May 9 Zodiac (Taurus) Horoscope & Info

Updated February 21, 2023
May 9 Zodiac (Taurus) Horoscope & Info

What sign is May 9? People born on this day are Taureans. They are born on the last day of the second decan of Taurus.

These Taureans often have many talents. At their best, they can be adaptable, but they can become stubborn and stiff when at their worst.

Venus rules May 9 zodiac sign, and the second decan has Mercury as its subruler. Second decan Taureans tend to be more communicative and intellectual than other Taureans.

Taureans born on this day tend to know many diverse subjects. They don’t tend to stick with one thing and usually need jobs that allow them to wear many hats.

While they can be adaptable, these Taureans will become stubborn if they feel like they don’t have control of their lives. They will try to control anything they can, even if that sense of control isn’t healthy for them.

May 9 Info
DateMay 9
SignTaurus ♉︎
StrengthsCharming, Intelligent, Adaptable
WeaknessesDishonest, Stiff, Controlling
Opposite signScorpio ♏︎
Best matchCancer, Pisces, Scorpio
Worst matchAquarius, Gemini, Libra
Tarot birth cardsThe Hierophant, Temperance
Angel number5
Spirit animalsElephant, Bull, Goose


The May 9 horoscope has some obvious contradictions. These Taureans are both adaptable and stubborn. They have natural flexibility, but they don’t always express that, instead choosing to be stiff and stuck in their ways.

Many Taureans like to stay in their comfort zone, and that can be true for these Taureans. However, they are happiest when they learn new skills and gain new knowledge. To genuinely be satisfied in life, they must get out of their comfort zone.

There is sometimes a conflict between the need to be rigid and the need to go with the flow. These Taureans don’t always know when to express these opposing traits. They have to find balance if they want to be happy and prosperous.

There are times to be adaptable, and there are times to stick to your guns and refuse to let others sway your opinion.


A May 9 Taurus’ purpose is to share their knowledge and talents with the world. These Taureans should open themselves up to all the opportunities that come their way and use them to bond with and help others.

These Taureans have a lot to give. They just have to find the right people to share themselves with!

Not everyone will be able to connect with them or handle their personalities. When these Taureans find the right people, they will be more satisfied and content with life.

Taureans born on this day also need to try and be more flexible. They have a natural ability to adapt and should lean into that ability.

They can sometimes become stubborn and stiff, but those traits won’t always serve them well.

Flexibility and connecting with others will allow these Taureans to reach their full potential and fulfill their life’s purpose.

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Positive Traits

Being charming and dependable are some positive Taurus characteristics these Taureans have. They tend to be easy to get along with, especially when they are at a good place in life.

You can count on these Taureans. They are supportive friends and partners. They can be generous and genuinely want to share their successes with the people around them.

If these Taureans have a lot of wealth or material goods, they won’t keep them to themselves. If they have knowledge about something, they will share that too! They do not keep anything to themselves.

When they are at their best, these Taureans can also be adaptable. They have the flexibility to do well in new situations and can easily get along with various people.

Negative Traits

The Taurus personality can be extremely stubborn. The bull represents Taurus for a reason!

Being hard-headed is a negative Taurus characteristic these Taureans express sometimes. They will seem relaxed and flexible most of the time, but it will be impossible to change their minds when they decide to dig their heels in about something.

Honesty is generally something Taureans value, but these Taureans can become dishonest. They don’t like to admit it if they need help or that they’ve lost control of their lives.

Instead, they will lie and pretend everything is fine. It will be evident that everything is not alright, though, as they make terrible liars.


The best match for a Taurus born on this day is Scorpio. Scorpio can see through any lies Taurus might tell, and they are also the best at dealing with Taurus’ stubborn nature.

Scorpio and Taurus can push one another to be their best selves. Scorpio will not let Taurus get stuck in their comfort zone, and they will help them to achieve their full potential.

Cancer and Pisces are also excellent partners for Taurus. Cancer is nurturing and can provide stability. Pisces is compassionate and will take care of Taurus’ emotional needs.

The worst match for Taurus is Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra. Air signs tend to be too unstable for Taurus, who craves stability and security in a relationship.


Second decan Taureans are the best communicators of all Taureans. Mercury’s influence helps them communicate in a way other Taureans don’t.

These Taureans tend to be charming and intelligent, which will be apparent in how they speak. They are often easy to talk to, and people enjoy being in their company.

When these Taureans express their shadow side, they may become dishonest. Not all of them are good at lying, though! If a Taurean born on this day is cagey or quieter than usual, it might be because they are hiding something.

For the most part, though, these Taureans are fun to chat with. They have knowledge of many subjects and will happily discuss a wide range of topics.


Taurus is a sensual sign. Physically, they tend to be attracted to people who are well-kept, well-dressed, and take care of their appearance.

You don’t need to go overboard to attract a Taurus, though. They prefer natural beauty and someone who is comfortable in their own skin over someone who tries to hide their true appearance.

These Taureans are also attracted to confidence, compassion, and honesty. They need someone who can stand up to them when they are stubborn, but they also need someone who can take care of their emotional needs and help them loosen up.


Taureans tend to take things slow and steady when dating. They like to take their time getting to know someone, and they won’t always decide whether or not they want to be with someone until they’ve been on quite a few dates.

Any date that appeals to a Taurus’ sensual side is a perfect date to take them on. Going wine tasting, getting dinner at a fancy restaurant, or going to an art museum are all excellent date ideas.


Taurus’ love language is typically gift-giving, and this is definitely true for the generous Taureans born on this day!

Second decan Taureans may also express love with words of affirmation. They are as generous with compliments and kind words as they are with gifts.

These Taureans love to shower their loved ones with gifts. If you mention wanting something in passing, don’t be surprised if one of these Taureans gifts you with it at some point!

Taureans born on this day genuinely enjoy giving gifts and don’t typically expect them in return. They will be happy knowing that you appreciate the things they give you.


It can take Taureans a while to settle into a relationship. They may go on many dates with someone before deciding whether or not they want to take their relationship to the next level.

Taureans like to be sure before they commit to someone. They don’t want to settle down with someone too soon and then regret it.

Taureans born on this day can sometimes become controlling in relationships, especially if they feel like they aren’t in control of other areas of their lives. They need strong partners who won’t allow themselves to be controlled.


Just like it takes these Taureans a while to start a relationship with someone, it can also take them a long time to marry their partner.

These Taureans typically have to work through their control and dishonesty issues before getting married. They will be happier when they learn how to compromise with their partner and let them be their own person.

Taureans born on this day can be incredibly supportive, dependable spouses. They can learn how to use their stubborn side to fight for their relationship rather than allowing their stubborn side to ruin their relationship.


Taureans are some of the most sensual people you will ever meet. The influence of Venus makes them incredibly romantic in the bedroom. Sex is one way they can relax and enjoy all life’s pleasures.

These Taureans won’t always jump into bed with someone right away. They want to feel comfortable with their partner first.

They don’t necessarily need commitment, though. They just want to be with someone they enjoy being around and know they can trust.

The contradictory nature of these Taureans will sometimes be obvious in the bedroom.

Sometimes, they will settle into their comfort zone and refuse to try new things. Other times, they will be a little more adventurous and open to suggestions from their partner.

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