October 4 Zodiac (Libra) Horoscope & Info

Updated November 14, 2022
October 4 Zodiac (Libra) Horoscope & Info

Libras born on October 4 have unique personalities and destinies. They were born in the second decan of Libra.

The planets Venus and Uranus influence their personality, making them charming yet unpredictable.

Your life is full of surprises when an October 4 Libra is around. Their sign represents balance and harmony, yet they go to extremes.

People born on this date are outgoing, attractive, and clever. They are creative and can shock you with their unusual ideas. They are great advocates who speak up for others.

They keep life fascinating and colorful. People born on October 4 love to challenge the status quo, but avoid confrontation. They use humor to make their point.

October 4 Info
DateOctober 4
SignLibra ♎︎
SymbolBalance scales
StrengthsAffectionate, Caring, Unique
WeaknessesZealous, Shocking, Indecisive
Opposite signAries ♈︎
Best matchAries, Leo, Sagittarius
Worst matchCapricorn, Virgo, Taurus
BirthstoneOpal, Tourmaline
Tarot birth cardsThe Hierophant, Temperance
Angel number5
Spirit animalsSeal, Ladybug, Dove


People born on October 4 are intelligent, curious, and eager to learn about people from different walks of life. They are artists and visionaries who need a balance between work and play.

They may seem understated at first, blending in with the scenery. But once they start a conversation, you learn Libras are knowledgeable about many fascinating and unusual subjects.

A birthday on October 4 meaning comes down to a combination of Libra’s love of peace and beauty combined with a shocking and unusual perspective. Rebellious Uranus and peaceful Venus influence them.

People born on this date need to work in a career that exposes them to people. They are well suited for careers as performing artists, teachers, museum tour guides, and work in hospitality.

They are also interested in working in bookstores, libraries, and community centers. They have unusual hobbies and love to talk about their ideas. Often, people born on this date espouse strange viewpoints.

Yet they are not stubborn. They learn from others and often vacillate between extreme ideas as a way to sort out their beliefs. People born on this date enjoy being in social settings where they can have fun with friends.

The October 4 zodiac sign’s imagination knows no limits. They always think of new ways to solve problems and bring harmony and beauty to their surroundings.


October 4 Libras have a special mission. They are here to bring balance and harmony between extremes and to help people from all walks of life find balance and connection.

They can see common ground and patterns that others miss. Libras born on this date help others find harmony. They often go through their extremes in belief and interests they can find the middle ground.

People born on this date are change agents. Rather than bringing confrontation to their relationships, they challenge people by presenting new ideas through the arts and literature.

They may glean wisdom from science fiction books and movies and use their unique perspective to inspire others. People born on this date are innovative and help others see possibilities they’d otherwise miss.

An October 4 Libra’s personality is paradoxical. They are a combination of contradictions because they frequently change their minds and try different ideas until they find what fits.

An October 4 birthday zodiac is unlike that of other Libras. People born on this date are more independent, quirky, confident, and intuitive than others born under this sign.

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Positive Traits

October 4 Libras have a great sense of humor. They are fun and can be kind, compassionate, and idealistic. They always want to help others and use their positive attitude to brighten your day.

People born on this date are romantic and a little quirky. They have unusual ideas that turn out prophetic and futuristic. They can be helpful, creative, artistic, and intelligent.

Libras born on October 4 are also fair. They try to make sure everyone has a voice. Those born on this date care about uplifting people otherwise excluded.

This zodiac sign’s personality is suited for being a mediator. They try to make peace when people are at odds with each other. They can be understanding and engaging.

Negative Traits

People born on this date are more independent than most Libras, yet they still prefer being part of a pair. They can seem clingy because they don’t like to be alone.

October 4 Libras are also labile and erratic. They can add variety to a relationship, but people who need consistency find them too unpredictable. They often change their minds which also makes them seem insincere at times.

People born on this date can prioritize pleasure over tedious work. They love having fun and being comfortable. People think they are lazy, which is not the case. They refuse to join the career rat race and prioritize friendships instead.

The October zodiac for Libra has intense traits in comparison to September Libras. They are more extreme and can repel people not used to their intensity.

This Libra personality’s bad side is misunderstood. They confuse people who expect them to be consistent all the time. People born on October 4 are flexible and adapt to new ideas.

The October 4 zodiac’s personality can seem overbearing for people who are used to the mild nature of other Libras. People born on this date can be louder and more dogmatic than other Libras.


People born on this date try to get along with everyone they meet. Yet they are too opinionated and unconventional for some signs. This zodiac sign’s compatibility is best with people born under the signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

October 4 Libras are attracted to their opposite sign, Aries. Tension keeps these two fascinated with each other. Aries is decisive and dominant in the relationship, and Libra follows their lead.

People born on October 4 are also attracted to strong, willful, passionate people. Leos are an ideal match for them. People born under the sign of the Lion are courageous and share their appreciation for theater and the arts.

Sagittarius people are independent, free-thinking, and hedonistic. They enjoy pleasure and socializing as much as Libras born on October 4. This pair knows how to live life to the fullest, and is not afraid to enjoy every moment.

Libras born on this date are not a good romantic match for every sign. They often try to make a relationship work when there is no compatibility. Ultimately, trying to force a connection ends in disaster.

People born on this date are not a good match for the signs of Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus. The earth signs need consistency, and Libras born on October 4 are too spontaneous.

October 4 Libras frustrate Capricorns. Libras appear wishy-washy because they are indecisive. Capricorn is traditional and needs someone reliable. Libras see every side of a situation, and Capricorns think in black and white.

Virgo and Libra are also a doomed match. October 4 Libras are compassionate. They see Virgo as too judgmental. Virgos are also dogmatic, and this turns Libra off. Libra needs balance and harmony, and Virgo is regimented.

Taurus may be attracted to an October 4 Libra at first. They share a love of romance, beauty, and harmony. Yet Taurus’s practical nature seems to limit Libra. Libras born on October 4 are too shocking and erratic for security-loving Taurus.


October 4 Libras vacillate from being diplomatic to blurting out the first things that come to their minds. They are poetic, kind, and eloquent and then seem to abandon politeness to say what they think.

People born on this date are chatty and often share too much information. They get carried away when telling stories and talk to everyone as if they are close friends. Their lack of filter can be endearing.

They infuse humor and satire into conversations. People born on October 4 are entertaining speakers. They say what comes to mind and can shock and surprise others with their unusual way of speaking.

They often send a long-winded text messages and jump from one topic to another. Pay careful attention, or you’ll miss their point. They can be confusing, but they are happy to repeat themselves.

They are too wordy for some people, but Libras born on this date love to keep a conversation going. You can get them to chat for hours if you know how to catch their interest with unique trivia and gossip.


People born on October 4 are considered attractive. Their beauty doesn’t need augmentation, but they love to add accessories, makeup, and unusual fashions to play up their appearance.

They are attracted to people who share their unique, individualistic style. Be yourself and stand out from the crowd if you want to get their attention. People born on this date love underdogs, showing your wounds attracts them.

They are attracted to people who are intense and unapologetically authentic. Don’t be a follower if you want them to notice you. They are also attracted to leaders. Show initiative and popularity, and they’ll pay attention to you.


Libras born on October 4 love to date. They enjoy going out with many different people and take a casual approach to dating. Impress someone born on this day by planning a perfect evening out.

This zodiac sign’s dates ideally feature bizarre or innovative entertainment combined with a meal at a trendy but unusual venue. They enjoy a blend of comfort, aesthetics, and innovation. Surprise them by finding hidden gems.

They also love supporting indie artists. Take them to a concert to see local, up-and-coming bands. Take them dancing at a club or to a costume party. They love dates that involve unusual settings.

People born on this day also enjoy using their imaginations. Dates that involve getting dressed up or dressing in unusual ways appeal to them.


Libras born on October 4 are romantic and show love in intellectual ways. They open up and share their bizarre fantasies and unusual dreams when they love you.

They also want to accompany you everywhere you go. When this sign falls in love, they can seem clingy. They are typically social and independent, but they need continual reassurance and connection.

They become affectionate, sweet, and considerate when they love you. They never overwhelm you with emotional proclamations of love. Instead, they try to impress you with their knowledge.

They may write poetry for you or profess love in airy, creative, witty ways. Their expression of love may be charming but also seem strange or quirky.


Libras born on October 4 can be indecisive. Even when they fall in love they hesitate. People born on this date need to feel secure before they define the relationship.

People born on October 4 are loyal when they make the relationship official. They fill your life with fun and need plenty of intellectual stimulation. The relationship must never get boring.

They still expect to go out on fun and exciting dates. They lose interest if you stay home every night once the relationship is official. Libras born on October 4 need an active social life.


Libras dream about marriage but when it comes time to tie the knot, they get cold feet. Especially October 4 Libras. They fear being smothered in marriage.

Yet when they know you are the one, they can be devoted spouses. People born on this date need excitement and romance to continue. They don’t want the passion of their relationship to burn out.

They fear the relationship will become monotonous after time goes by. The key to a happy marriage with October 4 Libras is to keep the relationship filled with romance, adventure, and affection.

They don’t want a typical married lifestyle. People born on this date are satisfied when their marriage has unusual and eccentric aspects, such as if you travel as a married couple.


October 4 Libras are passionate and creative in the bedroom. Their style of sexuality requires an intellectual connection. Their fantasies are a part of arousal.

The best way to thrill October 4 Libras in the bedroom is to be sure to build up to sexual encounters. Engage in prolonged foreplay. Begin the seduction process by sexting them before you even see them.

They need help fantasizing about being with you. Encourage Libras to imagine what you’ll do together. They have many creative desires and can be experimental in bed.

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