October 31 Zodiac (Scorpio) Horoscope & Info

Updated March 5, 2023
October 31 Zodiac (Scorpio) Horoscope & Info

What sign is October 31? This day is in Scorpio season! People born on this day are in the first decan of Scorpio.

In modern rulership, Pluto rules Scorpio. First decan Scorpios have no subruler, so they feel the total influence of this intense planet.

Scorpios born on this day are particularly intense. They are ambitious, confident, and passionate. They can sometimes be a little too much, though! They don’t know how to tone their personality down at all.

October 31 Scorpios do not give up. If they want something, they will keep working until they get it. They have a hard time pulling away from things and people that no longer suit them, though.

These Scorpios are confident in their abilities. They trust their intuition and their minds. They know how to listen to themselves and won’t let others cloud their judgment.

October 31 Info
DateOctober 31
SignScorpio ♏︎
StrengthsPassionate, Direct, Confident
WeaknessesStubborn, Pushy, Overly intense
Opposite signTaurus ♉︎
Best matchCancer, Pisces, Scorpio
Worst matchSagittarius, Aquarius, Aries
BirthstoneOpal, Tourmaline
Tarot birth cardsThe Hierophant, Temperance
Angel number5
Spirit animalsBadger, Fox, Opossum


The October 31 horoscope is full of passion and intensity. These Scorpios have personalities that can either draw someone in or push them away, and there is often no in-between.

Scorpios born on this day are incredibly confident. They know they are intelligent, talented, and intuitive and have no problem trusting their judgment and abilities.

These Scorpios just have to be careful not to completely ignore the thoughts of others, though. They can fall into a trap where they listen to themselves instead of listening to people who are more knowledgeable about certain subjects than they are.

Scorpio is a magnetic sign, which can be true for Scorpios born on this day. They will only draw in certain people, though. Some will be pushed away by Scorpio’s strong personality. That often won’t bother these Scorpios at all, though.


An October 31 Scorpio’s purpose is to build relationships with others and learn how to find a balance between listening to their intuition and other people’s ideas.

These Scorpios sometimes trust themselves a little too much. They can become overly confident in their abilities if they don’t have anyone around to check them.

Scorpios born on this day have to find people in their lives whose opinions and intuition they trust as much as they trust themselves. This will keep them from getting out of control or making mistakes.

The knowledge of other people can be invaluable to these Scorpios. They just have to learn how to trust it! When they can do that, they will be able to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

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Positive Traits

The October 31 personality is confident, direct, and driven. These Scorpios are ambitious and will stop at nothing to get the outcome they want.

Passion is one positive Scorpio trait that these Scorpios possess. They are incredibly passionate and driven people. They won’t give up just because something is difficult and will do everything possible to get what they want.

These Scorpios are also passionate about the people in their lives. When they love someone, they love them with all their hearts. They will do anything for the people they care about.

Their personalities can seem intense, but these Scorpios are great friends and partners. They have a softer side that they will show to the people closest to them. They can be compassionate and nurturing.

Negative Traits

The Scorpio personality is an intense one. Scorpios born on this day aren’t able to connect with everyone. Their strong personalities can sometimes drive people away.

Being stubborn is a common negative Scorpio trait. Scorpios born on this day are sometimes so stubborn that they make things harder for themselves than they need to be.

For example, these Scorpios don’t always know when it’s a good idea to end a relationship. They will keep trying to make things work even when it’s clear that the relationship isn’t good for them.

These Scorpios might keep pushing and trying to make the relationship work. They may insist that their partner keeps trying even if the partner is ready to call it quits.


The best match for Scorpios born on this day is Cancer. Cancer’s soft-spoken, gentle nature can be a good balance for the intensity of these Scorpios.

Cancer is excellent at listening to others, so they can help these Scorpios learn how to do that. They are also incredibly supportive partners and can give Scorpio the loyalty they desire.

Pisces and other Scorpios are also excellent matches for these Scorpios. Water signs have the emotional depth that Scorpio looks for, and they will be able to support Scorpio through the hard times.

The worst match for Scorpio is Sagittarius, Aquarius, or Aries. Stubborn Aries will clash with these Scorpios too much.

Sagittarius and Aquarius can be too emotionally detached and independent for these Scorpios. Emotional intimacy is essential in any relationship with Scorpio, and they won’t be able to get what they need from these signs.


Scorpios are excellent communicators in general. They don’t just focus on the verbal parts of communication.

They focus on body language and other non-verbals. They pay attention to everything a person does while talking, not just the words they say.

Scorpios born on this day are extremely direct. They think before they speak and are often well-spoken, but they get to the point. They don’t see the need to sugarcoat anything they say.

This can sometimes be off-putting to other people, of course. Scorpio isn’t trying to be rude, though. They are just incredibly honest.


Scorpio is a highly sexual sign. They are magnetic and confident, which often attracts other people to them.

Scorpios born on this day can be a little too intense for some people. They can sometimes intimidate other people and may push them away, even if those people are also attracted to them!

Confidence is the key to attracting these Scorpios. You should also take care of your physical appearance. These Scorpios want a partner who takes care of themselves and feels comfortable in their own skin.


Scorpios born on this day often enjoy dates that get your blood pumping. They might enjoy watching horror movies together, going out dancing, or even doing an activity like rock climbing together.

These Scorpios enjoy going on dates and getting to know people better. They don’t always like typical date nights, though. “Dinner and a movie” is usually too dull for them.

A quiet dinner might also feel too intimate for a first date with these Scorpios. They can take a while to show their softer side and open up, so you might want to do something fun and exciting early in the relationship.


Scorpio’s love language is usually physical touch. Scorpios born on this day may also show love with acts of service.

Physical affection is not something that Scorpios give out freely. Some Scorpios may seem cold or aloof, but they are only like that around people they don’t know.

When a Scorpio loves you, they will show you with physical affection. They aren’t always big on public displays of affection, but they will be incredibly affectionate in private.

Scorpios born on this day may also show love by helping you out with chores or running errands when you’re overworked. If you need help with anything, they’ll gladly step up and get things done for you.


Scorpio is an incredibly loyal sign. They take relationships seriously and will honestly do anything for the people they love.

Scorpios born on this day can be incredibly intense about their relationships. They might take a while to open up and trust someone, but they are all in once they do!

However, these Scorpios don’t always know when to call it quits in a relationship. They sometimes stay in toxic relationships far longer than they should.

They are highly dedicated and willing to make things work even when things are tough. They don’t always know the difference between a temporary obstacle in a relationship and a deal-breaker.


These Scorpios make excellent spouses, especially once they learn how to compromise. They can be stubborn at times, but they will be able to work through that and learn to find balance with their partner.

Scorpios born on this day are very warm and loving. They might not seem like it to outsiders, but their spouse will see their soft sides. They will always ensure that their partner feels loved.

These Scorpios know how to work through conflict in a relationship. They won’t jump to divorce just because things are tough. They will always try to make things work first.


These Scorpios are extremely passionate in the bedroom. They are excellent lovers and know how to ensure their partners are always satisfied.

Scorpios can be a little freaky in the bedroom. They often take on a dominant role but don’t need to be in charge to have a good time.

Having sex with Scorpios born on this day will always be an intense experience. They are highly emotionally charged and like to feel an intimate, deep connection with the people they have sex with.

Even if you have casual sex with a Scorpio, it won’t feel casual. It will be just as intense as if you were in a relationship.

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