10 Important Signs a Pisces Man is Not Interested in You

10 Important Signs a Pisces Man is Not Interested in You

When a Pisces man is not interested in you, he will show you in both subtle and obvious ways.

Sometimes he just needs downtime. But when he’s lost interest, you won’t have to guess for too long. He’ll show you clear signals.

The signs a Pisces man is interested in you aren’t always obvious. But the signs he is growing bored or not attracted to you will be much more obvious.

If a Pisces man sees a sliver of a chance of the relationship working out, he’ll hold on. But as soon as he’s ready to let go, he won’t want to leave you guessing.

A Pisces man who is not interested in you will act almost completely like the opposite of his typical self. He’ll try to spare your feelings by making it clear he isn’t interested.

1. He Ignores You

A Pisces man’s signs of interest can include his tendency to stick by you all the time. He’ll become like your shadow. But when he’s not interested, he’ll do the complete opposite. A Pisces man will ignore you.

This is something a Pisces man will never do if he likes you. He may be quiet for short periods of time. But he won’t outright ignore you. He will never want to risk the damage that would be done if he doesn’t pay attention to you.

A Pisces man who ignores you risks losing you to someone else. When he likes you, he will never take this chance. When a Pisces man ignores you, you can rest assured he’s trying to give you a hint.

It would be much easier if he was just honest and direct. If he just told you he isn’t interested. Sometimes he’ll do this. But mostly, he’ll want to avoid conflict. So ignoring any challenges is more his style.

When a Pisces man ignores you, he’s trying to make it clear that there is no hope for a relationship. He hopes you’ll take this as a clue that he isn’t interested and move on. If you don’t take the hint, he may take a more dramatic approach.

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2. He’s Unkind

When a Pisces man has a crush, he will bend over backwards to please you and accommodate you. When he’s not interested and silence isn’t getting his message across, he’ll up the ante. He’ll become unkind.

This doesn’t come naturally to a Pisces man. He doesn’t like to take this approach and may try to use it as a last resort. Whenever a Pisces man acts says or does anything unkind, rude or cruel, it is a clear sign he is not interested in you.

When a Pisces man is ready to move on from a relationship, it may seem like he’s suddenly turning on you. If he’s not interested in a relationship, and you are, he’ll try to use hostility or tension to drive you away.

3. He Avoids You

He may be yours for life if you know how to keep a Pisces man wanting you. But if you don’t captivate his attention or if he doesn’t think you match his ideals, he will try to let you down gently.

He won’t want to hurt your feelings. Yet Pisces men just aren’t good at being assertive. Instead of explaining his intentions are to just be friends, he will avoid you instead.

He’ll worry about how you’ll react when it’s clear you have feelings for him that he doesn’t share. He won’t be able to bear seeing you because it reminds him that eventually he’s going to disappoint you.

Even if you’re perfectly capable of handling the truth, a Pisces man seldom is. He would rather avoid a problem than face it head on. When you care about him and he doesn’t have feelings for you, he’ll just avoid contact with you.

If you know how to make a Pisces man miss you, you’ll easily be able to keep his attention. If he’s really not interested but can’t seem to stay away from you, it could be that he is confused about how he really feels about you.

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4. He Pushes You Away

A Pisces man’s confusing mixed signals can make you think there is hope. You may assume he is just being shy, because that is typical of a Pisces man. Sometimes he is just slow to open up.

Yet when a Pisces man is genuinely not interested in you, he will do things to push you away. He’ll encourage you to spend time with other people. He may even encourage you to date other guys.

A Pisces man who is not interested in you will push you away in subtle ways. He’ll find reasons to cancel plans with you. If he knows you are turned off by certain things, he’ll do them.

He will try his best to avoid being too aggressive as this is not his style. Instead, a Pisces man is more likely to nudge you toward seeing him as a friend or toward dating someone else.

The will try to hint around the real issue and do all but come right out and say that he’s not interested in you as a romantic partner. He will try to be gentle and not outright reject you.

5. He Pushes Your Buttons

Signs a Pisces man has lost interest can become more intense if you don’t take the subtle hints he shows you. If he tries to push you away and you hang on regardless, a Pisces man will intentionally push your buttons.

A Pisces man is highly intuitive. His empathetic nature gives him the ability to sense what others want on a deeper level. He may know your subconscious mind and deeper yearnings more than you do.

When a Pisces man observes your deeper feelings and desires, he is actually well aware of all of the ways to push your buttons or obliterate your vulnerable emotions. He never wants to use this for his own purposes.

But if he feels he has to, he will. A Pisces man will resort to pushing your buttons as a desperate attempt to discourage you. It’s a Pisces man’s style to pull the run out from under you and make it seem as if you tripped over your own feet instead.

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6. He Pretends to Be Taken

What happens when you ignore a Pisces man? If he’s not into you, he’ll fade into the background. But if he cares about you, he’ll chase you. Yet if he’s not interested, he’ll hope you get the hint and ignore him.

If you don’t leave a Pisces man alone, he’ll resort to some creative and drastic measures to discourage you. Don’t be surprised if he suddenly starts talking about his mysterious love.

The creative artist of the zodiac will have no problem weaving a yarn about how he is taken already. You’ll never meet this mysterious love interest of his. She may even conveniently travel for work or live overseas.

He may make a point to tell you details about his imaginary girlfriend or pretend he is back with his ex. If he does this, and you find out later he was lying, it’s not worth getting upset. Don’t try to win him over.

Take his extreme response as a hint. He’s not interested and was using his creativity to discourage you, albeit in a bizarre way.

7. He Acts Immature

He can be endearing, sweet and childlike. But when a Pisces man is not interested in you, he can act downright immature. He may do this on purpose to drive you away.

Or he may simply not care enough to be on his best behavior. He’ll purposely play mind games and may even remind you of a petulant child. This is never a good sign.

This is a clear signal that a Pisces man is not interested in you. If he likes you, he’ll use his childlike wonder and innocence to lure you. When he doesn’t like you, he’ll act immature to push you away.

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8. He Acts Obnoxious

If a Pisces man really wants to get his point across, he won’t just act immature. He’ll become downright obnoxious. A Pisces man who is trying to discourage you and failing may become snarky, sarcastic and crude.

Under normal circumstances, he is a perfect romantic gentleman. Yet when a Pisces man doesn’t like you, he will leave you wondering if he’s lost become irrational. His bizarre reaction will make you scratch your head.

A Pisces man who is not interested and thinks you are holding on to hope that he will fall in love with you may even come to feel insulted. He may feel like you are intentionally ignoring his boundaries. This can make him react in an obnoxious way as well.

9. He Blocks You

When a Pisces man is not interested in playing mind games and just wants to make it clear he’s not interested in you, he’ll use technology to his advantage. He’ll just block you.

Blocking and ghosting are two of his favorite tactics. It’s easy to cut people off altogether and not feel guilty for not sharing their feelings, at least in the mind of a Pisces man. He won’t waste time trying to justify his lack of interest.

He may fear that unrequited love will lead to drama and interfere with his desire to stay optimistic. If this is the case, he will block you to disconnect from to avoid any problems.

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10. He Hurts Your Feelings

It’s important to understand, a stable, healthy, Pisces man never wants this to be his first resort. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and will go far out of his way to avoid this.

But if he feels like nothing else is working, or if you’ve convinced yourself that he’s the one for you even though he doesn’t share your feelings, he may see no other option than to make it clear he’s not into you.

The only option he’ll see as effective when nothing else works is to take aim at your vulnerable feelings. He’ll purposely hurt you as a way to go on the defensive and discourage your attraction. He’ll feel guilty about it but will do it anyway.

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