May 3 Zodiac (Taurus) Horoscope & Info

Updated February 27, 2023
May 3 Zodiac (Taurus) Horoscope & Info

May 3 birthdays fall under the sign of Taurus. People born on this day are in the second decan of Taurus.

Mercury is the planetary sub-ruler of this birthday, making May 3 Tauruses more intellectual than their peers.

The May 3 birthday personality is both nurturing and inventive. They are resourceful and practical. You can count on them to be helpful and supportive.

People born on May 3 are creative. They love being inspired and can be musically and artistically talented. They are often poets, writers, photographers, or musicians.

May 3 Tauruses are romantic and try to bring beauty and harmony to their surroundings. Their homes and workplaces are often comfortable and appealing.

May 3 Info
DateMay 3
SignTaurus ♉︎
StrengthsReliable, Resourceful, Prosperous
WeaknessesVain, Jealous, Possessive
Opposite signScorpio ♏︎
Best matchCancer, Pisces, Scorpio
Worst matchAquarius, Gemini, Libra
Tarot birth cardsStrength, The Star
Angel number8
Spirit animalsChinchilla, Pig, Ant


The May 3 Taurus horoscope is associated with earth energy. People with this birthday are sensible caregivers. They try to ensure you are comfortable, well-fed, and happy.

Tauruses born on May 3 are reliable and can be slow to warm up, yet once they trust you, they’re your friend for life. People born on May 3 are sensual and can be generous and kind.

They easily attract abundance. May 3 Taurus people are hard-working, but they never rush. They take their time to ensure their work is perfect. You can count on them for quality.

The May 3 zodiac personality gives their word only when they know they can keep their promises. They take their commitments seriously. People born on May 3 are reliable and faithful.

They are protective of their children and families. May 3 Pisces people can be frugal with money; they are financially savvy and excellent business people.


May 3 Taurus people are here on a mission to bring comfort and security to others. They create beauty and luxury for others to enjoy. Tauruses born on May 3 are happiest when others are pleased with their work.

The life purpose for people with a May 3 birthday includes creating harmony and understanding by putting peoples’ minds at ease. They can be excellent confidants and will keep your secrets for life.

They are here to bring love and sentimentality to the world. They help people understand each other and can be level-headed and attentive.

They make great crisis counselors and can also be family therapists, marriage counselors, nurses, physical therapists, and teachers. May 3 Tauruses often influence others with their writing or speaking skills.

The May 3 astrology chart shows leadership potential, but Tauruses aren’t interested in authority and power. They work diligently to accomplish their goals even if they don’t receive credit for their ambitions.

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Positive Traits

May 3 birthdays bring many positive personality traits. People born on May 3 are responsible, conscientious, and caring. They are devoted friends and work hard to ensure others are comfortable and happy.

They can be intelligent and often have a gift for learning new languages. Most Taurus people are concrete thinkers, but May 3 Taurus people are more flexible and adaptive.

May 3 zodiac birthday personality gives a friendly and talkative nature. Those born on May 3 are less stoic than most other Taurus people. They are more expressive, and this talent helps their relationships.

Negative Traits

Taurus people born on May 3 can seem almost perfect. But they are human, and like everyone else, they have personality flaws. One of their biggest challenges is they can be demanding.

Taurus people have high expectations and standards. They will do anything for you and expect you to be as loyal and generous. Taurus becomes angry and resentful if you don’t show the respect and admiration they crave.

May 3 Taurus people can also become jealous. They aren’t insecure types, but they can be possessive in relationships. May 3 Tauruses can be territorial when it comes to loved ones.

They also have a materialistic side and can be vain. May 3 Taurus tries to project a perfect image to the world. They judge others based on looks and can be critical of your appearance.

For Tauruses born on the May zodiac, male traits often involve a slow simmering temper. They hide their feelings until resentments grow. Of all the zodiac signs, Taurus holds a grudge the longest.


May 3 zodiac compatibility is highest with the three water signs, Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. These three signs are emotional and compassionate; they balance Taurus’s earthy nature.

Scorpio brings contrast, being Taurus’s opposite sign. May 3 Taurus people find harmony and emotional depth in relationships with Scorpios.

Taurus people born on May 3 are a perfect match for Cancer. The sign of the crab is nurturing and caring. Their compassion helps Taurus soften up and align with their feelings.

The May 3 birthday personality makes Cancer feel emotionally validated and secure. They can be great romantic and business partners. Both share a frugal nature and eye for quality.

Taurus people born on May 3 are enchanted by Pisces. Gentle Pisces partners bring spirituality and intuition to the relationship. Taurus helps keep Pisces grounded and realistic.

May 3 Taurus people are not the best match for all signs. Their worst compatibility is with Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra; the air signs frustrate Taurus.

Taurus people need stability and reliability. Aquarius is erratic and full of surprises. The sign of the water bearer prides themselves on being independent and rebellious.

May 3 Taurus finds their neighboring sign Gemini to be careless and immature. Gemini is playful and charming, but their allure is short-lived with serious Taurus.

Libra and Taurus share similar qualities. They are romantic and love beauty and harmony, yet Libra is idealistic, whereas Taurus is practical. Libra’s dreamy nature and indecisiveness are a constant challenge for Taurus.


May 3 Taurus people can be excellent communicators. They are assertive and command respect, yet they are also diplomatic. They can be authentic and are known for honesty.

Taurus people born on May 3 are better at texting than most Tauruses. They can be more eloquent than others born under this sign, typically stoic and aloof.

They expect complete honesty from others and become frustrated with people who don’t say what they mean. Taurus people born on May 3 are expressive and engaging speakers.

A May 3 rising sign with the water element can help Taurus communicate empathetically. Usually, they are direct and objective.


May 3 Tauruses are exceptionally beautiful. They are considered attractive by most people; they take pride in their appearance and are usually well dressed and stylish.

They may take an interest in cosmetology or fashion design as they enjoy bringing beauty into the world in practical ways. Taurus people born on May 3 are attracted to conventionally good-looking people.

They are attracted to people who make the best of their natural features. Too much makeup or dramatic accessories are a turn-off for Tauruses born on May 3.

They are also attracted to people who are sensible and clever. Show a Taurus born on May 3 that you are resourceful, down-to-earth, and successful, and they notice you.


Ideal Taurus dates involve romantic nights out to conventional date-night venues. They enjoy concerts, theatrical performances, and movies. Always include food when you take Taurus on a date.

Tauruses born on May 3 enjoy three-course meals and drinks at high-quality but low-cost venues. They enjoy finding bargains but don’t let them think you’re a cheap date.

They also enjoy attending craft shows and arts festivals. May 3 Tauruses are attracted to dates that involve poetry readings. Treat them to literary events as well.


May 3 Tauruses are more demonstrative than others born under this sign. They still take their time before letting you know they’re in love, but they aren’t as slow to open up as the average Taurus.

They need to see you are trustworthy before they let their guard down. Taurus people born on May 3 show their love for you by being generous and surprising you with gifts.

They talk about your strengths and compliment you, recognizing every positive thing you do. They become overprotective when they see you as more than a friend.

Taurus people born on May 3 can be sensual and affectionate in love but they never get carried away with emotion. They remain grounded even when they’re in love.


People born on May 3 can be nurturing, generous, and protective in relationships. They slowly define the relationship, waiting until they know they can trust you.

May 3 Tauruses commit once they are serious about you. They intend to be in relationships for life and hate change. They prefer working things out than moving on when a partnership is troubled.

People born on May 3 have a pragmatic style of showing love in relationships. They cook for you and ensure you are healthy. They spend money investing in your dreams and keep you focused.

May 3 Taurus people try to help you succeed in your career when they’re in a relationship with you. They believe your success is a reflection of their success.


May 3 Taurus people are sensible about marriage. They avoid marrying impulsively and wait until they’ve found someone reliable before settling down. They want to marry for life.

Taurus people born on May 3 can be devoted spouses. They take their role as caregivers and providers seriously. They only have eyes for you and become jealous if they think you mention other people.

For the May 3 zodiac, female Tauruses act as caregivers and financial providers when married. They often take on the majority of responsibilities for the household.

Even years of marriage don’t assuage Taurus’s jealous streak. They require admiration and attention regularly. Taurus people born on May 3 need to see proof of your loyalty.

Let a May 3 Taurus spouse manage the household budget, and you won’t regret it. They love dealing with finances and are adept at making the most of their resources.


May 3 Tauruses are sensual and responsive in bed. They aren’t the kinkiest sign, but they enjoy long hours of lovemaking. They often need an emotional connection to open up in bed.

Taurus people born on May 3 need a slow warm-up before becoming sexually active. Prolonged foreplay is ideal for people born on this day. They can be slow and strategic lovers.

May 3 Tauruses notice what pleases you and put their full attention into satisfying your desires. They often enjoy sexual games involving food, especially desserts.

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