6 Most Stubborn Zodiac Signs (Ranked by Astrologer)

Updated September 17, 2023

The most stubborn zodiac signs are persistent. They insist on having their way and can be determined.

These signs have high expectations and can be demanding. People born under these signs are unshakable.

Some zodiac signs are flexible and accommodating. But the most stubborn zodiac signs are tenacious.

They are inflexible and unyielding. The earth signs are top of the list for being stubborn. They are unwavering and focused on getting their way at any cost.

They dig in their heels rather than being open to flexibility. People born under these signs are stoic. They can self-sabotage because of their stubbornness.

1. Taurus

Which is the most stubborn zodiac sign? Taurus is at the top of the most stubborn zodiac signs list. Taurus people are infamous for being stoic and determined. Once their minds are set, Taurus people never abandon their goals.

They are generous and abundant. Taurus never compromises. They insist on getting their way and can focus on their goals. Taurus is not as fast and efficient as Capricorn.

Yet they work steadily toward their ambitions without being dissuaded. Taurus people are hardworking, yet they also indulge in their favorite pleasures.

You can’t discourage a Taurus once their minds are made up. You can find Taurus’s stubbornness frustrating. They don’t compromise and can be independent rather than collaborating with others.

Taurus people have firm boundaries. They are inflexible and can take time to settle down in a relationship. They don’t adapt to having someone new in their lives.

Taurus is the most stubborn male zodiac sign. People born under this sign don’t take no for an answer. They can be diplomatic and friendly. Yet if you don’t accommodate a Taurus’s desires, they can become angry.

Unlike the most easygoing zodiac signs, Taurus people are rigid and can be demanding. They have high expectations and can be disappointed and feel betrayed if you don’t go with their ideas.

2. Capricorn

What are the two most stubborn zodiac signs? Taurus and Capricorn are at the top of the list. They have similar traits and can be determined and relentless.

Capricorn is also an earth sign known for being hardworking and patient. Capricorns are traditional. They are the slowest to adapt to changes. People born under this sign are among the most stubborn.

They are persistent and follow through on their promises. Capricorns are reliable. When they make plans with you, they can be counted on to complete their mission.

Capricorns have an innate sense of timing. They are always prompt but can also be cautious and steady. Capricorns are practical and strive to help others feel secure.

They can be stubborn about preserving tradition. They are the last to adapt to new technologies and can be old-fashioned. Capricorns are determined to succeed.

They don’t seek glory for themselves but instead want to ensure success and abundance for others. They are efficient and can be productive. They stick to their schedules and can become agitated if anything interferes with their routines.

Capricorns rely on rules and order to feel secure. They insist on adherence to regulations and are not flexible with routines or work. They stick to their plans to the letter.

3. Virgo

Virgo is also an earth sign known for being practical and nurturing. People born under this sign are meticulous and detail-oriented. They are patient and devoted to serving others.

Yet Virgo is also one of the most stubborn signs in the zodiac. People born under this sign can be inflexible. They are humble but insist on following their routines.

Virgos are not spontaneous. They need to maintain control and feel secure. They use routines and schedules to create a feeling of stability that helps them thrive.

Virgo is a practical sign known for being open to helping others. They are selfless and can be devoted to self-improvement. They help others work through problems.

Virgos are reliable and can be consistent and meticulous. They can be encouraging but are not adaptive. Virgos adhere to their plans and can be excellent researchers, auditors, and organizers because of their steady routines.

Virgos can seem shortsighted. They focus on details and may ignore what is right in front of them. They can seem to get lost in busy work and lack common sense despite their intelligence.

Their stubbornness can sabotage their desire to help others. Virgos can be nurturing and caring, but are not flexible with peoples’ needs. They adhere to schedules even in an emergency.

Virgos are calculating but struggle to be spontaneous. They become stifled when they must think on their feet. Virgos don’t know how to adapt to unexpected changes.

Virgos strive to be objective. They ignore instincts and emotions and focus instead on rationality. They can be down-to-earth and sensible, but are not open to changes or new ideas.

4. Aquarius

Aquarius is an air sign, and while most air signs are flexible, Aquarius is notoriously stubborn. People born under this rebellious sign can be innovative, but they follow their visionary nature.

They don’t adapt to others’ needs or requests. People born under this sign can be persistent. They are inventive and can be obsessed with exploring their quirky interests.

They are fascinated with technology and can be humanitarians who care about helping society advance. Though they are open to changes and can be radical and free-thinking, they are friendly and open-minded.

But Aquarius people are devoted to their ideology. They try to be innovative and can be open to exploring unusual ideas. They are intellectually flexible but don’t change their mind once focused on an idea.

Aquarius is the most uncontrollable zodiac sign. People born under this sign can be unpredictable. You may assume they are flexible because of their erratic nature.

Yet people born under this sign can be stubborn. Aquarius is a fixed sign and people born under this sign are relentless in pursuit of breakthroughs and innovations.

Aquarius people are complicated. They can adapt to unexpected changes, yet they are not flexible with other people. They expect others to conform to their standards, yet they are nonconformists by principle.

5. Scorpio

What are the five most stubborn zodiac signs? The signs that rank highest on the list include Scorpio. Although this sign is not as stubborn as Aquarius or Capricorn, they can be persistent and determined.

People often ask who is more stubborn, Taurus or Scorpio? These two signs have demanding personalities. Yet Taurus is more outwardly stubborn, while Scorpio can be subtle.

Scorpio is a water sign known for being intense and obsessive. They can be stubborn though they hide it easier than other signs. People born under this sign are tenacious.

They use subtle methods to strive toward their goals. Scorpios are intuitive and can sense what others need. They are intellectual and strategic.

Scorpios are ambitious. When their hearts are set on a goal, Scorpios work behind the scenes to succeed. They can be determined and may act accommodating on the surface but remain fixated on their ambitions.

They can be competitive and determined to remain in control. Scorpios need to be in charge and can be manipulative. They aren’t above exploiting others’ fears or desires to get their way.

Scorpios are seductive and charming. They may appear to concede, but behind the scenes, they are plotting to get their way. They use subtle measures to ensure they get what they want when more aggressive tactics don’t work.

6. Cancer

Cancer is also a water sign. People born under this sign can be adaptive because they want to accommodate their loved ones. They are nurturing and can be devoted and loyal.

But Cancers are also notoriously stubborn. They are devoted to their homes and families and can be overprotective. They are firm parents who don’t take chances when it comes to safety.

They can be family-oriented and strict about preserving family traditions. Cancers are loyal and never turn their back on someone they care about. They can be stubborn about protecting their loved ones.

They can also be tenacious in business. Although Cancers are known for being sensitive and emotional, they are also business-savvy. They take their career prospects seriously.

Cancers crave security. They want to succeed financially so they can set a foundation for their families and loved ones. They can be determined to succeed and cling to their ideas until they manifest their goals.

Cancers are the most persistent zodiac signs when they want to protect others. They can be enduring and follow through on their promises, especially concerning family and business.

Cancer doesn’t rank highest on the list of most to least stubborn zodiac signs. Yet they can be determined to get their way and fulfill their ambitions.

Unlike the least stubborn zodiac signs, Cancers cling to their traditions and can be persistent. They succeed in business because they don’t give up even when they are off to a rocky start.

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