How do You Make a Pisces Man Laugh?

Updated July 29, 2023

You can easily make a Pisces man laugh when you understand his unique personality. He can be sensitive and using humor to break the break the ice can ease tension he feels.

When you make a Pisces man laugh, you can soften his heart.

If you’re wondering how to keep a Pisces man wanting you, you need to appeal to all of his emotions. Helping a Pisces man find joy and pleasure strengthens the connection.

What does a Pisces man find attractive in a woman? He loves it when a woman can not only understand his feelings but can also make him laugh.

What happens when you ignore a Pisces man is that he will automatically feel rejected. But if you know how to make him laugh, you can instantly lift his spirits.

Make Fun of Life

When you see signs a Pisces man wants you back after a break up, it can be a good time to use humor to strengthen the connection. When you make jokes, don’t focus on him or specific people. Instead, joke about broader issues.

When you make jokes about life’s idiosyncrasies, it will appeal to a Pisces man. When you joke about how odd society is, you’ll appeal to his broader vision without offending him or anyone he cares about.

Make light of the many ironies in life and you can make a Pisces man laugh. He lives on the fringe between mainstream society and his obscure spiritual reality. He frequently laughs to himself about how strange life is.

Pisces men often reflect on how misguided society may seem and this can be disheartening to him. It helps when he has a chance to enjoy a cathartic laugh at some of these strange observations. It also shows him you care and understand him.

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Make Spiritual Jokes

One of the biggest Pisces man secrets is that he is highly motivated by spirituality. Yet he also usually doesn’t take himself too seriously. Joking about spirituality without specifically targeting followers of a particular religion, will make him laugh.

Pisces men are fully aware that their mystical and spiritual side is counter to the mainstream accepted culture. When you joke about spirituality, make sure you do it in a lighthearted and fun way.

If he feels like you’re making him the target of a joke or that you are ridiculing him for some of his more unusual beliefs, he will not find it funny. It will instead make him feel offended and he will back away from you altogether.

Instead, try to make jokes from an “insider” point of view. If you both love astrology, joke about astrology. If you’re both into secret societies, make inside jokes about these organizations. Make it clear you are laughing with, not at, him.

Make Self-Effacing Jokes

Leaving a Pisces man to his own devices, you’ll see that he can be humble and self-effacing. When you jokes at your own expense as well, you’ll show your Pisces man that you, too have a humble streak.

This can reassure a Pisces man that you are the ideal woman for him. He will open up and laugh if you use self-effacing humor to playfully make fun of yourself and your own interests. This is a good way to break the ice when you’re first getting to know him.

A Pisces man doesn’t feel comfortable if you go too far with self-effacing humor. If you go overboard joking at your own expense, his inner alarms will go off. He’ll wonder if you’re fishing for compliments or expecting him to challenge you.

You may unintentionally confuse him as he won’t understand if he is supposed to laugh and potentially offend you, or come to the rescue and challenge you. It’s best to use this tactic minimally to break the ice.

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Joke About Empaths

It’s obvious when you first meet him that a Pisces man is a natural empath. He often laments about how hard it is to be an empath and to be so sensitive to the energy and feelings of others around him.

When you joke about empaths, do so as an insider. Don’t make jokes about him being an empath that come across like personal attacks. Instead, joke about your own experiences as an empath.

More generically, joke about the lifestyle of an empath on the whole. He will find catharsis in your humor. He will laugh along with you because he knows how accurate your jokes are and he can relate to you.

The key to joking with a Pisces man is to make the joke personal enough so that he relates to it but abstract enough that he doesn’t feel personally targeted or attacked. Joking about a lifestyle, culture or group he relates to without offending or criticizing him is key.

Joke About Love

If you’re wondering how to make a Pisces man miss you, joke about love. Text him with some lighthearted humor about how hard it is to be apart from him. This will soften the mood.

Joke about the absurdities of love and romance. Make jokes about past mistakes you’ve made in love or about how silly people become when they are infatuated and in love.

Again, be careful to not make the joke too close to home. Pisces men have overactive imaginations and can assume you are joking about them personally when this is not the case. The more you can make it clear you are just kidding about love in general, the better.

When a Pisces man is feeling relaxed around you, he will openly share his own observations about the humor that naturally abounds in love and romance. He will joke right along with you about love and romance.

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Make Obscure Jokes

What does a Pisces man want in a woman? He wants to be with someone who is intelligent, sensitive and creative. If you can think outside the box, your attitude and intelligence will appeal to a Pisces man.

Show your talent for abstract thinking by making obscure jokes. When you make witty comments about cultural or literary references that the average person wouldn’t understand, it will appeal to a Pisces man.

A Pisces man will also feel tickled by humor that speaks to occult knowledge, mysticism and unusual topics that are important to him but not widely known to the average person. Obscure jokes make him feel like you shared a secret with him.

A Pisces man will feel more important when he hears you make a joke that only he would understand. It makes him feel like he is a priority in your life. A Pisces man will enjoy these jokes the most.

Joke About Artists

If you’re wondering how to keep a Pisces man on his toes, make jokes about artists. Chances are good your Pisces man has either studied art or is a practicing artist. He’s used to hearing people make jokes about artistic people, usually in a derogatory way.

When you make jokes about artistic people, be sure to do so in an affectionate and friendly way, not as an insult. Joke about the quirky lifestyles artists lead or about the unconventional aspects of their personalities.

Joke about your own art if you are an artist and you’ll make a Pisces man laugh. If you jokes about the creative process and some of the funny aspects of working as a professional artist or creative person, he can also find it cathartic.

This is especially true if you make jokes about the frustrations that arise when artists have to deal with clients who do not understand the creative process. He’ll join you in this humor and make his own jokes as well.

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Joke About Drummers

If you’re wondering how to get a Pisces man to chase you, you’ve got to periodically give him space and let him react. A good way to get his attention is to joke about things he finds interest in. Most Pisces men dream about being musicians, if they aren’t already.

In particular, Pisces men may have fantasies about being a drummer in a rock band. Some Pisces men may actually play numerous instruments, including the drums. But there are plenty of jokes about drummers that will make him laugh.

If he’s never gotten to live out his aspirations of being a drummer, he will laugh along with you out of resentment and revenge because he never got to live out his dream. He’ll find this healing and enjoyable.

When a Pisces man is a drummer, he will laugh at the stereotypical images of drummers as long as you don’t aim the jokes at him specifically. Joke instead about the public perception of drummers.

Don’t Joke at His Expense

This point can’t be stated enough. Don’t joke at the expense of a Pisces man. He is hypersensitive and easily offended. Joke about things he’s interested in but don’t ridicule or make fun of him for having these interests.

Instead, joke about things that are close to home but that don’t make him feel like he’s in the spotlight. Also, be careful about the jokes you make because Pisces men often read too much into things.

A Pisces man may assume you are making a joke to be passive-aggressive because that is what he would do. Make it clear that you are not targeting him with your humor but are laughing with him at shared interests.

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