October 8 Zodiac, Personality, Horoscope, and More

Updated August 28, 2023

October 8 birthdays fall under the second decan of Libra. Uranus is the sub-ruler of this decan.

People born on October 8 are caring, intelligent, and spontaneous. They have an excellent sense of humor and can be quirky and eccentric.

October 8 Libra people have a unique style and stand out among those born under their sign for being individualistic. They are friendly and compassionate.

They are visionaries who thrive on partnerships. October 8 Libra people are fun-loving and bring out the best in others. They are inspiring and creative.

October 8 Libra people are diplomatic and try to bring harmony and balance to their relationships. They can be generous and are strong advocates for others.

October 8 Info
DateOctober 8
SignLibra ♎︎
SymbolBalance scales
StrengthsFriendly, Creative, Philanthropic
WeaknessesImpulsive, Intense, Self-righteous
Opposite signAries ♈︎
Best matchAries, Leo, Sagittarius
Worst matchCapricorn, Virgo, Taurus
BirthstoneOpal, Tourmaline
Tarot birth cardsThe Hermit, The Moon
Angel number9
Spirit animalsSheep, Quokka, Dolphin


October 8 Libra people have a unique sense of aesthetics. They are flirty and playful, though they take justice and fairness seriously. Libra people born on October 8 can be intelligent and love reading and learning new things.

They enjoy learning about people from all walks of life. They can be energetic and pleasure-seeking. Libra people enjoy helping people in need and have a soft spot for underdogs and alienated people.

They are socially responsible and conscious of what others need. The October zodiac can be supportive and encouraging. They are persuasive and diplomatic though they have a quirky, erratic side.

Unlike other Libras, people born on October 8 are more intense and can be more assertive. They are conscious of image and appearance but also break with tradition and can be shocking and irreverent.


People born on October 8 have a unique purpose. They help remind others of the importance of balancing individuality and cooperation. They can be independent and have eccentric personalities. Yet they are also born to collaborate with others.

They can bring new insights and perceptions to their relationships. They are futuristic and help break with tradition and redefine love, beauty, and relationships. Libra people born on October 8 are on a mission to awaken others to new ideals.

They can inspire others and empower people to find their unique potential. October 8 Libra people are creative, artistic, and conscientious. They are here to advocate for justice and fairness.

They thrive in journalism, human service, counseling, artistic, and creative careers. They are often philanthropists and humanitarians. People born on October 8 can be innovative and eager to teach others conflict resolution.

For Libras born on October 8, meaning is essential to their career choices. They never work for a paycheck alone. They must feel as if they are serving humanity and fulfilling their purpose.

For those with an October 8 birthday celebrity status is not essential. Ironically, Libras born on October 8 may achieve fame and success because they are often spokespeople for causes.

Positive Traits

People born on October 8 have many positive traits. They are caring, affectionate, romantic, and full of surprises. They have a great sense of humor and can be spontaneous and exciting.

The October 8 zodiac can be cooperative and social. They are extroverted and bring beauty and pleasure to their relationships. They can be intellectual and curious.

October 8 Libra people are creative and artistically talented. They are compassionate yet have a quirky side. Libra people born on October 8 can be eccentric and have a unique sense of style and beauty. They are unconditionally loving and nonjudgmental.

Negative Traits

October 8 Libra people have few negative traits, but they do have some personality characteristics to work on. Their biggest flaw is their notorious indecisive nature. They often defer to their partners and friends to make decisions.

People born on October 8 can be erratic and inconsistent. Though loyal to their friends, they often waver in their commitments to romance out of fear of losing independence. They seem irresponsible because they change plans at a moment’s notice.

Though October 8 Libras can be artistic visionaries, they also chase illusions and fantasies. They can be unrealistic and impractical. They are honest but can also be abrupt and shocking.

An October 8 zodiac rising sign in an earth sign can neutralize Libra’s idealistic, flighty nature. Earth rising signs can bring practicality to their personality.


October 8 zodiac sign compatibility is best with the fire signs. Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries are the best romantic matches for Libra people born on October 8. The dramatic fire signs encourage and inspire idealistic Libra.

Libra and Aries are opposites on the zodiac wheel, and when it comes to romance, opposites attract. Libra craves balance and harmony, and they find it with bold and decisive Aries.

Aries helps Libra focus their creative energy. Libra brings sensitivity and compassion to the relationship. Libra can be fun and flirty; they appreciate Aries’s childlike, optimistic nature.

Libra and Sagittarius also fascinate each other. People born on October 8 love independent and passionate Sagittarius; Sagittarius is attracted to Libra’s sensitive, vulnerable nature.

Leo is creative, dramatic, and courageous, bringing Libra out of their shell. Libra softens Leo’s rough edges. Leo and Libra make an intense romantic couple; they encourage each other’s fantasies and support each other’s dreams.

October 8 zodiac compatibility is worst with the earth signs. Libra needs flexibility and freedom, but the earth signs are cautious.

Taurus and Libra share a love of romance and beauty, but their personalities and lifestyles differ. Taurus is careful and discerning. Libra follows their instincts and is carefree and flighty.

October 8 Libra people frustrate perfectionistic Virgo. Virgo is careful and analytical. Libra is a dreamer who sees the best in everyone. They clash over practical matters and ultimately repel each other.

Libra and Capricorn have no common ground. Capricorn is traditional and methodical. Libra feels suffocated by Capricorn’s style; Capricorn sees Libra as too careless and hedonistic.


Communication is one of Libra’s strong suits. October 8 Libras are more expressive and direct than many born under this sign; they are authentic and have no problem telling it like it is.

They strive for diplomacy but are not afraid of confrontation, especially when addressing injustices. They can be assertive and express their ideas without holding back.

As long as an October 8 Libra has made up their mind and maintains focus, they can express their needs clearly. They are inspiring and influential. Their persuasive talents can lead others to support their ideas and goals.

Libra people born on October 8 are not prone to passive-aggressive tendencies as much as other Libras because they are less likely to let resentments build.

They are direct and address their concerns without being aggressive. Libra people born on October 8 are outgoing and love texting and talking in person.


Most Libra people are image-conscious, yet October 8 Libras are not as concerned with impressing others. They don’t have to go out of their way to attract people. Libras are naturally beautiful and get the attention of admirers and friends.

The October 8 zodiac male seeks balance and is often comfortable with his inner feminine traits. An October 8 zodiac female may be naturally charming, compassionate, and vulnerable.

Their personalities and appearances work in equal measure to help them attract potential lovers and friends. They are charming, and flirty, and have a unique fashion style that adds to their irresistibility.

October 8 Libras are attracted to unique, brave, assertive, and fun people. They love people who are enthusiastic and optimistic. Don’t be cynical if you want to attract the attention of an October 8 Libra.

They aren’t superficial and never judge you by appearances alone. An attractive person with a negative attitude turns Libra off instantly. Show Libra you are compassionate, exciting, and intelligent, and they are drawn to you.


Ideal dates for the October 8 zodiac sign personality include social events, fundraisers, and galas. People born on October 8 enjoy helping others while having fun.

They are romantic and affectionate but prefer exciting nightlife to quiet nights at home. Libras born on October 8 enjoy dancing, parties, festivals, and the theater. They are fond of supporting independent artists and performers.

Skip big-ticket venues and instead, take an October 8 Libra to support a local band or independent theater organization. They enjoy dates that involve supporting up-and-coming artists.


People born on October 8 fall in love easily. They are idealistic and romantic. They often project fantasies and desires onto you and fall in love with their idealized version of you.

When their fantasies prove to be illusions, they maintain love and try to rationalize their attraction. They often give mixed signals in love, being obsessive one moment and indifferent the next.

Give October 8 Libras time to get comfortable accepting their intense feelings before expecting commitment. They are notorious for being erratic in love. Compared to typical indecisive Libras, October 8 Libras are more unpredictable in love.

When Libra is certain about their feelings, they are attentive, admiring, adoring lovers. They go out of their way to spoil you with gifts and surprises. They write songs and poems for you and use their creativity to pay tribute to you.


People born on October 8 thrive in relationships. They seek partnerships as an ideal way to balance their strengths and weaknesses. They can seem dependent because they often get into a new relationship shortly after a romance ends.

They hate being alone and feel more complete in partnerships. Their tendency to chronically seek partners can lead them to codependent relationships. October 8 Libras need to find the balance between independence and relationships.

They can be affectionate, loyal, and devoted in relationships. They may change their plans and ideas on a whim and need partners who can adapt to their spontaneous needs.

Their best partnerships are with people who are direct, energetic, and exciting. Libra is loyal but can become bored easily. They need plenty of mental stimulation to remain happy in a relationship.


October 8 Libra people dream of marriage from a young age. Marriage is their ultimate end goal. Once they are certain of a relationship, Libra is eager to marry.

They may opt for elaborate weddings or impulsively decide to elope. Libra people born on October 8 are full of surprises and need their spouses to keep up with their longing for adventure and fun.

A marriage involving frequent travel, relocation, and changes of scenery is ideal for Libras born on October 8. They are caring, nurturing, and attentive but they become bored with a repetitive lifestyle.

They need a spouse who supports their creative interests and shares their love of humanity. A philanthropic spouse who helps them fight injustices and encourages their artistic pursuits is ideal.


October 8 Libra people have moderate to high sex drives. They are receptive partners and will experiment in the bedroom to match their partners’ interests.

They have a kinky, creative, adventurous side in the bedroom however they may conceal some of their wilder desires until they see that you are open to pushing boundaries sexually.

Libra people born on October 8 can be attentive partners who prioritize your pleasure. They enjoy blending sexuality and the arts. They may be aroused by staging a foreplay photo shoot or experimenting with body paint.

They are also fond of using costumes and role play as part of the sexual experience. Libra people born on October 8 love engaging all of their senses in the bedroom and can be hedonistic.

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