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How Does a Pisces Man Apologize?

How Does a Pisces Man Apologize?

A Pisces man apologizes in a number of ways. Even when he stumbles on his words, he’ll be quick to apologize when he’s wronged you.

Pisces men want to avoid confrontation and he knows apologizing is the best way to smooth over the tension.

How a Pisces man apologizes depends on what he thinks is the best way to avoid conflict. He doesn’t like to be direct, but he will directly apologize if he needs to.

If you’re wondering what to do when a Pisces man is mad at you, the best option is to try to diffuse the situation and make peace. This is what he ultimately wants anyway.

What happens when you ignore a Pisces man? He’ll immediately realize he’s done something wrong. He’ll try to apologize right away and to win you over.

He’ll Say He’s Sorry

When a Pisces man is done with you, you’ll know it clearly. He won’t even bother to pursue you. Yet when he wants to apologize and make amends for hurting you, a Pisces man will start by coming out and saying he’s sorry.

He has virtually no ego to preserve. When a Pisces man is wrong, he has no problem admitting it. He will waste no time playing mind games. He will apologize as a way to wave the white flag and surrender because he doesn’t like conflict.

When he does apologize, it’s best to take his word at face value. He can be super sensitive. If you push for more of an apology, you can drive him away. Yes, he’ll be sorry, but he doesn’t want to overstate his apology.

At least not verbally. If he doesn’t feel like his words assuage you, he will show you in action how remorseful he truly is. It’s best to not push him to open up more or to go overboard making him feel guilty. Even if his apology seems curt, he feels much more guilty than he lets on.

Let your Pisces man’s apology be the first step in reconciliation. When he does apologize, work on healing the relationship and strengthening your connection to him. If he doesn’t think you believe him, he will try to convince you. But he’ll only go so far before distancing himself.

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He’ll Write You a Poem

A Pisces man’s temper can come as a surprise, considering how soft and sensitive he tends to be. When he truly is remorseful, he’ll show you through his actions. He’ll do something romantic like writing a poem for you.

A Pisces man will put his feelings into words lyrically because he doesn’t always express himself as well in direct and logical ways. He tends to opt for symbolic gestures to show remorse as well. When he writes a poem, he can convey his feelings.

The emotional and obscure language of poetry helps a Pisces man to better express how he’s really feeling. He will want to reach you on an emotional level. Though his feelings are deep and intense, he can be awkward sometimes. He may feel overwhelmed.

Pisces men know they aren’t the most articulate when they are upset. He will try to express his remorse through all of his creative means and poetry is one of the ways he opens his heart.

He’ll Dedicate a Song to You

When a Pisces man distances himself, it could mean he’s trying to find just the right way to make amends and make things up to you. Pisces men can be clever and creative. He may serenade you under your window.

If he’s a writer, he may write a special song just for you. He may call up your favorite radio station and request they play your favorite romantic songs. He’ll dedicate a special song to you to get your attention.

This is an important gesture that shows you a Pisces man is really trying to make peace. He will aim right for your heart when he wants to apologize. He believes that romance and love will conquer over any conflicts.

When a Pisces man makes a symbolic gesture of love and remorse, like saying he’s sorry by dedicating a special song to you, he’s not copping out. Even if he dodges a direct apology and goes right to dedicating a song, a Pisces man is trying to make amends.

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He’ll Paint Your Portrait

Leaving a Pisces man alone can be a good way to let him de-escalate after an argument. Once a Pisces man has put things into perspective, a Pisces man will try to apologize by sharing his artistic gifts with you.

He will make romantic gestures like painting your portrait. This is his way of saying he sees you as a work of art. It’s a Pisces man’s way of showing you he loves you and that he’s sorry. A Pisces man will express his love as a way to show he wants to make amends.

When a Pisces man loves you, he’ll put you on a pedestal. He will want to express his love and devotion to you. When he makes a mistake or gets into a fight with you, he’ll be quick to try to win your affection. He’ll want to get on good terms with you again.

A Pisces man will pull out all the stops, creating art inspired by you as only one of the many ways he’ll try to show he’s sorry and make things right. He may use this as a means to distract you from whatever has gotten you upset.

In this regard, giving a gift of personalized art or painting your portrait can be a Pisces man’s way of deflecting your attention away from the conflict. It’s his way of diverting your focus away from the fight you just had or the mistake he made.

He’s secretly hoping you’ll be so flattered and impressed, that you will forget all about being upset with him. His emotions can shift easily and so he hopes that you will be easily distracted as well.

He’ll Give You a Gift

How do Pisces apologize when they really messed up? A Pisces man will go to greater lengths to smooth things over when he knows he’s in hot water. He’ll give a gift to show he cares and is sorry.

As Pisces men are romantic, he will find a gift that is associated with love and romance in order to try to renew the spark between the two of you. When he wants to show you he’s sorry and you’re still his ideal love, he’ll give a gift of jewelry.

He may give a more personalized gift as well but it will be something that is both high value and romantic. A Pisces man may start small by surprising you with flowers. But he won’t stop there.

He may drive for hours to get chocolates from your favorite store. He may search high and low to find the perfect gift to convey that he loves you and that he just wants the two of you to be happily in love again. Sometimes, a Pisces man will give a humorous gift because he wants to cheer you up and make you laugh.

A Pisces man knows better than to think he can buy your forgiveness and love. But he will aim for classy, expensive gifts to get your attention. This is another symbolic gesture, and he knows it. It’s his way of saying he’s truly sorry.

When a Pisces man wants you back after a breakup, he may apologize for all he did wrong in the past with a heartfelt card and a special gift he knows you would like. This is his version of making a peace offering to try to reconcile.

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He’ll Act Shy

If a Pisces man really feels like he’s messed up, he will panic. He may go quiet for a while because he’s stressing out over how to approach you. He’ll act shy at first. He may even seem more shy than usual.

A Pisces man can become awkward when he fears he may lose the relationship. He may stumble on his words even more than usual. If you notice he has been distant, don’t jump to conclusions. He may not be planning a breakup after all. Often, he is trying to plan a perfect apology.

When the pressure is on and he fears he has so much on the line, a Pisces man will procrastinate. He does this every time there is a serious issue he has to deal with, not just an apology. He may go silent just when you most needed him.

A Pisces man who wants to let you know he’s sorry will need some time to get his thoughts together. More than that, he needs to come up with a strategy to diffuse your anger. He will assume you will be on the defensive, and this raises his anxiety.

He’ll Try to Please You

When a Pisces man really wants to show you he is sorry, he’ll spend a prolonged period of time expressing his remorse and showing you he cares about you. He will go out of his way to please you.

Pisces men are overaccommodating when they want to show they care or are sorry. A Pisces man who is expressing remorse will show you he’s sorry by deferring to you for every decision. This is his way of acting submissive to get on your good side again.

This helps him feel like he’s making amends to you. But it doesn’t always help matters in the long run. Often, it only breeds more resentment as he becomes upset with you for being dominant. Yet he hands over the power in the relationship to make peace.

He may give you the passwords to all his social media and email accounts to diffuse jealousy. He may let you have the final say in an argument even if he disagrees. This will keep the peace for a while, but often results in bigger problems.

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