In The Pisces Man Friend Zone? Some Tips For You!

Updated May 23, 2023

If you’re stuck in the Pisces man friend zone, you can still make him fall for you. Don’t give up on your dream of dating him.

Pisces men are idealistic. Play to their fantasies, and they fall in love.

You can make a Pisces man fall in love with you if you appeal to his sensitive nature. You may be in the friend zone, but he won’t count you out for long.

Pisces men often have fantasies about dating their friends. Being a Pisces man’s friend sets you up for a future opportunity to date him. Be patient and steer him toward romance in slow steps.

Make the most of being in a Pisces man’s friend zone. You can win him over if you show him you’re his ideal woman. Be confident, romantic, and spiritual.

Be His Confidant

You can make a Pisces man attracted to you if you are confident. Pisces men are subdued and can be passive. They are attracted to confident women because they need a strong-willed partner.

When you are sure of yourself, a Pisces man leans on you for support. Be true to yourself and show an air of authority without being dominating. Your Pisces man falls in love when he sees how inspiring you can be.

He wants to be around you more because he is enamored with your confidence. When you are self-assured and strong, a Pisces man wants to be with you.

He gradually develops a crush on you when you are a pillar of strength. You can get him to change his mind after being in the friend zone. It’s never too late to win over a Pisces man.

When a Pisces man puts you in the friend zone, it’s never permanent. You can encourage him to become attracted to you when you are reliable and solid. He looks to you for guidance and perspective. Show him you can keep him grounded.

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Show Affection

Pisces men can be gentle and affectionate. They are cuddly and crave physical and emotional connection when in love. If you want to make a Pisces man want you as more than a friend, be affectionate.

Hug him longer than usual. Reach for his hand when you’re walking together. Show him how warm you are and be generous with physical contact.

A Pisces man wants to be with you when he sees how affectionate you can be. Cuddle other people around him. Make him fantasize about being with you exclusively.

A Pisces man not interested in you as a romantic partner can disappoint you. When you show him an interest in cuddling, you can make him open his heart to you.

When you know how to be friends with a Pisces man, you can encourage him to want to date you. Show him you can understand him unlike anyone else.

Develop Your Intuition

Pisces men love insightful women. Develop your intuition, and you can impress a Pisces man. He’ll want to be more than friends when he sees your trajectory.

Learn to read Tarot cards and develop your psychometry skills. Keep a dream journal and talk to your Pisces man about your newfound fascination with the occult.

When you work on becoming more intuitive, you can read your Pisces man’s signals. More importantly, you let him know you are an ideal match for him.

He wants to be with an insightful, sensitive woman. Show him you are an empath and pay attention to your intuitive instincts. Pisces men become obsessed with women who share their sense of connection to the universe.

A Pisces man acts similar to the signs a Taurus man just wants to be friends. Like Taurus, you can make a Pisces man fall in love with you if you are patient and romantic.

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Explore Spirituality

Keep a positive attitude if you’re in the friend zone with a Pisces man. Your Pisces love interest falls in love with women who take a spiritual approach to life.

Show him you are deep and thoughtful. Adopt the philosophy that everything has a purpose. Start meditating and develop your spiritual practices. Study spiritual beliefs from around the world and look to your spiritual beliefs for guidance.

When your Pisces man sees that you walk a spiritual path, he falls in love with you. He wants to be with a woman who sees beyond mundane troubles and is more spiritual than materialistic.

What a Pisces man likes in a woman is someone who shares his spiritual interests. You can make him fall in love with you if you show him you care about a spiritual mission that is more profound than your interests.

What is a Pisces man attracted to? You can make him notice you as more than a friend if you are open to exploring spirituality. Your Pisces love interest wants to have deep, purposeful conversations with you.

Act Wounded

Pisces is a sign of healing and redemption. Men born under this sign are attracted to wounded people. They have a compassionate, soft side for people who wrestle with inner demons.

When you want to advance from being in a Pisces man’s friend zone to be his romantic partner, be open about your wounds. Pisces men often engage in trauma bonding.

They can be generous and attentive when you are struggling with your emotional health. If you have a complicated past, reveal hints to show him that you are deep and wounded.

Don’t wallow in self-pity, but give him a glimpse of your past traumas. You can make a Pisces man fall in love with you if he thinks you need his help finding perspective and healing.

Your Pisces love interest wants to believe he can lift you out of past traumas and help you find purpose. You can indulge his desire to be instrumental in your healing and transformation.

He falls in love with wounded women who show vulnerability. Pisces men feel stronger in comparison. Helping wounded women gives them a sense of purpose. A Pisces man may fall in love with you when you give him a chance to help you deal with past traumas.

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Be Mysterious

Less is more if you want a Pisces man to fall in love with you. Be mysterious and you can make him fascinated with you. Pisces men are obsessed with Scorpio women because they understand the power of mystery.

Pisces men are attracted to women who can explore deep, esoteric topics with them. They long for women who can change their consciousness and awaken their imagination.

When you reveal too much too soon, your Pisces man has nothing left to fantasize about. Give him hints to make him want to be with you. You can awaken his love for you if you show him there is more to you than meets the eye.

A Pisces man needs to be enchanted by a woman who knows how to keep a secret. You can make a Pisces man fall in love with you when you are enigmatic. Show him you are mysterious and have a deeper side to explore.

Make Him Chase You

You can make a Pisces man fall in love with you if you hint at your attraction but don’t make yourself too available. Your Pisces man can’t resist the temptation of a woman who seems just out of reach.

Avoid being too available. Your Pisces man falls in love with fantasy before he gets to know you. You can make him want to date you rather than just being friends if he has to chase you.

Your Pisces man falls in love with you when you give him clues about your deeper nature but don’t give away all your secrets. He wants to be more than friends when he has to chase you.

For a Pisces man, eye contact speaks volumes. You can make him fall in love with you when you flirt with him using your body language. A glance into his eyes can lower his defenses.

A Pisces man blushing signals he is interested in you. When you see hopeful signs, it’s time to stop pursuing him. Let your Pisces man do the work of trying to get your attention and he falls in love with you.

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Be Artistic

Pisces men are romantically attracted to artistic women. If you want a Pisces man to see you as more than a friend, show him your creative side. Redecorate your home with a unique style.

Take time to explore your artistic hobbies or develop artistic skills if you haven’t before. Take a painting class or learn figure drawing. Explore graphic design or photography.

You can make a Pisces man fall in love with you if you show your creative side. He loves being with a woman who inspires his creativity. Show him you can be his muse, and he will want to date you.

When a Pisces man is hot and cold, you can get him to chase you if you show your artistic nature. Make him fall in love with you by exploring your interests in the performing and visual arts. He will want to collaborate with you and inspire your growth.

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