November 17 Zodiac (Scorpio) Horoscope & Info

Updated March 10, 2023
November 17 Zodiac (Scorpio) Horoscope & Info

What sign is November 17? This day is in the sign of Scorpio. Because they are at the end of the Scorpio season, these Scorpios tend to be unique compared to other Scorpios.

These Scorpios can be more emotional and sensitive than other Scorpios.

The November 17 zodiac sign is Scorpio. This is near the end of Scorpio season, in the third decan. Pluto rules Scorpio in modern rulership, and third decan Scorpios are subruled by the Moon.

Scorpios born on this day can struggle with their emotions. They feel things deeply because of the influence of the Moon, but they don’t always want to show that.

These Scorpios love deeply and genuinely care about their loved ones. They are fiercely loyal and will do anything to take care of the people they love.

November 17 Info
DateNovember 17
SignScorpio ♏︎
StrengthsFriendship, Authenticity, Compassion
WeaknessesInsecure, Overly emotional, Unpredictable
Opposite signTaurus ♉︎
Best matchCancer, Pisces, Scorpio
Worst matchSagittarius, Aquarius, Aries
BirthstoneTopaz, Citrine
Tarot birth cardsThe Magician, Wheel of Fortune
Angel number1
Spirit animalsRaven, Rabbit, Badger


The November 17 horoscope is a little different than other Scorpios. These Scorpios can have a unique outlook on life. Others might not always understand it.

These Scorpios are a little reliant on others. They don’t necessarily want to be perceived that way, though. They want to be independent, but at the end of the day, they need other people to help them feel secure.

Scorpios born on this day feel a solid connection to the world around them. They are happiest when they are experiencing life and all the joys it has to offer.

These Scorpios are also incredibly compassionate. They have the same magnetism as other Scorpios, but people are also drawn to them because of their caring nature.


The purpose of a November 17 Scorpio is to become entirely comfortable with themselves. They sometimes feel different energies tugging on them, making them insecure about who they are.

Scorpio wants to be strong and independent, but these Scorpios also need the support and love of other people to feel truly happy. The purpose of these Scorpios is to learn that they can be independent and reliant on others sometimes.

These Scorpios are also meant to share their compassionate nature with other people. They need to learn how to genuinely open up to others so that they can see how loving and caring these Scorpios can be.

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Positive Traits

The November 17 personality can be a loving one. At their best, these Scorpios will embrace themselves and find genuine authenticity in life by accepting who they are.

Positive Scorpio traits in people born on this day are loyalty, passion, and curiosity.

These Scorpios genuinely care about their loved ones. They often have small, intimate circles of friends, and they love each of them with all their hearts.

They are loyal partners. If you are with a Scorpio, you can trust that they will stay faithful to you and take their commitment to the relationship seriously.

These Scorpios should never stop learning. Their curious nature will guide them through life, and they will be genuinely happy when they can fully embrace it.

Negative Traits

The Scorpio personality can be intense. People born on this day can become stressed out and anxious if they let their sensitivity get the best of them.

Some negative Scorpio traits seen in people born on this day are insecurity and jealousy. These Scorpios can also become anxious if they refuse to be their authentic selves.

It can be difficult for these Scorpios to be as emotionally open as they need to be. They want to appear strong, and they often believe that they must turn off their intense emotions to do that.

These Scorpios will be much happier when they can embrace their emotional nature. When they learn to rely on others, they will also be able to handle their anxiety better.


The best match for Scorpios born on November 17 is Pisces. Pisces offers Scorpio the emotional support they need when they’re particularly sensitive or emotional.

Pisces is a sensitive, caring sign. They want to support their partners and do everything they can to make them feel loved. That’s what Scorpio needs in a partner.

Other Scorpios can also be a good match for these Scorpios. Nobody understands a Scorpio the way another Scorpio does! Cancer is an excellent match for Scorpio because Cancer can also offer the support Scorpio needs.

The worst matches for Scorpio are Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Aries. These signs tend to be emotionally detached and might not offer Scorpio the support they need in a relationship.


Scorpio’s communication style is very intuitive. Scorpios born on this day are also incredibly emotional compared to other Scorpios.

These Scorpios are good at picking up on how others are feeling without needing to be told. A lot of non-verbal communication happens when interacting with Scorpio, whether you realize it or not!

Scorpios can be secretive, but they are great communicators. They just have to want to communicate with you! Scorpios born on this day are especially good at communicating their feelings.

If it seems like a Scorpio isn’t communicating well, it’s because they aren’t trying to. They are trying to be secretive and conceal something. They are more than capable of openly communicating, so it’s purposeful when they aren’t being open.


Scorpio is a magnetic, attractive sign! People are often drawn to them for multiple reasons. Even Scorpios who aren’t conventionally attractive are good at drawing others in.

Scorpio has a strong sexual nature. Their sexuality can be a little softer in Scorpios born in the third decan, but it is still definitely there.

These Scorpios often find themselves attracted to emotionally open people. They need a lot of support and reassurance from their partners, so they will seek out caring and compassionate people.

Regarding physical features, Scorpio people are attracted to confidence more than anything else. Someone who walks into the room like they own it will attract a Scorpio’s gaze.


Dating can be hit or miss for Scorpios. They desire to connect with people and enjoy going out, but they can sometimes be frustrated by the dating game.

Scorpio doesn’t see the point in dating someone they don’t feel a connection to. Scorpios born on this day are the type to ghost someone after a first date if they don’t immediately feel connected to them.

Scorpios enjoy dates that allow them to learn about the person they are dating. Third decan Scorpios especially enjoy intimate settings.

Good date ideas include watching your favorite movies together or having dinner at a quiet restaurant where you two can chat and get to know one another.


It can take Scorpio a while to find romantic love. They tend to be picky and are in no hurry to settle down with someone who isn’t right for them!

Platonic love can fulfill Scorpios born on this day just as much as romantic love. If they have solid friendships, they won’t feel the need to seek out romantic love. They’ll be fine waiting for it to come to them!

When these Scorpios do find, they are all-in. They will give their partner their whole heart and never look back.

Scorpio’s love language is often physical touch. Scorpio is a highly sensual sign and will show their love with physical affection. Third decan Scorpios may also use words of affirmation because of the extra sensitive nature the Moon gives them.


It’s common for these Scorpios to have a series of casual relationships and short-term commitments. They might want to find love but aren’t in any rush. This is especially true if they have love from friends and family.

These Scorpios will be more successful in relationships once they fully embrace their authentic selves. When they know how to balance their need to be independent and their need for emotional support, they’ll be happier in any relationship.

Scorpio is a highly loyal partner, but that doesn’t mean they will let others take advantage of them. They are perfectly willing to end a relationship if their partner betrays them.


Scorpio takes commitment seriously. This is especially true for Scorpios that are born on this day! They might want to get married, but they won’t marry someone just to get married.

When these Scorpios are married, they take their vows seriously. They will be faithful to their partner and expect the same loyalty in return.

Scorpio often relies on their partner for a lot of emotional support. If they cannot get that support from their spouse, the marriage is unlikely to last.

These Scorpios will do what it takes to make their marriage work, but they have their limits. For example, they can’t look past cheating.


Scorpio is a highly sexual sign. The sign rules the groin area of the body, so Scorpio is especially connected to that area.

Scorpio is also highly sensual. Scorpios born in the third decan are extra emotional when it comes to sex as well.

These Scorpios want to feel emotionally connected with the people they have sex with. They might not love all of their sexual partners, but they will be happier when they have a bond with them.

Sex may feel unfulfilling with a partner who is emotionally distant or lacks passion.

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