May 22 Zodiac (Gemini) Horoscope & Info

Updated November 14, 2022
May 22 Zodiac (Gemini) Horoscope & Info

What sign is May 22? People born on this day are Geminis. They are born in the first decan of Gemini, near the beginning of the season.

These Geminis tend to have typical Gemini traits. They are open-minded and great at communicating.

Mercury rules the May 22 zodiac sign. First decan Geminis do not have a subruler, so they feel the full influence of Mercury, the planet of communication.

These Geminis often have the stereotypical dual nature of Gemini. They are both rational and idealistic, practical and imaginative. They think things through sometimes and act impulsively at others.

It’s common for these Geminis to feel pulled in different directions. They can learn how to balance their sides, and it is better for them to find balance than to give in to one side.

May 22 Info
DateMay 22
SignGemini ♊︎
StrengthsOpen-minded, Practical, Creative
WeaknessesConfusion, Double standards, Unbalanced
Opposite signSagittarius ♐︎
Best matchLeo, Sagittarius, Aries
Worst matchCapricorn, Virgo, Taurus
Tarot birth cardsThe Hermit, The Moon
Angel number9
Spirit animalsPufferfish, Monkey, Roadrunner


The May 22 horoscope is full of duality. Twins represent Gemini, and Geminis born on this day definitely have a dualistic nature.

These Geminis may seem like they have two sides to them. When these sides are in balance, they can use their many talents to achieve everything they want in life.

When they are out of balance, these Geminis may feel confused. They may also have double standards, expecting more from themselves than others or vice versa.

At their best, these Geminis are open-minded and willing to learn new things from anyone they come across. They love to communicate with people, especially those who are different from them.

Finding balance can sometimes be difficult, but these Geminis can do it. They can use their dualistic nature to their advantage.


A May 22 Gemini’s purpose is to find balance and acknowledge all their many talents. They do not need to focus on one thing and will be happier if they don’t!

There are times when it’s better to be practical and cautious, and others when it’s better to be free-spirited and spontaneous. These Geminis must learn when and where to let certain parts of their personality take over.

These Geminis can achieve a lot in life. They often do better when they have multiple careers throughout their lives or when they have a job that allows them to do many things.

Geminis born on this day need to feed all parts of themselves and will reach their full potential when they can do so.

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Positive Traits

The May 22 personality has many sides to it. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though! It makes these Geminis interesting, exciting people.

This duality can be a positive Gemini trait. These Geminis aren’t just left-brained or right-brained and are often a mixture of both.

This allows them to come up with creative solutions to problems and also to implement those solutions reasonably.

Geminis born on this day can connect with nearly anyone because of their open-minded nature. They can just as easily chat with a strict Capricorn as a dreamy, unpredictable Pisces.

Their ability to communicate is one of Gemini’s best traits. They love to learn and don’t keep that knowledge for themselves. They want to spread it around and help others learn as well.

Negative Traits

Their duality can also be a negative Gemini trait when looked at in a different light. These Geminis sometimes seem out of balance or confused when their different sides aren’t working together in harmony.

These Geminis can sometimes be unequal in their expectations for themselves and others. They might expect a lot more from one person than another for no reason. They may also have higher expectations for themselves compared to others.

When they are out of balance, these Geminis can seem incredibly fickle. They might say one thing to one person and the opposite to another.

They aren’t necessarily being dishonest. They may genuinely not know how they feel about something, so their answer changes from day to day.


The best match for Geminis born on this day is Sagittarius. Gemini tends to be attracted to Sagittarius’ adventurous, free-spirited nature.

Gemini and Sagittarius can have a lot of fun together. They are both independent, so they can spend time apart when needed, but they will always be happy to come back to one another at the end of the day.

Leo and Aries are also excellent matches for Gemini. Fire signs have a passionate nature that Gemini loves. They will be able to keep Gemini interested and will never bore them.

The worst match for Gemini is Capricorn, Virgo, or Taurus. Gemini is often too unstable and unpredictable for stable, grounded earth signs. Gemini will have a difficult time forming a long-term connection with them.


Gemini is one of the best communicators in the zodiac. The influence of Mercury makes Geminis highly communicative and social.

These Geminis can adjust how they speak to better suit whoever they are talking to.

If their conversation is incredibly analytical, they can communicate analytically. If they are talking to someone who is free-spirited and laidback, they can be too.

Gemini communicates in this ever-changing way because they want to be understood. They like to make it as easy as possible for others to communicate with them!

These Geminis tend to be charming and can be flirtatious when they are in the mood. They want to make others feel comfortable and happy in their presence.


Gemini is attracted to people who are free-spirited, intelligent, and exciting. They love being around a wide variety of people but will stick around longer if someone has something interesting to offer them.

Gemini’s attraction can sometimes be fleeting. They might find they are strongly attracted to someone upon first meeting them, only to have that attraction fade quickly. Getting Gemini’s attention isn’t always difficult. Keeping it is!

Physically, Geminis tend to be attracted to trendy and confident people, regardless of their physical features. Someone who carries themselves well will be attractive to Gemini, even if they aren’t conventionally attractive.


Geminis typically love to date. Dating is a great way for them to get to know new people and gain new life experiences.

These Geminis don’t always take dating seriously. They might go out with someone just because they asked, and Gemini had nothing better to do. They may casually date someone with no intention of it leading to anything serious.

Geminis enjoy going to various places when they go on dates. Sometimes, they will be in the mood for a wild evening at a nightclub. Other times, they will want a relaxed afternoon at an art museum or cafe.


Gemini’s love language is words of affirmation. Gemini is a highly communicative sign, and Geminis enjoy chatting with their loved ones.

Anyone who can carry on an interesting conversation will get Gemini’s attention. They will also feel loved and cared for when their loved ones make an effort to compliment them or chat with them as often as possible.

These Geminis can be incredibly charming. They can easily make anyone they speak to feel good. When they love someone, they will do their best to cheer them up and make them feel good about themselves with compliments and kind words.


Relationships can sometimes be complicated for these Geminis. Sometimes, they are overly impulsive and dive into a relationship too soon. Other times, they are entirely opposed to commitment and refuse to settle down.

These Geminis are typically happier in relationships with independent and free-spirited people.

No matter how much they love someone, these Geminis won’t want to spend every waking moment with their partner. Their partner needs to be okay with that.

Some Geminis might prefer open relationships or polyamory, but that isn’t necessarily true for all of them. They can be monogamous. It just might take them a while to find the right person.


Gemini needs a spouse they can connect with on many levels. They need someone they feel a bond with intellectually, emotionally, sexually, spiritually, etc.

Being married to these Geminis can be fun and exciting sometimes but frustrating at others. Geminis can be incredibly passionate and caring partners, but they can still be wild and unpredictable.

These Geminis will have more successful marriages when they take the time to get to know their spouse first. They shouldn’t be in any rush to get married. The right person will be able to wait for them to be ready.


Geminis are often wild in the bedroom. They are adventurous, free-spirited, and carefree.

Gemini doesn’t need to be in love to have sex. They can have casual sexual relationships without a problem most of the time.

The creative side of these Geminis will come out in the bedroom. They love thinking up new things to try during sex and will be extremely happy with partners who are as adventurous as they are.

These Geminis get bored quickly in the bedroom. If their partner isn’t as adventurous as they are, that might be difficult for them. They need to be constantly stimulated. Trying new things is a great way to do that.

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