November 7 Zodiac (Scorpio) Horoscope & Info

Updated December 29, 2022
November 7 Zodiac (Scorpio) Horoscope & Info

November 7 birthdays fall under the second decan of Scorpio. Neptune is the co-ruler of this decan.

People born on November 7 have powerful psychic gifts and can be more spiritual and mystical than other Scorpios.

The November 7 zodiac is enigmatic and deep. They are compassionate and empathetic. Yet Scorpios born on November 7 are a mystery.

They are sensitive and easily hurt, often November 7 Scorpios read between the lines. They need reassurance and proof of your intentions.

They are artistically talented and creative. November 7 Scorpios are excellent healers who use their spiritual and creative interests to facilitate growth.

November 7 Info
DateNovember 7
SignScorpio ♏︎
StrengthsSpiritual, Intuitive, Empathetic
WeaknessesInsecure, Dominating, Jealous
Opposite signTaurus ♉︎
Best matchCancer, Pisces, Scorpio
Worst matchSagittarius, Aquarius, Aries
BirthstoneTopaz, Citrine
Tarot birth cardsThe Hermit, The Moon
Angel number9
Spirit animalsSnake, Scorpion, Bonobo


The November 7 zodiac personality is emotional and compassionate. The November 7 zodiac element is water, giving these Scorpios an intense nature.

They can sense others’ subconscious needs. They are confident and authoritative, yet Scorpio can be vulnerable.

November 7 birthday zodiac never shows how sensitive they are. They can be generous and helpful, coming to the aid of those in need and leading people to empowerment and success.

When November 7 Scorpio doesn’t have the answers to a problem, they become avid researchers. Yet they also fake it until they convince others they know the answers.

The Scorpio personality can be assertive, but sometimes they speak in riddles and keep their intentions clouded. They thrive on mystery and intuition.


People born on November 7 have a spiritual purpose. They are here to help others find healing through creative and transformative acts. Scorpio people born on November 7 are also here to unite people and encourage compassion.

They use their spiritual insights and intuitive gifts to help others through the healing process. Scorpios born on November 7 also help people make stronger emotional connections with others.

They thrive in counseling, art or music therapy, and psychic careers. November 7 Scorpios are often advocates, spiritual gurus, and advisors.

They are on a mission to help people tap into the power of their subconscious and find spiritual alignment and emotional healing. People born on November 7 can be empaths who channel their creative energy for the benefit of others.

For people born on November 7, meaning is more important than money and status in their career. They choose careers that align with their calling and purpose. Celebrities born on November 7 are often spokespeople and advocates for causes.

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Positive Traits

November 7 Scorpios have many positive traits. They are caring and compassionate. Scorpios are sensitive and attuned to others’ feelings and needs. They can also be empowering and encouraging.

November 7 Scorpio people are intuitive and can have prophetic insights. They can read others’ subconscious desires like a book; they are also creative and have numerous artistic talents.

Scorpio people born on November 7 understand the importance of emotional and spiritual connection. They are unconditionally loving and supportive at their best.

Negative Traits

November 7 Scorpios are also flawed like all people. Understanding their full personality requires an analysis of the November 7 Sun, Moon, and rising signs. Their profile can balance some of their negative traits.

At worst, November 7 Scorpio people are jealous, insecure, and possessive. They can be confused by their feelings and intuition if they aren’t discerning.

Scorpio people born on November 7 can also be dramatic, over-reactive, suspicious, and mistrustful. They can use their intuitive gifts to manipulate others and maintain control in relationships.

November 7 zodiac rising signs in earth signs can bring greater stability and practicality to people born on this date. Their worst traits are balanced by their rising sign.


November 7 zodiac sign compatibility is best with other water signs. Scorpio people born on November 7 are an ideal romantic match for Cancer, Pisces, and other Scorpios.

Scorpio and Pisces share a love of spirituality, mysteries, and the occult. People born on November 7 are a perfect match for Pisces as they are both influenced by Neptune.

Pisces is compassionate, empathetic, and loving. Scorpio people born on November 7 bring confidence and purpose to relationships. They balance each other’s personalities perfectly.

Scorpio and Cancer, both water signs, bring emotional nurturing and intuition to their relationship. Scorpio is protective and inspires Cancer to work through past wounds. Cancer is reassuring.

November 7 Scorpio people are also an ideal match in romance for other Scorpios. They understand Scorpio’s need for emotional depth and intense connection. They protect each other’s vulnerability and are responsive to their shared need for intimacy.

November 7 Scorpio people are not an ideal romantic match for everybody. Their worst compatibility is with the signs of Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Aries.

Aquarius is rebellious and erratic; they are independent and emotionally distant, even in love. Scorpio becomes suspicious of Aquarius because they constantly reinvent themselves and hide their feelings.

Aquarius finds Scorpio to be too clingy and emotionally intense. Scorpio and Aquarius clash in every way and eventually repel each other completely.

Sagittarius is carefree and avoids commitments. Scorpio can’t trust Sagittarius because they are aloof and lackadaisical; Sagittarius resists Scorpio’s intense emotional nature.

Aries is determined and focused, yet their optimism and spontaneity are unsettling for Scorpio. Scorpio wonders why Aries doesn’t take the time to listen to their deep emotional needs and fears.

Aries can’t understand why Scorpio does so much navel-gazing. They end up feeling unappreciated, and their lifestyles are too different for this relationship to work.


November 7 Scorpio people communicate with emotion and are often vague and mysterious. They may become confused when trying to translate their message into words.

Scorpio people born on November 7 communicate easily through the arts instead. They can use images to convey their deep, spiritual meaning when words fall short.

In brief communication like text, they may rely on sending screenshots and gifs rather than writing out their needs and thoughts. Scorpio people born on November 7 can’t easily separate their thoughts from feelings as many other Scorpios can.

Scorpios can be persuasive and emotional speakers but must practice delivering their message to stay on point. They can become confused and drift off on tangents easily.


November 7 Scorpio people are attractive in an intense, mystical way. Their fashion aesthetic is often mysterious and sometimes edgy; they can hide in the background or get your attention depending on their moods.

You can attract a November 7 Scorpio by showing vulnerability and emotional wounds that need healing. Express your feelings, desires, and dreams when you speak to Scorpio people.

You can find a November 7 Scorpio at a metaphysical or psychic fair. They attend spiritual workshops, healing centers, and art studios or galleries.


The best November 7 events for dating can be venues that are edgy, taboo, or mystical. Scorpio people love dates to haunted establishments. Take them on a ghost tour or to a seance.

They also enjoy psychic fairs, spiritual conventions, and old-fashioned romantic dates to a quiet restaurant. Scorpio enjoys romantic movie dates and peaceful walks under a full Moon.

A murder mystery dinner is also an ideal event for a November 7 Scorpio date. They love solving puzzles and answering riddles. They enjoy intellectually stimulating dates.


November 7 Scorpio people fall in love easier than other Scorpios. They guard their sensitive feelings but can become obsessed with you when in love. They may fantasize about the relationship before asking you on a date.

People born on November 7 are affectionate and express their love openly. They can be nurturing, encouraging, and protective in love. They become jealous and possessive when they fall in love with you.

Though they are caring, Scorpios also need reassurance in love. They may repeatedly ask how you feel or try to look for ulterior motives or false intentions.


November 7 Scorpio people are caring and attentive. They are obsessive in love and eager to define a relationship as they feel more secure when the relationship is established.

They are generous in relationships and work hard to provide for their partner. They can be dreamy and project their fantasies onto their partner. You may have to dispel the illusions they develop about you.

Yet Scorpios born on November 11 are eager to forgive and strengthen their emotional connection with you. They crave closeness and intimacy in relationships.

They can be intense and need a partner who can navigate their emotional ups and downs. November 7 Scorpio people are devoted and loyal in relationships and expect faithfulness and honesty from a partner.


November 7 Scorpio people are conscientious in marriage and strive to be perfect spouses. They try to attend to all your needs and desires. They can be generous and caring, affectionate and loyal.

Scorpio people born on November 7 need romance to last throughout the marriage. They bring passion and excitement to the marriage yet are also happy with quiet nights together at home.

They can be adoring and loyal but also need the reassurance of your love. Their possessiveness continues throughout the marriage, especially when your relationship becomes too routine.


November 7 Scorpio people have higher than normal sex drives. They are erotic and kinky, willing to explore all your fantasies. Scorpio people enjoy pushing boundaries and are aroused by taboo sexual interests.

They want an emotional, physical, and spiritual connection in the bedroom. They can be generous and attentive lovers who take their time figuring out your fantasies.

They have many creative desires and are eager to explore their fantasies in the bedroom. Scorpio people are adventurous in bed yet are sensitive to criticism.

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