May 28 Zodiac, Personality, Horoscope, and More

Updated May 6, 2023

May 28 birthday falls in the first decan of Gemini. Mercury rules this birthday; May 28 Geminis are intellectual and witty.

They are excellent communicators and may be gifted speakers and writers. May 28 Geminis are creative and inspiring.

People born on May 28 can be bright and cheerful. They are great friends who can help bring others out of their shells.

The May 28 zodiac is flirty and attractive. They have a gift for being able to connect with people from all walks of life.

May 28 Geminis are charming and attentive. They encourage others to see the world in new ways and consider different perspectives.

May 28 Info
DateMay 28
SignGemini ♊︎
StrengthsPlayful, Intelligent, Fun
WeaknessesIndecisive, Unreliable, People-pleasers
Opposite signSagittarius ♐︎
Best matchLeo, Sagittarius, Aries
Worst matchCapricorn, Virgo, Taurus
Tarot birth cardsThe Lovers, The Devil
Angel number33
Spirit animalsMonkey, Dik-dik, Cricket


May 28 Geminis have a great sense of humor. They are witty and enjoy learning trivia about a variety of topics. They can be versatile and make excellent teachers and messengers.

People born on the May 28 zodiac cusp are gifted with languages and are often multilingual. They excel in puzzles and trivia games. Gemini can be engaging and encourages others to think outside the box.

Gemini people born on May 28 calendar date are curious and love learning new things. They are flexible and playful. They have excellent memories. They are also good at showing others how to let go and have fun.

The Gemini horoscope maintains friendships for a lifetime. They can be social and need frequent communication with others. They can cheer you up and make you laugh on your bleakest day.

The May 28 zodiac birthstone is Emerald. People born on May 28 look dazzling when they wear this stone.


May 28 Gemini people have an unconventional purpose. They help others explore their intellect and become more creative and thoughtful. Gemini helps others reconsider what they believe and imagine what is possible.

They are on a mission to help others create understanding by exploring communication with people with different ideas and views. Gemini can be playful and often use humor to help others relax.

Gemini people born on May 28 are here to remind people of the importance of being youthful and full of wonder. They can be open-minded and curious.

May 28 Gemini people excel in education, messenger, IT, entertainment, and writing careers. They are excellent marketers and can also be great data analysts and researchers.

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Positive Traits

May 28 Gemini people have many positive traits. They are articulate, expressive, and chatty. Gemini people are intelligent and devoted to learning new things.

They adapt to new information. They don’t hold on to traditions and seldom become attached to ideas or opinions. Gemini people born on May 28 would rather be flexible than miss an opportunity to understand things in new ways.

People born on May 28 can be funny and entertaining. Their style of engaging with others can be playful, fun, and amusing. They know how to help others learn new things.

Negative Traits

The May 28 zodiac sign personality has some negative personality traits to overcome. They can be flighty. Gemini is indecisive and often flip-flops on their views and opinions.

May 28 Geminis are often chronically late. They are easily distracted and may leave for an event with plenty of time but arrive late. They can be inconsistent because they change their minds so much.

May 28 Gemini people can also be duplicitous, giving them a bad reputation for being two-faced. They may say what they think you want to hear and change their message to make them popular.

May 28 zodiac Sun, Moon, and Rising sign should be taken into consideration. This birthday personality is balanced by an earth Rising sign or a water Moon sign. They need balance to avoid becoming flaky.


May 28 zodiac sign compatibility is highest with the fire signs. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius have the best romantic compatibility with Gemini people born on May 28.

Gemini and Aries inspire and motivate each other. May 28 Gemini needs Aries to keep them focused. Aries is determined and ambitious. Gemini helps Aries become more flexible.

Gemini and Leo have a flirty, romantic, dynamic relationship. Leo brings creativity and passion to the relationship. Gemini helps Leo lighten up and not take themselves so seriously.

May 28 Gemini people also are an ideal romantic match for Sagittarius. Gemini and Sagittarius are opposites on the zodiac wheel. They bring out the best in each other and can help each other bring balance to their personalities.

Sagittarius encourages Gemini to travel and broaden their perspectives. Gemini encourages Sagittarius to be more thoughtful and playful.

Gemini people born on May 28 are not an ideal match for every sign. Their worst romantic compatibility is with the earth signs; Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Gemini and Taurus have no common ground. Taurus wants a practical partner who is realistic and down-to-earth. Gemini sees Taurus as suffocating; Taurus’s frugality seems too restrictive.

Gemini and Virgo share a planetary ruler, yet Gemini is intellectual while Virgo is practical. Virgo can be a perfectionist, which overwhelms free-flowing Gemini.

Capricorn is traditional and needs order and structure to thrive. Gemini feels overwhelmed by Capricorn’s expectations. Capricorn feels anxious because Gemini is too spontaneous.


Gemini is generally an excellent sign for communication, yet May 28 Gemini people are exceptional communicators among those born under this sign. They are talkative, social, and outgoing.

They can be great at initiating new friendships. Gemini people born on May 28 can use humor and wit to keep others engaged. They love learning about others and can be great listeners.

Gemini is a great writer and excellent speaker, texter, and messenger in general. People born on May 28 can be attentive and keep a conversation going for hours.

They need frequent communication and can be impatient if you take too long to respond to their texts. May 28 Geminis are people-pleasers. They often adapt their message to fit their audience, but they may stifle their meaning.

They can be passive-aggressive because they suppress their ideas. May 28 Gemini can be wishy-washy and leave others guessing what they want because they avoid confrontation.


People born on May 28 Gemini are attractive and often look their best when they leave the house. They are image-conscious. Gemini cares about appearance but they are not superficial.

They prefer engaging conversations to beauty. Gemini people born on May 28 are attracted to you if you can teach them something new. They enjoy being around smart, worldly, exciting people.

They can be attracted to writers and people who are well-read. Gemini is attracted to the entertainers in a crowd. They need engaging, stimulating conversations on a variety of topics.


May 28 Gemini people enjoy dates that engage their minds and intellects. They crave fun and playful conversations over dinner at trendy restaurants. Meet them for drinks before dinner, take them dancing or to a concert.

Take May 28 Gemini people on dates to see authors, educational speeches, and workshops related to their favorite topics and interests. They also love unusual dates like attending comic book conventions or festivals.

Gemini’s favorite dates involve games of some kind. Take them to trivia events. They enjoy cosplay and live-action role-playing. They also enjoy board games, trivia games, and video game-based dates.


May 28 Geminis often fall in love with ideals and fantasies instantly. They project their desires onto you and then fall in love with an image. Getting to know someone takes longer and immature Geminis move on before putting the effort into courtship.

Mature Gemini people born on May 28 take their time and enjoy the dating process. Only when they’ve had a long time to get to know you will they fall in love and open their hearts to you.

Gemini is careful not to become overwhelmed by emotions when they fall in love with you. They never want to lose control. Gemini born on May 28 can be playful and complicated in love.

They often flirt heavily for one moment and then act indifferent. You may think a Gemini is playing mind games with you. They backpedal after pouring their heart out. Gemini doesn’t want to lose their independence and often panics in love.

Yet when they accept their love for you, Gemini can be thoughtful, considerate, affectionate, and exciting. They are fun to be around and openly compliment you regularly.


May 28 Gemini people are slow to define the relationship when they are interested in you. They enjoy the thrill of the chase but are cautious about settling down.

Gemini people who solidify a romantic relationship need plenty of independence and breathing room. They can be flighty and may not always follow through on every promise, but they are consistent when it matters most.

They are typically devoted and loyal as long as they don’t become bored. Gemini needs drama and excitement in relationships. Traveling together and having adventures keeps the relationship engaging for Gemini.


May 28 Gemini can hesitate to marry because they don’t want to feel confined. Show a Gemini person you are as independent and freedom-loving as they are and this sign will be open to marriage.

When Gemini marries, they are devoted but still need breathing room. They may become more distant when married because they avoid being confined and stifled by the relationship.

Keep the romance alive by traveling with Gemini throughout the marriage. The more you show interest in Gemini’s hobbies and friends, the stronger your marriage will be.

This sign values friendship, and never give them an ultimatum between their spouse and their friends. Gemini people born on May 28 need their marriage to remain fun.

Their childlike, youthful energy keeps their marriage strong. Gemini loses interest when a marriage becomes too serious or focused on mundane issues.


People born on May 28 have a higher-than-average sex drive. They are kinky and playful in the bedroom. They can be imaginative and love trying new things.

You can easily convince a Gemini to explore your fantasies and desires. The best way to turn on a May 28 Gemini is to talk dirty to them. They are responsive to words and the sound of your voice.

May 28 Gemini can be attentive in bed. They experiment with you in the bedroom and can be as imaginative and open-minded as you want to be. They often follow your lead.

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