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How Does an Aquarius Man Apologize?

Will an Aquarius man apologize? The answer may surprise you. An Aquarius man, after a fight, will go through a few common stages. He wants to make peace with you, but doesn’t want to admit he was wrong. Trying to understand Aquarius and apologies can be difficult. An Aquarius man upset can be frustrating. He’ll […]

7 Tips to Make a Cancer Man Obsessed with You

To make a Cancer man obsessed with you, you have to know a few things about his personality. He easily becomes obsessed in love. For a Cancer man, obsession is his default, it’s just a matter of degrees. When you see the signs a Cancer man has feelings for you, it doesn’t take much to […]

Libra Man & Cancer Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

For a Libra man and Cancer woman, compatibility is earned. It doesn’t come easily to this couple. Yet if they both grow to understand each other’s needs and personalities, their relationship can succeed. It takes effort, but they can fulfill each other. Even if a Libra man and Cancer woman are soulmates, it takes work […]

10 Tips on How to Make a Scorpio Man Miss You

If you want to make a Scorpio man miss you, you’ve got your work cut out for you. He may miss you but still remain silent. He can be stubborn and willful, so even when he misses you he’ll never show it. Maybe you’ve heard that a Scorpio man always comes back. He does so […]

How to Make a Scorpio Man Chase You

If you want to make a Scorpio man chase you, you’ve got to be patient and clever. He can run hot and cold, so resist the temptation to pursue him when he gets quiet. The trick is to pay less attention to him. You need to know how to make a Scorpio man miss you […]

Are Scorpio Men Loyal?

Are Scorpio men loyal when they fall in love? The answer, like everything else about a Scorpio man, is complicated. When you see the signs that a Scorpio man has feelings for you, you may assume he’s devoted. He acts so intense at first. What attracts Scorpio men in the first place is mystery and […]

10 Tips on How to Keep a Scorpio Man in a Happy Relationship

If you want to keep a Scorpio man happy, you’ve got to know how to stroke a Scorpio man’s ego. When you see signs that a Scorpio man has feelings for you, be prepared to keep his focus and attention. If you’re wondering how to make a Scorpio man chase you, you’ve got to know […]

10 Important Signs a Virgo Man is Not Interested in You

When a Virgo man’s not interested, he’ll let you know. He’s friendly and kind, he never wants to lead you on. That’s why it’s important to know how to react when a Virgo man ignores you. He may be busy, or uninterested. Whether he’s busy or ignoring you, a Virgo man will act differently if […]

10 Easy Tips to Help You Date a Cancer Man

He’s sensitive, compassionate and nurturing, who wouldn’t want to date a Cancer man? If you want to make sure there’s a second and third date, there are some things you’ll want to know. Dating a Cancer man is different from dating other guys. Cancer men are moody. It helps to know what a Cancer male […]

Should You Ignore Aquarius Man to Make Him Chase You?

Should you ignore an Aquarius man to get his attention or will it simply put him off? This sign’s lack of expressiveness would be hard for you to depict whether the Aquarius man is interested in you or not. Aquarius men are unusual and unconventional, not to mention closed shells. It can get difficult to […]