How Do Pisces Men Play Hard to Get?

Updated April 10, 2023

Is a Pisces man hard to get when he likes you? He can either let down his defenses, or he’ll act like a schoolboy with a crush.

He will avoid being vulnerable, and this can make him play hard to get.

How does a Pisces man test you in a relationship? He will remain aloof and test the waters when he likes you. A Pisces man doesn’t want to become invested if he isn’t sure where you stand.

The best way to react when a Pisces man uses mixed signals is to assume he’s attracted to you. Even when he keeps a distance. Show him you are interested.

When you do, you’ll let him know he can start to open up. A Pisces man will play hard to get at first and you will have to be patient and take the lead.

He’ll Act Ambivalent

When a Pisces man has a crush, he will act ambivalent at first. He will show definite signs that he’s interested in you, and just when you get comfortable with a Pisces man, he will start to detach himself from you.

You may wonder if you overestimated his attraction to you. You may second guess your instincts and wonder if you misread his signals. But the truth is, he likely gave you mixed signals because he is still testing the waters.

Even when you see signs a Pisces man is in love with you, you can still be surprised by his mixed signals. He will still play hard to get. A Pisces man will be ambivalent as he protects himself from getting too carried away. This actually has more to do with him than with you.

Pisces men know they can get lost in a relationship. He both loves and fears this process. He knows how easily he can lose his foundation and grounding when he falls in love. He’ll act ambivalent to try to restrain himself.

If your Pisces man is doing this, it will not last long. He can’t help but give in to his deeper feelings. Be patient and eventually he will become more consistent. Not only that, he will become completely devoted to you.

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He’s Vague

If a Pisces man is not interested, he may be vague at first. But it is also common for a Pisces man to become vague and hard to read when he actually does like you. How do you know the difference?

When a Pisces man is done with you, it will be more obvious. He may give mixed signals, but that is more likely to be the case if he sees that you like him and he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. He can be a people-pleaser and will not want to outright reject you.

However, if he sees that you are really falling for him, a Pisces man who is definitely not interested will make it clear. He won’t want to mislead you. When he’s vague but continues to flirt with you and act like he’s interested, a Pisces man is more likely falling for you.

When he acts vague but keeps showing up, he is likely to not fully trust that you are really into him. He may be waiting for reassurance that you are serious about a relationship.

At the same time, a Pisces man will remain vague because he wants to wait and see that you are responsive to his feelings and deep emotional vulnerability. He wants to be sure that he can trust you before he makes a clear commitment.

He Sends Mixed Signals

Pisces man in love behavior can be confusing. He may be the epitome of romance and sentimentality, showing compassion and affection. But at the same time, he’ll go days without texting and may turn cold.

He sends these mixed signals for a few reasons. One of the most common is that his emotional life is quite a rollercoaster. He frequently has such a dramatic vacillation in emotions that he may actually give mixed signals because he’s reacting to his own mood swings.

Sometimes, he shows mixed signals because he doesn’t trust himself. He knows he falls fast and hard for women. Sometimes, he falls in love before he’s really had a chance to know someone. When this happens, he usually ends up in a difficult situation.

He may build up illusions that then burst, revealing a very different reality. When this happens, he feels deflated. As a result, a Pisces man knows not to trust his own instincts in love. He may show mixed signals because he is trying to figure out if he’s reading your signals accurately.

Just as you are looking for red flags that he may not be interested in you, he is also looking for similar red flags so he can be reassured of whether to trust you or not.

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He Shuts Down

What does a Pisces man want in a woman? He wants to be with someone who is as sensitive as he is and who validates his emotions. At the same time, he also needs a woman who can be more determined and focused than he usually is.

Pisces men will periodically shut down. This can come as a shock because he is so open and passionate many other times. A Pisces man who suddenly shuts down may be losing interest. But this is not always the case.

Sometimes, a Pisces man is shutting down because he is overwhelmed by his own emotions which have nothing to do with your relationship specifically. You may need to be patient and wait out his silence.

Always extend a message of compassionate concern when a Pisces man appears to shut down. If he doesn’t respond right away, give him some space. It is common for a Pisces man to cool off and then come around again.

He’s an Escape Artist

Dating a Pisces man can be complicated. Just like his sign’s image, the fish, he can be slippery and can slide from your grasp. He is an escape artist.

Even when he loves you, a Pisces man can slip from your grasp easily because he has a tendency to escape from reality when he feels overwhelmed. He may turn his back on facing tasks, chores and obligations and dive back down to the deep waters of his subconscious.

He may opt to believe in fantasies rather than dealing with reality. He may also look to alcohol or drugs to change his consciousness, or sometimes to trancework or meditation.

He’s fond of having an escape route when reality becomes too painful or challenging, or even too boring or mundane. A Pisces man will want to have a way to escape and divert his attention.

He may spend hours painting or working in his music studio. He may just go silent for a while or lose himself binge-watching his favorite shows. You may think that he’s losing interest in you, but he is usually just trying to find security.

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He Won’t Commit

If you’re wondering what to do when a Pisces man backs off, the best way to respond is to keep cool. Don’t get too intense or make him feel backed into a corner. He needs to feel like you are supportive of his emotions but also understanding of his need for space.

A Pisces man sometimes won’t commit right away. He may talk about marriage and tell you you’re his soul mate and the love of his life. But when it comes to little details that would make the relationship “official,” it’s another story.

A Pisces man may sidestep the important practical details to show his commitment in the relationship. He will avoid buying a ring even as he promises you he’s going to marry you someday. He may not change his social media relationship status even as he tells you you’re the only one for him.

This can be confusing, but the underlying issue is that he fears commitment because he knows he’ll go all in. He fears you will hurt him or reject him. He needs to see that you consistently support his feelings and ambitions.

He’ll Go Quiet

Let a Pisces man chase you, but know that he’ll go quiet occasionally. When he does, initiate contact and remind him you care. But then step back and let him pursue you.

He goes quiet for many different reasons. Sometimes he is overanalyzing and second guessing the relationship. Sometimes he’s hurt because he read too much into something that happened.

He may be taking a break to recharge or he may just have gotten lost in his creative endeavors. It’s not always a sign that he’s lost interest in you, but it can make you question his connection.

Give him some time to come around. A Pisces man may go quiet, but when he loves you, he won’t be able to stay away for long. He will want to be with you again.

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He’ll Sabotage Himself

Pisces men are infamous for self-sabotage. Sometimes, a Pisces man plays hard to get because he just can’t allow himself to be happy. When he starts to become more serious or opens up emotionally, he may panic and then back pedal.

A Pisces man may show mixed signals because he has one foot out the door as a defense mechanism. He may love you, but he also is comfortable living in a fantasy land. He’ll sabotage the relationship but will then imagine that he was the victim.

A Pisces man will sabotage himself if he tricks himself into believing that you are unfaithful. If he convinces himself that he is being played, a Pisces man will look for ways to undermine the relationship.

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