Flirt With a Pisces Man by Making Eye Contact

Updated February 22, 2023
Flirt With a Pisces Man by Making Eye Contact

When a Pisces man stares into your eyes, you may feel as if you’ve met your soulmate. He can be romantic, dreamy and his gaze can overcome you.

The perfect opportunity to flirt with a Pisces man is when you’ve caught his eye.

A Pisces man’s intense stare can be a sign he’s falling in love with you. It can also be a sign he’s lost in a daydream. It’s best to use your gaze to flirt with him.

Pisces men know the eyes are the windows to the soul and can’t resist lovingly looking into your eyes. Make the most of eye contact by turning up the charm.

For a Pisces man, eye contact can be more intimate than sex. If you’re wondering how does a Pisces man test you, he may try to stare at you and see how you respond.

Bat Your Eyes

When a Pisces man is not interested in you, you’ll know it. He’ll make no effort at all to connect with you. Yet when a Pisces man has a crush on you, he will find little ways to try to make a connection.

This is where eye contact comes into play. He will see eye contact as a chance to flirt with you. He’ll test the waters through softly gazing into your eyes. This is especially true of a shy Pisces man.

What attracts a Pisces man most is when you know how to play up your eyes and get his attention. Bat your eyes slightly from time to time. This can distract him from his daydream and bring him back to the present with you.

When you bat your eyes at a Pisces man, he is reminded of all the old romance movies he’s watched. Chances are, he’s seen all the classics and recognizes this kind of flirtation. It also holds his attention.

Batting your eyes at a Pisces man keeps him hooked on you, as he will see it as endearing and charming. When you bat your eyes at a Pisces man, he will fall for this subtle sign of flirtation. The key is to keep it minimal.

If you flutter your eyes too intensely or too much, he may just assume you have an eyelash stuck in your eye. He won’t find it attractive and it may even turn him off. Use this tactic strategically but don’t overdo it.

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Use a Soft Gaze

When a Pisces man stares at you, it can be a sign he’s attracted to you. Don’t give him a hard stare back. He’ll read this as intimidating and will shy away from you. It’s best to use a soft gaze with a Pisces man.

Pisces men are highly sensitive and one of the most passive personalities in the zodiac. Everything you do in your approach to flirting with a Pisces man needs to mirror this softness.

Relax your eyes when you stare into his, and this dreamy gaze will inform him that he can also be relaxed in your presence. Don’t give a firm stare or he will assume you are being confrontational.

Another benefit of flirting with a Pisces man using a softer gaze is it reminds him of being in a slightly altered state, and he loves the idea of shifting consciousness. He’ll be reminded of meditation, daydreaming or being in a trance.

This will help him feel comfortable with you. It may even induce him into a trance like state in your presence, helping him flirt more casually. He’ll fall in love with you because he feels like he’s in a dream.

As an added bonus for you, relaxing your eyes this way will keep you from straining yourself and getting tired. You’ll be able to extend your flirtation and romantic body language without becoming drained.

Be Dreamy

If you’re wondering how to know when a Pisces man is interested in you, watch how he responds to your eye contact. If you gaze at him lovingly and with soft, dreamy eyes, his heart will usually melt.

You can also use make up to play up your eyes as one of your most beautiful and enchanting features. If you create a soft, enticing, dreamy look using make up, a Pisces man will be more likely to gaze into your eyes for longer periods of time.

This is also a good way to attract him as Pisces men are mystical and ethereal by nature. Creating a look as if you are either lost in a daydream or just waking up from a pleasant dream will get his attention.

Flirt with a Pisces man by embodying the dreaminess and fantasies that he easily gets lost in. When your eyes go soft, it makes him feel like you are both with him and somewhere else. He’ll fantasize about being in his own world with you as a result.

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Look Intensely into His Eyes

This tactic requires a bit of practice. When you look intensely into a Pisces man’s eyes, the image you want to convey is that you are inviting him to join you in some deep, emotional world in which you reside.

The goal is to show depth and mystery, not to intimidate or overpower him. It’s easy to cross these signals when you’re staring intensely at someone. You may need to practice in a mirror. Let your intensity reflect depth of emotion.

If you notice that you default to intensity that seems overpowering, this may not be the best tactic for you. You may need a little more practice. If your intense gaze seems dominating or overpowering, it will scare him away.

You want him to look into your eyes and see that there are mysteries to be discovered. You want him to feel a soul to soul connection with you when you make eye contact. All of these things appeal to a Pisces man’s personality.

But if an intense gaze comes across as a challenge or a threat, it will have the complete opposite impact on him. So it is best to strive for an emotionally intense gaze that isn’t likely to make him feel overwhelmed.

You can also try alternating an intense gaze with a soft gaze. This will make him feel like he is being gently led in to your world. It will also remind him of the ebb and flow of waves on the ocean, which he is naturally attracted to.

Let Your Eyes Tear Up

Most of the time, when you’re on a date, you don’t want your person of interest to see you crying. Except if that date is with a Pisces man. Letting your eyes tear up can be a strategic way to flirt with him.

You don’t have to break down and bawl in front of him, though if you did once in a while he would find it endearing as he is attracted to vulnerability. But a slightly dewy eyed gaze will melt his heart.

A Pisces man is naturally empathic. When he looks into your eyes, he wants to see that you are in tune with your deeper emotions, even the more vulnerable feelings that would bring tears to your eyes. Tears of sadness or joy convey that you are deep.

This draws him even closer to you as he will want to connect with you on this deep emotional level. Also, when a Pisces man sees you tear up a little, he will be moved. It flatters him to think that he has had this effect on you.

If you’re watching a sad movie, turn to him and let him see you’ve got tears in your eyes. If you’re watching a romantic movie, just when the couple reconcile, show this teary gaze again.

This tells a Pisces man a great deal about your personality and the things that move you. It gives him a better understanding of what you react to emotionally. But you don’t have to go overboard to do this.

Just the slightest hint of tears in your eyes can charm a Pisces man. He’ll fall under your spell when you use your eyes to convey emotional vulnerability. It will trigger his romantic and protective instincts.

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Smile with Your Eyes

Sadness and vulnerability can lead a Pisces man to let his guard down and fall in love. But don’t forget to use your eyes to smile and flirt with him by expressing joy.

Talented artists know the secret to conveying joy and happiness in a portrait. It isn’t enough for the mouth to smile. These artists know that the eyes also need to convey happiness. Both the eyes and mouth have to match.

Pisces men are highly intuitive. They are also artists of various media. Instinctively, a Pisces man will know if your smile is sincere because he’ll look at your mouth and also your eyes.

If you want to flirt with a Pisces man, smile at him with both your mouth and with your eyes. This is a fun way to flirt with him and it will come across to him as playful and light.

To a Pisces man, this is a welcomed respite from his sometimes deep and brooding emotions. It is a good way to remind him that you have a childlike, joyful and charming side as well. You’ll soon see signs a Pisces man is falling in love.

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