by impressing you with romantic actions.

His big romantic displays aren’t performative or meant for anyone but you. He isn’t trying to show off to everyone what a great partner he is; he only wants to please you.

If your Aquarius guy shows up at your workplace with an enormous bouquet or books a relaxing day at a spa for you, these gestures are the sure signs of an Aquarius man in love.

He Loves Hard

For an Aquarius man, falling in love doesn’t occur often or easily. He is picky about investing his time and feelings, and he doesn’t try to woo just anyone.

But when an Aquarius man does fall in love, he falls hard. When he decides someone is right for him, his idealistic nature takes over and he sees that person through rose-colored glasses.

When he doesn’t hold back his feelings anymore and shows you his romantic side, it’s one of the signs an Aquarius man is falling for you.

Again, this can make an Aquarius man vulnerable to getting hurt. When he loves someone, he may be blinded to their flaws or serious problems in the relationship.

Because of their deeply loving yet stubborn and contrarian nature, Aquarians may find themselves in toxic relationships. They won’t want to acknowledge their partner’s or the relationship’s shortcomings.

It’s hard for this sign to truly fall in love, but it’s also hard for him to fall back out.

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His Romance Style is Unconventional

The Aquarius personality is unusual and unconventional, so it makes sense that his romance style is unorthodox, too.

Although he can and will do the typical romantic gestures, like flowers and chocolates, he loves to put his unique spin on everything he does.

He puts a lot of thought and care into romance, and won’t settle for the ordinary. He takes it to the next level and makes it personal.

For example, rather than giving you a bouquet of roses, an Aquarius will select the perfect potted succulent for you instead – and he will handcraft the pot out of clay himself, too.

Instead of buying you a box of chocolates, your Aquarius guy will make you your favorite dessert from scratch or suggest drizzling chocolate on your body in bed.

He is Romantic and Passionate in Bed

Speaking of an Aquarius in bed, he definitely brings the romance to the bedroom, too.

Aquarians are passionate and experimental, and will do whatever it takes to please their partners in bed.

Aquarians are curious and quirky by nature, so there is nothing they won’t try and nothing too weird for them in the bedroom.

Be warned, though, that an Aquarius man can be passionate in bed even when he doesn’t have strong feelings for you. An Aquarius can separate sex from love and can use his romantic powers to woo anyone.

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He Can be Charming and Romantic

If you’re dating an Aquarius man, you know just how charming and romantic they can be. Aquarians are great at being sweet and endearing when they want to be.

An Aquarius man will use his charming side to lure partners into bed, but he can remain emotionally detached. Just because an Aquarius woos you with his words doesn’t mean he’s in love with you.

But when an Aquarius man has a crush on you, he will let you see his cute and charming side all of the time. He may be aloof or cold with others, but with you, he’s warm and affectionate.

Know that an Aquarius man knows how to turn on the charm when he wants to, but he only has true feelings for you when his actions match his words.

Aquarians are very honest, so he won’t lie or deceive you to get you into bed. But he will use his charm when it suits him, and it could be mistaken for romance.

He Wants a Best Friend to Romance

Although romance is important to an Aquarius, what matters even more to him is finding a partner that he considers his best friend.

What an Aquarius man needs in a woman is someone who can be a true partner in life. He wants someone who can be his best friend and his lover.

The ideal partner for an Aquarius is someone who can laugh with him and support him while still bringing the romance. His idealism and heavy level of commitment to his partner will accept nothing less.

Before making a romantic connection, an Aquarius will want to connect as friends. If you can’t get along platonically, there’s no reason in his mind to pursue a deeper relationship.

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He Takes Time to Reveal His Romantic Side

Although they are masters of romance when they want to be, Aquarians won’t reveal their romantic side to just anyone. To them, romance is meaningful, and they save their romantic side for someone they really love.

For an Aquarius man, expressing love is a big deal. He won’t reveal his soft, romantic side to you unless he thinks you are the one.

Although he can turn on the charm and sweetness to get someone into bed, true romance is reserved for the one who steals his heart.

He Loves Romantic Surprises

Since he is so great at big displays of romance, an Aquarius loves to plan romantic surprises for his partner.

He is excellent at selecting romantic and meaningful gifts that are both sentimental and practical. He always picks a present that proves how well he knows you.

If your Aquarius guy sees you have been eyeing a piece of jewelry in a store window, it might show up under your pillow later.

If you like a particular musical group, he will surprise you with VIP tickets to the concert and backstage passes to meet the band.

An Aquarius man in love is a giver in the truest sense of the word. He takes pleasure in romancing you, and nothing gives him as much joy as surprising you with a romantic gesture.

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He Enjoys the Romantic Chase

Some signs like to be direct and couple up quickly, while others enjoy the thrill of the chase when it comes to romance. An Aquarius typically falls in the latter category.

What attracts Aquarius men is women who are independent and allow their partners to have freedom. If you try to make an Aquarius settle down too quickly, he will feel suffocated and run away.

There is an old expression that says good things come to those who wait, and this applies perfectly to winning over an Aquarius man.

Once he falls for and commits to you, you couldn’t ask for a better, more romantic partner. But it takes time for him to give up his freedom as a single man, so you will have to be patient.

Not only does he value his independence, but he also wants to take the time to get to know you as a friend. He also knows that nothing good comes easily, so it’s a turn off if you’re too desperate for commitment.

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