10 Things That Make a Pisces Man Complicated

10 Things That Make a Pisces Man Complicated

A Pisces man is complicated and this can cause confusion in relationships. He doesn’t always do what you expect him to do.

His unpredictable nature can cause tension if you don’t understand his personality. You can also bring out his best traits.

Pisces men can seem like a romantic woman’s dream come true. They are sensitive, romantic and compassionate. They can be empathic and are great listeners.

They are also one of the most complicated signs. This is because they tend to fade into their own fantasy worlds. Just when you need him, a Pisces man may disappear.

Pisces men can keep you guessing and you don’t always know where you stand with him. You may feel like he is playing games when he’s really just shy.

1. He’s An Escape Artist

When a Pisces man is done with you, he’ll pull away. But he doesn’t always pull away when he wants to end the relationship. Sometimes he becomes distant because it’s part of his nature.

He’s the escape artist of the zodiac. A Pisces man wanders off into his own fantasy and imagination a lot of the time. It may seem like he’s abandoning you. In reality, a Pisces man is drifting into his rich inner life.

He does this when he’s stressed out. Yet he also does this as part of his creative process. It may look, from the outside, like he is disconnecting from you. But this is not usually the case. Usually, he’s reconnecting with his creative, spiritual nature.

If you don’t understand this about him, you may feel like you need to go on the defensive. You can become frustrated with a Pisces man who is lost in his imagination or fantasy life. He can easily get lost in illusions.

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2. He Sabotages Himself

When a Pisces man is acting strange, he could be sabotaging himself. This is a major problem for Pisces men. They have a pattern of undermining their own desires in relationships.

A Pisces man may fall in love but will still be prone to act against his best interests when it comes to love. He may sabotage the relationship to enact a pattern related to old wounds he hasn’t healed yet.

Pisces men are notorious for sabotaging themselves in relationships. They may have everything they want but will find fault or refuse to trust what he sees with his own eyes. This can be confusing and frustrating for people who love Pisces men.

3. He’s Lackadaisical

Pisces men may seem lazy, but this is not the case. He’s more complacent and passive than he is lazy. Another way to look at a Pisces man is that he follows his heart and not his logical mind.

To others, this can make him seem lackadaisical. It can be difficult for a Pisces man to follow a schedule of to follow routines that seem restrictive. He may intend to meet you at a certain time but then show up hours later or not at all.

He doesn’t do this to be cruel or uncaring toward you. He just gets lost in his own thoughts or wanders into his own imagination. He doesn’t always realize he’s neglecting the relationship.

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4. He’s Passive-Aggressive

When a Pisces man distances himself, it can be confusing. You may wonder what you did wrong. He keeps you guessing because he detests conflict. So he avoids confrontation. Which means he can become passive-aggressive.

A Pisces man’s anger and resentment can seep out in odd and confusing ways. He doesn’t realize that if he would just speak up for himself directly, he could avoid a lot of problems in his relationships.

Yet he dodges the issue when he doesn’t feel good about something and rather than addressing it directly, he can become passive-aggressive. This causes tension and confusion. It can take weeks to learn what has upset him in the first place.

5. He’s a People-Pleaser

What happens when you ignore a Pisces man is that he’ll come running back to you. He’s a people-pleaser. It can seem flattering to have so much of his attention.

Yet some of the effort he makes to make you happy comes from his desire to avoid conflict. He may go along with what you want so that he doesn’t have to do the harder work of navigating difficulties. This can lead to more passive-aggressiveness.

A Pisces man can become too ingratiating. You may wonder if he is being honest in the first place since he seems to say all the right things. He will want to avoid any obstacles even if it means making himself unhappy.

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6. He’s Loving but Noncommittal

A Pisces man can be loving and romantic. It’s easy for him to fall in love but it’s harder for him to commit. This is confusing for women who love Pisces men. It can seem strange that he’s so amorous yet also inconsistent.

It may seem like he’s head over heels in love with you but he still won’t define the relationship. This is because he avoids definition and limitations of any kind in general. A Pisces man needs to feel like he can go with the flow.

He loves to be elusive. This can be confusing as he seems to want a serious relationship but won’t fully commit right away. He may also vacillate, making grandiose promises and then back peddling.

7. He’s Prone to Addictions

When a Pisces man has a crush, it may seem like he’s addicted to you. This is no surprise, since Pisces is prone to addictions. This is because he tries to chase pleasure and avoid pain and practicality more than other signs.

He can become addicted to the relationship. Yet he may also have many other vices that can seem edgy and exciting at first. Though when you try to get more serious about the relationship, his addictions suddenly become an obstacle.

You’ll start to see these patterns for what they are. Another way in which a Pisces man avoids dealing with reality and tries to use escapism to cope with issues he doesn’t want to face. This can be a source of frustration.

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8. He Doesn’t Take Responsibility

How does a Pisces man test you? He doesn’t always do this directly. Life with a Pisces man is its own test. He will try to avoid responsibility as a matter of course. This can be a source of friction in the relationship.

A Pisces man can craftily dodge accountability. He doesn’t usually try to be manipulative. Yet he will jump through hoops in order to avoid having to do the heavy lifting in a relationship.

A Pisces man who doesn’t take responsibility in the relationship may seem like he’s being immature or disrespectful. Yet when you step back and look at his lifestyle in general, you’ll see this is a bigger pattern for him.

Chances are, he doesn’t like to face responsibility or accountability in his work or family life either. So it can be challenging but it is not a sign that he is not interested in you.

9. He’s Dependent on You

When a Pisces man is not interested in you, he’ll avoid you and go out of his way to not run in to you. Pisces men can have dependent personalities. He may rely on you excessively for validation.

A Pisces man can become clingy. He can become dependent on you and his neediness may seem reassuring at first but will become troublesome in time. A Pisces man needs to be encouraged to stand on his own two feet.

Otherwise, he will eventually take on a child-parent dynamic in the relationship. He may start to act like your son instead of your partner. This will cause problems. He’ll grow to resent you even though he was the one acting needy in the first place.

He may defer to you to help him make even the smallest decisions. He may also look to you for approval. He’s highly sensitive. He needs to feel reassured that you love him or else he will panic. He may become dependent on you to validate his feelings.

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10. He Becomes Resentful

Prone to self-sabotage, a Pisces man can set himself up for failure. The signs a Pisces man is in love with you can be so flattering and create euphoria so that you don’t notice the signs that he’s undermining the relationship.

He may slowly become more resentful if he feels like you’re taking the lead too often. The irony is, he often puts you in a position in which you have to take the lead because he doesn’t.

When a Pisces man ignores you, it may be a sign he is developing deeper resentment. He may need some reassurance that you respect him and recognize his opinion. This can be difficult because he may stifle his opinions at first.

A Pisces man can try to change himself to meet your approval or to become the person he thinks you want him to be. This always backfires, yet he can’t see the trouble brewing until it’s too late. He will come to resent you even though he chose to be inauthentic.

He will try to get your approval without trusting that you would love and respect him for who he is. When he feels like he’s had to make sacrifices for the relationship, he’ll turn angry and passive-aggressive. He may project his feelings onto you and blame you.

When this happens, leaving a Pisces man alone can be the best move. He needs time to gain perspective and feel empowered again. Usually, after a short time he will start to pursue you once more.

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