November 19 Zodiac, Personality, Horoscope, and More

Updated September 10, 2023

November 19 birthdays fall under the third decan of Scorpio. The Moon is the sub-ruler of this birthday.

People born on November 19 are intuitive, sensitive, and nurturing. They can be more attentive and compassionate than other Scorpios.

The November 19 Scorpio zodiac is one of the most mystical, intuitive, and enigmatic. They have an otherworldly, supernatural presence. They are dreamy and intuitive.

Scorpio people born on November 19 are attentive truth-seekers. They are healers and encourage others to face their fears and embrace transformation.

Scorpio is magnetically attractive. They have powerful attraction energy even though they can be shy. Their intense personalities make a dynamic first impression.

November 19 Info
DateNovember 19
SignScorpio ♏︎
StrengthsImaginative, Intuitive, Protective
WeaknessesManipulative, Insecure, Controlling
Opposite signTaurus ♉︎
Best matchCancer, Pisces, Scorpio
Worst matchSagittarius, Aquarius, Aries
BirthstoneTopaz, Citrine
Tarot birth cardsThe Empress, The Hanged Man
Angel number3
Spirit animalsBat, Badger, Fox


People born on November 19 are ambassadors who blend emotional intelligence and spiritual awareness. They are divinely inspired messengers who can sense your emotions and respond to your needs instinctively.

The November 19 zodiac knows the secrets in your heart. They are caring, faithful friends who stick with you through all your ups and downs. They can be protective and stick up for people who seem alienated.

The November 19 birthday zodiac prefers lurking in the background and is seldom in the spotlight. They aren’t joiners and can be great leaders. Yet they let others take the first steps and try to support others instead of vying for power.

Scorpio can be loving, passionate, and dedicated. They are obsessed with their interests, becoming experts because they delve into their hobbies. They give all their attention to the people they love.


People born on November 19 have a spiritual purpose. They are here to serve others by showing the power of transformation. They are here to uplift others and help people navigate emotional traumas and loss.

Scorpios share their spiritual insights and draw from their experiences with loss and trauma to serve as guides for others. They undergo powerful transformative experiences that they use as the basis for uplifting others.

Like those who use their struggle with addiction or illness to become advocates and healers for others, Scorpio people born on November 19 are here on a mission to channel compassion and creativity in the service of healing.

They thrive as rehabilitation counselors, advocates, grief and loss counselors, and human service workers. They can be compassionate and understanding, using emotional validation and spiritual perspectives to help others heal.

November 19 zodiac famous birthdays often belong to celebrities, politicians, and entertainers. They are influential and inspiring to others.

Positive Traits

November 19 zodiac personality has many positive traits. They are intuitive and creative. Their connection to the Moon makes them sensitive and sympathetic to others.

They care about helping the underdog, attuned to others’ feelings. Scorpio’s November horoscope is trustworthy. They value secrets and don’t let their guard down, so Scorpio understands the importance of having someone to whom they can confide.

They are great listeners and will always be there for you. Scorpios are determined and won’t be dissuaded from their goals; they are financially savvy and have great instincts in business.

Negative Traits

People born on November 19 have some negative traits to overcome. They must work through issues of jealousy and possessiveness. Though they are confident on the outside, they can be insecure.

They are far more sensitive than you may know. Scorpios born on November 19 are vulnerable and feel everything in extremes. They often become zealous and obsessed.

Of the November 19 zodiac, males may try to exhibit power in toxic or self-sabotaging ways. A November 19 Scorpio woman may have difficulty being assertive.

They have difficulty moderating their moods and energy and can burn themselves out. Scorpios must learn to manage their power to empower and uplift others.

The November 19 birthday personality can have difficulty being assertive. They are people-pleasers and may become passive-aggressive because they are avoiding confrontation.


November 19 zodiac sign compatibility is best with other water signs. Their ideal romantic match is someone who is patient and understands their emotional lability.

They understand Cancer, another water sign influenced by the Moon. Cancer is nurturing and helps reassure Scorpio, dissolving their insecurities.

Scorpio is romantic and protective of Cancer, encouraging their dreams. They help each other to overcome obstacles and thrive while also attending to each other’s emotional needs.

Scorpio and Pisces are a dream team in romance. They are empathetic, caring, and sensitive; Scorpio encourages Pisces to be more confident. Pisces brings imagination and fantasy to Scorpio’s life; they inspire each other’s dreams.

November 19 Scorpio people are an ideal romantic match for others born under this sign; they understand their fellow Scorpios like no one else. They support each other and are patient with each other’s intense moods.

But November 19 zodiac compatibility is not easy for everybody; their lowest compatibility is with Aquarius, Aries, and Sagittarius. The air and fire signs are too emotionally distant and unreliable for Scorpio.

Aquarius is exciting and intense, but their unpredictable nature makes Scorpio feel insecure. Scorpio seems overwhelming and needy to freedom-loving Aquarius.

Sagittarius needs more personal space than Scorpio can give. Scorpio loves an intimate, affectionate relationship making Sagittarius feel smothered and suffocated.

Aries and Scorpio may attract each other initially, yet their needs are different. Scorpio wants emotional connection and sensitivity. Aries is spontaneous and suppresses their feelings in favor of optimism.


November 19 Scorpio people are intense and dramatic, which is reflected in their communication style. They can be shy and observant but will speak from the heart, often showing passion when they talk to you.

They are excellent listeners who take in everything you say without judgment. Scorpio is discrete and keeps your secrets.

November 19 Scorpio prefers text as a form of communication. They can be insecure, and talking openly is sometimes overwhelming for Scorpio. Yet when they text you, they can write and edit their message in advance.

They prefer concise, clear communication. Scorpio likes to make their point as briefly as possible. Their emotional, moody nature has an impact on their communication style.


November 19 Scorpio is considered attractive. They are alluring and radiate beauty. Their sexual energy is also potent, adding to their appeal and charm.

Scorpio is attracted to sensitive, emotional, and creative people. They love spiritual people who aren’t afraid to explore their Shadow side. They are attracted to those who are willing to face their fears.

Scorpio finds edgy people attractive. Talk about taboo subjects, dress to flaunt your individuality, and carry an air of mystery and Scorpio won’t be able to resist you.


November 19 Scorpio people love mysterious, intimate dates. They enjoy private settings where they can gaze lovingly into your eyes and bear their soul. They want to learn your deepest secrets on a date.

Never give a Scorpio all your secrets, of course. They need to keep some mystery in their relationship so they don’t become bored. Make dates a mysterious experience.

Keep Scorpio partially oblivious to your intentions and leave them clues to follow that lead them to your date venue. They love scavenger hunts. They can also be intrigued by dates that relate to the occult such as psychic fairs.

Take them to see mystery or crime movies. They love dates involving intellectual puzzles that engage their minds and curiosity. They want long, personal conversations as well so avoid crowded, noisy venues.


People born on November 19 fall in love fast. They may be defensive at first, but November 19 Scorpios let their guard down and display love and affection much faster than other Scorpios.

They are devoted, loyal, and obsessed when in love. They can be affectionate and show their admiration by putting their love interest on a pedestal. Though they are not always trusting, November 19 Scorpio idealizes their loved one.

They show love by investing in your dreams and showing support for your success. They nurture you and treat you like family when in love. They can be protective and supportive.


Scorpio people born on November 19 are among the most loyal in relationships. They take relationships seriously and crave spiritual and emotional intimacy.

They open up to trust you gradually but once they know you are reliable, Scorpio becomes your devoted partner for life. They move fast in relationships and may try to move in together or marry early in the relationship.

They are obsessive and can be determined to please you when they are in a relationship with you. Scorpio is protective and can be triggered. Never play mind games in relationships with them.

They are nurturing, protective, caring, and affectionate. They can also bring spiritual transformation and empowerment to your relationship.


People born on November 19 are eager to marry once they trust you. They see marriage as providing additional stability and security for their relationships. They can be devoted and protective spouses.

They don’t need drama and excitement for their marriage to thrive, yet they can become bored in marriage if they feel there is nothing new to discover. Reinvent yourself periodically.

Scorpio is attracted to growth, transformation, and change. They must have pleasure, intimacy, and emotional validation in marriage. Scorpio needs privacy even in marriage.

Ensure they have some personal space in your home. Though they can be introverted, they also become suspicious if you withdraw from them. Keep communication open with Scorpio.


November 19 Scorpios are among the most sexually expressive people. They need frequent sexual encounters to feel connected to a partner. Often, they use sex to help evaluate compatibility.

Scorpio will not enter a relationship without sexual compatibility even if all other factors are perfect. They view sexual expression as a form of release and transformation.

Scorpio has a kinky side. They can be intense and obsessive in love. Their favorite sex games involve exploring role play and power dynamics.

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