6 Moodiest Zodiac Signs (Ranked by Astrologer)

Published June 8, 2023

The moodiest zodiac signs are the most emotional. Their feelings vary and change on a whim.

They can give mixed signals and seem unpredictable. These signs are sensitive and easily provoked.

Some zodiac signs are level-headed and consistent. But others can be moody and tempestuous. The moodiest signs include the water and air signs.

They are inhibited and stew on their low moods. Others are openly expressive, letting others know when they are in a bad mood.

The moodiest zodiac signs can make their feelings evident. They may seem erratic and confusing until you understand their sensitive nature.

1. Pisces

Pisces can be sensitive and intuitive. They are moody and influenced by their surroundings. Pisces are known for being impressionable and can’t hide their feelings.

They can be empathetic and show their desires and feelings. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and can’t conceal their vulnerability. As a water sign, they can be erratic.

Pisces is emotional and can change their mood instantly. They can be brooding and down one moment and euphoric the next. They are introverted and can be suspicious.

Yet they are also naive and can be eager to trust people. Pisces people project their fears and fantasies onto others. They can be dramatic or passive.

When a Pisces person goes silent, you never know if they are content or depressed. They can descend into despair or feel elated within the same day.

Of the zodiac signs of artists, Pisces is one of the most common. Their emotional nature makes them compassionate and expressive. Though moody, they often channel their feelings through the arts.

Pisces is one of the most artistic zodiac signs. They can channel their moods and creative instincts. They can write poetry or play music, in addition to painting or drawing when upset.

Pisces is the moodiest sign of the zodiac. They can be labile and sensitive to criticism. You can lift a Pisces out of a deep and depressive mood if you are optimistic.

2. Cancer

Cancers are known for being sensitive. They are water signs like Pisces and are attuned to others’ feelings. Cancers are intuitive and can sense what others feel.

They are empathetic and can be sincere and gentle. Yet they are also insecure and tend to express their feelings openly. They can be moved to tears in an instant.

Cancers are tenacious and protective of their loved ones. They can be suspicious and jealous, although they strive to be nurturing. A Cancer’s mood can change rapidly.

They give no warning before becoming angry, sad, or spiraling into a rage. They can be laughing and good-natured momentarily, only to become belligerent later.

Cancers can be emotionally manipulative. They channel their empathy and can be compassionate or controlling. Cancers have a reputation for being high-maintenance because they are prone to having tantrums or breaking down into tears.

Cancer zodiac sign’s personality is among the most emotional. Cancers can be all over the emotional map in a day. Their moods change based on their surroundings.

You can unintentionally send a Cancer spiraling into a deep and depressing mood. They can be moved to anger, jealousy, and anxiety quickly.

They often worry over minor details and can find reasons to be upset even when nothing is wrong. Cancers are seldom calm. Like their element, water, their moods come in waves.

Cancers can be overwhelming. Their moods are all-consuming. Cancers are often swept away by emotions and can succumb to intense feelings. Yet their moods inevitably change.

3. Scorpio

Scorpios are sensitive, mysterious, and deep. They can be moody, but unlike their fellow water signs, Pisces and Cancer, Scorpio tries to keep their feelings concealed.

They are not always successful at this task. Scorpios can’t help unleashing their emotions. They may let their feelings build up and release their fury when they can’t hold back any longer.

Scorpios can be strategic. They are moody but stifle their feelings. They channel anger or jealousy to plot revenge. They can be brooding and cling to grudges.

If a Scorpio likes you, they can be charming and seductive. But if you get on a Scorpio’s bad side or offend them, they become angry, bitter, and resentful.

Scorpios can go silent when after being bright and attentive. When they suddenly withdraw, you can feel the tension. Scorpios are obsessive and send a message by shutting down.

You may not understand what caused their mood to suddenly change. Scorpios can be secretive. You may not know what they think as they plot what they’ll do next.

Which zodiac sign has the worst temper? Of the moodiest signs, Scorpio is known for having the most intense temper. They can try to conceal it, but they fly into rages.

What is the most grumpy zodiac sign? Scorpios can be persistently cranky when they are triggered. Scorpio and Taurus know how to prolong a grudge. They are unforgiving.

4. Taurus

Taurus is the only earth sign on the list. Unlike the air and water signs, the Taurus people are known for being consistent and stable. Yet they are moody.

They hide it better than other signs, but Taurus is sensitive. They maintain a poker face but can be angry or depressed.

You may not know something is troubling a Taurus until it is too late. They stifle their feelings and continuously smile. They maintain appearances as tensions mount.

But when a Taurus can’t take it, their facade breaks down. They unleash their anger. Taurus people often react to the last straw and not the original trigger.

You may not know why a Taurus initially became angry with you. They project their feelings when they can’t stand it anymore. They can seem to fall apart over something petty.

But Taurus usually builds their anger over time. They are typically stewing and trying to keep their feelings hidden. When they can’t contain their feelings anymore, they let you know.

They throw dramatic fits and can be dramatic. They make a scene and seem to become jealous and upset out of nowhere. But if you pay attention to subtle cues, you can trace their moody nature back to previous slights.

Taurus is the most generous zodiac sign. They can become resentful when others take advantage of their kindness. Taurus people have boundaries.

If they feel you are overstepping, they can become angry. Their moods are triggered if they feel insecure. You can trigger a Taurus if you act territorial or challenge their authority.

Taurus is a cranky zodiac sign. They can seem bitter and agitated if they are overworked or underappreciated. Taurus can be demanding if they don’t get their way.

5. Libra

Libras are known for being harmonious. They want peace and enjoy maintaining a calm demeanor. Yet they are sensitive and can be among the moodiest signs.

Like Taurus, Libra people strive to maintain a facade of love and compassion. Yet when someone gets under their skin, they can’t ignore it for long.

Despite their attempts to stifle or rationalize their feelings, Libras eventually succumb to their moods. They can be impressionable and moved to tears or anger.

They are appeasing and try to accommodate others. Yet Libras can also be emotional. They react to jealousy and resentment by becoming passive-aggressive.

They pout when unhappy and can be moody and intense. The more Libra people try to ignore their moods, the more they are likely to lash out eventually.

Are Aries men moody? Libra’s opposite sign, Aries, can be dynamic, but they are typically upbeat. They avoid negative moods and can be more passionate and confident than emotional.

Libras can be moody, but they strive to maintain balance. Yet they can’t resist going to extremes to test boundaries. When Libra is upset, they can project their fears and insecurities onto others.

Libra can run hot and cold in relationships. They know how to soothe others but can be prone to absorbing other peoples’ emotions.

6. Gemini

Gemini is also an air sign like Libra. They are prone to being moody because their whims change constantly. They can be dynamic and tend to be optimistic.

Yet their moods shift on a dime. You may think a talkative sign like Gemini is open to discussing their feelings. But Geminis don’t like talking about emotions.

They intellectualize their feelings, and their tendency to ignore challenging emotions backfires. Geminis are moody because their minds change frequently.

They can see several sides of an issue, and their moods can change every time they take a different perspective. Gemini can be unpredictable.

They are social and can adapt their mood based on their audience. Gemini may be happy one moment, angry the next, and then run the gamut of emotions before finishing a conversation.

Gemini is the happiest zodiac sign. Their moods stand out because they are usually optimistic. When they are in a bad mood, it never lasts long.

Gemini can be flighty. They don’t cling to their moods the way Cancers and Scorpios do. They can run hot and cold, but when a mood passes, they let it go.

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  1. Your article on the moodiest zodiac signs was empathetic and insightful. As a Cancer, I could relate to the emotions and moods you described for my sign. Your rankings and explanations were thought-provoking, and it’s interesting to see how different signs experience and express their emotions. Thank you for shedding light on this topic!

  2. I appreciate your understanding approach in the article about the moodiest zodiac signs. As a Scorpio, I resonated with the descriptions and felt seen. Your rankings and insights provided a fresh perspective on the varying emotional temperaments of each sign. It’s comforting to know that moodiness is a shared experience among many. Well done!

  3. Your article on the moodiest zodiac signs was compassionately written. As a Pisces, I found your analysis to be spot-on and relatable. Your rankings and descriptions helped me understand how different signs may experience mood swings. It’s reassuring to know that there is a range of emotions within astrology. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  4. As someone with rising Pisces, Gemini Sun and Taurus Moon placements….. I feel both relieved and a bit guilty at times that my partner is a more stable combo of Capricorn, Aquarius and Aries….. although occasionally I feel a bit misunderstood, there seems to be improvement as we progress in our lives together. ❤️

    The dynamic is very dependent on patience…. but I think that with these “gifts” that come with my moody placements, the power to draw out intense emotions has been a huge surpise in his life… new and unexpected expressions of emotion like intense frustration, tears, elation, etc….anything that stretches beyond the RBF (resting b**** face.) 😄

    Would love to delve deeper into this with a therapist…. LOL.

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