Is Your Pisces Man Hiding His Feelings?

Published April 15, 2023

A Pisces man hiding feelings can confuse. The biggest mistake women make is to pressure him into opening up.

Pisces men stifle their attraction initially. But when he is ready, he showers you with love.

A Pisces man hiding his feelings is afraid of being hurt. He can be vulnerable and doesn’t want to show you he cares until he knows you share his feelings.

If you understand how to read his signals, you can tell a Pisces man is hiding his feelings. When you recognize his subconscious desires, you can help him open up about his feelings.

Your Pisces man may love you but try to hide it. You can help him own his feelings if you are patient and empathetic.

Don’t Pressure Him

Never put pressure on a Pisces man to open up about his feelings. The more you try to get him to admit he likes you, the more he shuts down. You can help a Pisces man share his feelings if you let him come around when he’s ready.

You may be eager to get him to talk about how he feels. But a Pisces man won’t succumb to pressure. He can become introverted and can shut down rather than become more transparent.

Your Pisces man opens up if you give him free rein to talk about his emotions without being intrusive. When he talks about his feelings, encourage him.

Be patient as he drops hints. Your Pisces man can gradually let his guard down. You can help a Pisces man share his feelings if you are supportive and help him build his confidence.

In the early stages of dating a Pisces man, you can expect him to be shy about his intentions. He doesn’t reveal his true feelings even when he’s in love with you.

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Encourage His Fantasies

Talk to your Pisces love interest about his fantasies. You can help him open up and share his feelings about you if he has a safe place to discuss his imagination.

When you validate his fantasies, you can ensure he is comfortable opening up about his feelings. Your Pisces man dabbles in his fantasy world before committing to decisions in reality.

The more you help your Pisces man share his empathy and compassion through abstract discussions, the more likely he is to talk to you about how he feels. You can bring out his love and desires by supporting his imagination.

When you see signs a Pisces man lost interest in you, don’t panic. You can rekindle his passion if you support his fantasies and appeal to his subconscious nature.

You may see signs a Pisces man is ready to commit before he talks about his desire for you. You can encourage him to reveal his hidden feelings if you are attentive to his imaginative side.

Watch His Actions

Actions speak louder than words for a Pisces man. Pay attention to his actions to understand his feelings about you. He may not admit his love for you, but when your Pisces man is affectionate and acts obsessed, he loves you.

Your Pisces man can be susceptible to conveying his feelings through acts of kindness. You will know how he feels by studying his body language. A Pisces man crosses his arms and looks down when he’s sad.

When he’s angry, he can’t conceal it and may turn red with rage. A Pisces man attracted to you may blush and avert his eyes. He smiles when he sees you, and his tone changes.

Pay attention to how he acts around you. A Pisces man who has feelings for you can be shy or attentive. He acts chivalrous and inhibited, but he reveals cues about his attraction.

If you wonder, why does a Pisces man disappear without warning, you may have missed his subtle signs. Pisces men shut down if they are insecure. His actions may not match his words. Watch his body language.

When you see signs a Pisces man is sexually attracted to you, flirt with him openly. You can make him show his devotion to you if you encourage his desires.

A Pisces man’s behavior is key to how he feels about you. He shares his feelings through his actions before he opens up verbally and tells you how he feels.

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Point Out Discrepancies

Never push a Pisces man. Instead of being confrontational, use a gentle approach to guide a Pisces man to open up about how he feels. Point out discrepancies between how he acts and what he says.

Gently observe his body language. When he tells you everything is fine but looks like he’s sulking, identify the difference between what he says and what he does.

When you point out discrepancies gently, you can make a Pisces man comfortable sharing his feelings. Show him you are paying attention to his signals and notice his mixed cues.

When he sees he can’t hide his feelings from you, a Pisces man becomes more transparent about his feelings. You can make a Pisces man open up about his emotions when you let him know he can’t conceal his feelings.

Encourage Affection

A Pisces man hiding his feelings doubts your intentions. He needs to see that you support him. Make him open up by encouraging him to show affection.

The more demonstrative you are about your compassion and attraction to him, the more a Pisces man opens up to you. Get him to share his hidden feelings by hugging him and using physical contact.

You can make him comfortable by appealing to his desire for connection. Encourage him to show his love and empathy through affection. You can make him open up about his hidden feelings if you are attentive and compassionate.

For Pisces men, red flags can include a woman being distant and aloof. Show him you are warm and affectionate, and he will open up to you about his secret crush.

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Build Up His Confidence

You can help a Pisces man become more expressive if you encourage his confidence. Pisces is a mutable water sign. Men born under this sign are accustomed to being accommodating and passive.

They stifle their desires because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. A Pisces man looks for clues before they commit to an opinion. They don’t like controversy and try to avoid drama.

All their tiptoeing to avoid tension can make Pisces men feel insecure. When you build up his confidence, you can encourage him to stop hiding the way he feels.

A Pisces man opens up to you about his desires and emotions when he feels confident you will support him. He wants your encouragement and mostly wants to avoid disappointing you.

Even crying in front of a Pisces man can help him show his love for you. He wants to soothe your hurt feelings and can become more open about his love when you show him you are willing to take risks and express your feelings.

Encourage Communication

The more you encourage your Pisces love interest to talk to you about random topics, the more likely he will discuss his feelings. Never criticize him, and avoid limiting him when he wants to talk to you.

You can help a Pisces man open up about his emotions when you support his ideas. Listen attentively, and he feels safe to confide in you. He opens up about his sensitive feelings when he sees you aren’t judgmental.

Avoid interrupting him, and don’t dismiss his ideas, no matter how unlikely. You can help a Pisces man get comfortable talking about his feelings if you don’t limit his communication on any topic.

How does a Pisces man test you? He may drop hints about his feelings and waits for you to pick up his clues. You can encourage him to be more transparent if you are patient and encourage his communication.

You’ll see signs a Pisces man is serious about you when you promote open communication. Your Pisces man looks to you to set the pace in a relationship. The more you are open about how you feel, the more he feels empowered to talk about his love for you.

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Be Consistent

You can make a Pisces man open up about his feelings if he knows he can count on you. Be consistent and patient when you interact with a Pisces man. He needs to feel secure with you.

If you are labile and unpredictable, your Pisces love interest will shy away from you. You must show him you are willing to support him long-term. Your Pisces man needs to see you are true to your word.

When you make a promise, follow through. Be consistent in your attention to him. Your Pisces man wants to give you the benefit of the doubt. Yet he hides his feelings if you are not reliable.

Inspire Him

Your Pisces man is an idealist. He loves being transparent and sharing on a deeper level if he feels inspired. Encourage him to talk about his beliefs and dreams if you want him to share his feelings about you.

Inspire a Pisces man and he responds by lowering his guard. He loves revealing his desires to women who encourage his imagination. Pisces men can be creative and love showing their artistic side.

You can encourage a Pisces man to open up about his hidden feelings if you are a source of inspiration. Your love and encouragement can motivate a Pisces man to open his heart.

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