October 27 Zodiac (Scorpio) Horoscope & Info

Updated December 22, 2022
October 27 Zodiac (Scorpio) Horoscope & Info

What sign is October 27? People born on this day are Scorpios. They are born in the first decan of Scorpio.

These Scorpios are particularly focused on transformation and growth. They actively try to learn, change, and grow throughout life.

Pluto rules Scorpio. The first decan has no subruler, so these Scorpios feel the full influence of Pluto. They have many typical Scorpio traits.

Scorpios born on October 27 acknowledge their shadow side and want to work to change it. They want to be the best possible version of themselves that they can be, so they are constantly changing and growing.

These Scorpios are intense, but many also seem friendly and open. They can still be secretive, but they enjoy meeting new people and learning from them. These aren’t dark and brooding Scorpios.

October 27 Info
DateOctober 27
SignScorpio ♏︎
StrengthsTransformation, Open-minded, Friendly
WeaknessesAbandonment issues, Stressed, Building confidence
Opposite signTaurus ♉︎
Best matchCancer, Pisces, Scorpio
Worst matchSagittarius, Aquarius, Aries
BirthstoneOpal, Tourmaline
Tarot birth cardsThe Magician, Wheel of Fortune
Angel number1
Spirit animalsRaven, Bat, Badger


The October 27 horoscope is filled with a lot of insecurity and a desire to transform. Transformation is a key part of the Scorpio personality, and these Scorpios express that aspect more obviously than some other Scorpios do.

Scorpios born on this day are talented, friendly, open-minded people. They love to learn and are great at developing new skills and talents as they go through life.

These Scorpios aren’t good at acknowledging those skills, though. They always feel like they could do better. If they achieve success, they will still feel like it’s not enough and that they need to achieve more.

Transformation can be beneficial. Making changes can help these Scorpios to grow and become who they want to be.

However, they should still recognize that there are things about them that are perfectly fine and don’t need to be changed.


An October 27 Scorpio’s purpose is to build confidence in themselves and connect to others on a deep, intimate level.

These Scorpios sometimes go too far in their quest to change and transform themselves. They are always looking to build a better version of themselves and don’t realize that sometimes, they are fine as they are.

Scorpios born on this day don’t need to change everything about themselves. They are good at acknowledging their shadow side and coming to terms with it, but they aren’t as good at recognizing their own talents.

These Scorpios can sometimes go down the wrong path while trying to change themselves. They will be happier when they find the right path and learn what aspects of themselves are okay to keep.

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Positive Traits

The October 27 personality often seems more open and friendly than other Scorpios. These Scorpios tend to be just as secretive as others, but they are better at hiding it.

Scorpios born on this day enjoy socializing and talking to others because it allows them to learn more. They often interact with people who have skills they desire, as they want to learn how to build those skills.

These Scorpios are talented and often pick up new skills quickly. They are determined to do well and will work hard to do so.

These Scorpios are incredibly open-minded. They are more open to change than others and are also excellent listeners. They are good friends who will do their best to support the people around them.

Negative Traits

The Scorpio personality has a dark side, no matter how amiable these Scorpios may seem. Their focus on transformation often hides a lack of confidence in who they are.

These Scorpios sometimes want to change themselves because they don’t like who they are. They focus too much on their negative aspects and don’t focus enough on the positive ones.

Scorpios born on this day might be good friends or great at listening, but they won’t acknowledge that. They will always think they must do better and “fix” who they are.

Many of these Scorpios also have abandonment issues. They fear losing the people they love most, especially if it has happened before.

They typically convince themselves that they are to blame when people leave and will use that as an excuse to continue changing themselves.


The best match for Scorpios born on this day is Cancer. These Scorpios hide a lot of insecurity, and Cancer can help to reassure them and support them when needed.

Scorpios born on this day aren’t good at asking for help. They won’t necessarily need to ask intuitive and sensitive Cancer, though. They will offer assistance if they recognize that Scorpio needs it.

Pisces and other Scorpios are also excellent matches for these Scorpios. Pisces can be supportive and compassionate.

They will stand by Scorpio even if Scorpio feels like they aren’t worth it. Other Scorpios are incredibly loyal and will understand these Scorpios in ways nobody else can.

The worst match for Scorpio is Sagittarius, Aquarius, or Aries. These signs can trigger Scorpio’s abandonment issues. They are sometimes too free-spirited, and Scorpio may feel neglected by them.


Scorpio’s communication style is perceptive and involves much more than their tone of voice or the actual words they say.

These Scorpios often seem open and friendly, so it may be difficult to know when they are hiding something.

They will ask many questions, make pertinent observations or comments on what you are saying, and do other things to distract from the fact that they aren’t revealing much about themselves.

Don’t just pay attention to what these Scorpios are saying. Pay attention to what they aren’t saying. They might answer a question with another question or start telling an unrelated story if they don’t want to tell you something.


These Scorpios are attracted to people with traits and skills they lack. Confidence is the main thing that draws them to someone, as they tend to be insecure and lack confidence in themselves.

Scorpios are also intrigued by people who are a bit mysterious. They love uncovering the things people are hiding and may seek out people who seem to be closed off.

Patience and compassion are other traits these Scorpios are attracted to. They need people who have those traits in their lives, as they need a lot of reassurance and affection.


Scorpios don’t always date around a lot. These social Scorpios might enjoy going on dates sometimes, but they also prefer consistency when it comes to relationships.

These Scorpios prefer dating one person at a time and getting to know them. They want to form a connection with the people they are dating.

The best dates to take these Scorpios on are ones that show them who you are. Share a hobby with them or take them to your favorite restaurant. You don’t need to do anything over the top to impress them.


Scorpio’s love language is physical touch. Scorpio can be an incredibly sensual and physical sign.

Physical affection often helps these Scorpios to feel grounded. When they are stressed or need reassurance, something as simple as a pat on the arm can make them feel better.

Scorpios might not always seem physically affectionate to people who don’t know them well, but these friendly Scorpios are sometimes a little more open to affection from acquaintances.

Overall, though, these Scorpios prefer to be affectionate with those they are closest to. They will save cuddling, kissing, or prolonged physical affection for the people they love most.


A relationship with Scorpio is often emotionally intense. Scorpios tend to be all-or-nothing at times. If they commit to a relationship, they will be all-in.

These Scorpios often have abandonment issues and a lack of confidence in themselves. No matter how much they love and trust someone, they might always be worried that things won’t work out and that they will be left behind.

Scorpios born on this day need a lot of reassurance. They need a patient partner who can offer them the love and support they need when they aren’t confident in themselves.

These Scorpios also need to work on building their confidence and overcoming their issues with abandonment, though. Their relationships will be happier and more successful when they do.


Scorpios aren’t the type to jump into marriage too quickly. Once they do decide to get married, though, they will be incredibly loyal and committed.

These Scorpios sometimes find that their lack of confidence gets in the way of successful relationships. They must learn to love and accept themselves if they want a long, happy marriage.

Emotional connection is incredibly important to Scorpios, as is faithfulness. These Scorpios fear abandonment and don’t want to lose their relationship, but they won’t put up with betrayal or a lack of loyalty.


Scorpio is an incredibly sexual sign. Scorpios are passionate, sensual lovers who crave a deep connection with the people they have sex with.

Scorpios know the difference between love and sex and don’t necessarily need to be in love to have a good time in the bedroom. A deep bond will add a more profound layer to sex, though.

These Scorpios are open-minded and willing to try new things. Like most Scorpios, they are willing to engage in things others might consider taboo. They can be incredibly adventurous when it comes to sex.

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