How to Start a Conversation With a Pisces Man

Updated May 17, 2023

A Pisces man’s conversation style isn’t always that outgoing. If you want to talk to a Pisces man, you need to initiate contact.

Don’t come on too strong with a Pisces man. Read his mood and be patient if he doesn’t want to talk at first.

Make sure you have a Pisces man’s attention before you start talking to him. Pisces men are daydreamers. He might not know you’re talking to him if he’s off in his own little world.

Don’t force conversations with a Pisces man. If he’s feeling shy or introverted, he might not want to talk. Be patient with him and try again at a later time.

When you are talking to him, give him space. Be calm and try talking about topics he enjoys. Don’t get into his space if he doesn’t want you to.

Body Language

If you want to talk with a Pisces man, you need open and friendly body language. If you appear intimidating or closed-off, he might not want to talk to you.

Be relaxed when you approach a Pisces man. He might not want to talk to you if you seem too tense. Relax your shoulders, unfold your arms, and try to have a relaxed expression.

You can show a Pisces man that you’re interested in talking to him by smiling at him, leaning in close toward him, and making eye contact.

If a Pisces man seems uncomfortable and you’re standing close to him, you can step back while still maintaining open and relaxed body language.

It’s important to appear friendly when starting a conversation with a Pisces man. You don’t want to be too intense. Be soft and unintimidating.

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Be Open

The best way to get a Pisces man to talk to you is to be open and genuine. A Pisces man will want to interact with you more if he knows you’re an honest person.

Approach a Pisces man because you honestly want to talk to him. If a friend asks you to speak to a Pisces man who is a mutual friend, be open about the fact that you were asked to talk to him.

Have an open expression as well. Pisces men are good at reading people. He will feel more comfortable with you if you’re an open book, and he doesn’t have to try and figure you out.

Once you’ve started a conversation, be honest with everything you say. A Pisces man won’t want to talk to you in the future if he thinks you’re a liar.

Be Transparent

When you are trying to start a conversation with a Pisces man, be open about your intentions. He will feel more comfortable talking to you if you’re transparent with him.

Many Pisces men are used to being taken advantage of. They can be overly trusting at times. A Pisces man might be wary about your intentions if you don’t know him well and approach him out of nowhere.

You can start the conversation by reminding him of how you know him or telling him what friend you have in common if you’ve never spoken before.

If you are approaching him because he’s alone at a party, let him know that. When you are trying to flirt with him, be obvious about it. Never try to conceal the actual reason you’re talking to a Pisces man.

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Don’t Force It

A Pisces man’s communication skills might not seem that great at first. This is because many Pisces men are shy.

Don’t force a conversation with a Pisces man. If he seems too shy or nervous to have a conversation with you, wait until he looks more comfortable.

If a Pisces man doesn’t seem like he’s into whatever topic you approached him about, change subjects! He might be more willing to talk to you about something else.

A Pisces man might talk to you anyway, even if he doesn’t want to. This is because many Pisces men are people pleasers. They don’t always stand up for themselves.

Pay attention to how a Pisces man is acting. If he seems hesitant or unhappy while talking to you, back off. Let him know that you can speak to him later if he’s not feeling up to socializing.

Get His Attention

When talking with a Pisces man, make sure you have his attention before you say anything meaningful. You have to actively try to get his attention before you can have a conversation with a Pisces man.

You cannot just start a conversation with a Pisces man without getting this attention first. He might be off in his own world, and he won’t hear a word you say.

You don’t need to do anything fancy to get a Pisces man’s attention. Face him and make eye contact. Say his name, offer a simple greeting, or ask how he’s doing.

You will know you’ve got his attention when a Pisces man makes eye contact with you and responds to whatever you’ve said.

You can double-check that you’ve got his attention by making small talk and ensuring that he’s responding to what you’re saying.

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Give Him Space

If a Pisces man is not talking to you when you try to have a conversation with him, give him space. He might not be in the mood to talk.

You will have an easier time talking to a Pisces man later if he’s comfortable with you. He won’t be comfortable with you if you try to push him into a conversation when he’s not in the mood to socialize.

Some Pisces men will also want physical space during a conversation with somebody they don’t know well. You can still maintain open body language while standing back from a Pisces man if he seems uncomfortable when you stand too close.

Let a Pisces man know that you’re happy to come back later if he wants to be alone. Be respectful of his boundaries.

Be Patient

You need to be patient if you want to start a conversation with a Pisces man. It might take a while to get a conversation started.

When a Pisces man doesn’t respond to you right away, just wait! If you are trying to start a conversation via text, your Pisces man might not respond immediately.

A Pisces man communication style is all over the place. Sometimes Pisces men are shy and don’t want to socialize. Other times, they will talk your ear off.

Pisces men don’t always talk linearly either. A Pisces man might rapidly switch between topics. He might also think what he’s talking about is on-topic, but it makes no sense to you.

Talking to a Pisces man can be very fun! You need to be patient and try to understand where he’s coming from. Even if he doesn’t always make sense, keep the conversation going.

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Calm Conversation

When you approach a Pisces man to talk to him, be calm. He might not be comfortable with you if you’re too energetic or if you have too much nervous energy.

Keep the topics of conversation light-hearted and calm as well. A Pisces man won’t always want to discuss heavy topics, especially if he doesn’t know you well.

Stick to positive topics. You can talk about feelings with a Pisces man in ways you can’t always do with other men but only do that if he wants to talk about feelings.

If you’re upset or angry, you might want to wait to start a conversation with a Pisces man. He will pick up on your emotions because of his intuitive nature.

When he knows you well, he’ll still talk to you and try to comfort you. If he doesn’t know you well, he might not be able to handle your emotions.

Read His Mood

How do you communicate with a Pisces man? The exact way you should speak to him will depend on his mood. Try to practice reading a Pisces man’s mood if you talk to him often.

If you know a Pisces man well, you can approach him if he seems sad or upset. Ask him if everything is okay and let him know you’re there if he needs to talk. Don’t make the conversation about yourself.

When you don’t know a Pisces man well, you might want to leave him alone if he doesn’t seem to be in a mood to socialize.

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Talk About Dreams

Conversations with a Pisces man can be very enjoyable! If you ask a Pisces man about his dreams, he will gladly talk to you for a while.

Pisces men enjoy talking about their goals, but the types of dreams they prefer to talk about are actual dreams.

Pisces is a mystical, imaginative sign. They have some wild dreams, and they are more than happy to share them with you if you ask.

A Pisces man will be delighted when you ask him if he’s had any interesting dreams lately. You can also approach him and talk to him about any cool dreams you’ve had lately.

If you know a Pisces man is particularly interested in dreams, you can ask him what he thinks about yours. You might be able to get a conversation going if you ask for an interpretation.

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