May 21 Zodiac, Personality, Horoscope, and More

Updated April 27, 2023

May 21 birthdays fall under the sign of Gemini. This birthday is under the first decan ruled by the planet Mercury.

People born on May 21 are known for their wit and charm. They are brilliant and clever.

Gemini is one of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac. People born on May 21 have enhanced communication skills. They are inspiring and learn faster than most people.

The May 21 horoscope gives people the best traits of Mercury (planet). They have sharp minds. They are friendly and love to express their ideas.

People born on May 21 are bright and intellectual. They can multitask and often have several projects in progress because they are easily bored.

May 21 Info
DateMay 21
SignGemini ♊︎
StrengthsIntelligent, Exciting, Creative
WeaknessesIndecisive, Superficial, Self-sabotaging
Opposite signSagittarius ♐︎
Best matchLeo, Sagittarius, Aries
Worst matchCapricorn, Virgo, Taurus
Tarot birth cardsStrength, The Star
Angel number8
Spirit animalsChameleon, Roadrunner, Cricket


May 21 Gemini people can be engaging speakers; they are knowledgeable about many subjects. Geminis are pop-culture enthusiasts and collectors.

The May 21 zodiac loves to learn new trivia about their favorite movies, bands, books, authors, and celebrities. They easily rattle off facts and tidbits of information.

They usually win trivia games anytime they play because Geminis born on May 21 have excellent memories. They pick up information on a variety of topics.

People born on May 21 are flirty and charming as well. They often have several love interests and have no problem attracting new suitors. Like most Geminis, people born on May 21 are often indecisive.

They love being informed and have a habit of gossiping. You can count on May 21 Gemini to be ahead of others when learning new things. For people born on May 21, meaning is often face value.

They take people at their word and can seem shallow to some. The Gemini personality is one of the most outgoing. They get a bad rap, but if you understand their unique psyche, you can keep a connection with them.


May 21 Geminis have a special mission. People born on this day are messengers. They are here to help others find the confidence to share their ideas. They are excellent problem solvers and help others make connections.

People born on May 21 are natural speakers, writers, and educators. They can be talented communicators and learn new languages. They are on a mission to unite people and overcome communication obstacles.

People born on May 21 are here to inspire creativity and connection. They are excellent storytellers, filmmakers, writers, authors, and teachers.

May 21 Geminis can also help others find connections by inventing communication apps and devices. They are often good with technology. People born on May 21 are here to help others understand the world and each other.

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Positive Traits

May 21 Gemini people are considerate, thoughtful, and highly intelligent. They make excellent spokespeople and interpreters. They can be diplomatic and are flexible enough to see many sides of a story.

They try to translate issues into a language everyone can understand. Gemini people born on May 21 are not pretentious even though they are witty and clever.

They are friendly and social. Gemini people born on May 21 are happiest in groups of people who stimulate their minds and inspire them.

Negative Traits

May 21 Geminis have some challenges to overcome. People born on this day are also indecisive. They can be fickle and change their beliefs one moment to the next.

People born on May 21 are also likely to lose interest in projects and work before they’ve completed their tasks. They are often late and have no sense of time.

They focus on their interests and get carried away with conversations. You have to be patient with people born on May 21 as they follow their compass and can be flighty.


May 21 Geminis are friendly and get along with everyone they meet. Gemini compatibility is best with Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries.

Leo and Gemini people balance each other’s personalities. The sign of the twins is intellectual and witty, thanks to their affinity for air (classical element). Leo is a fire sign. They fuel each other’s passions and inspire each other’s dreams.

May 21 Gemini and Sagittarius are opposites. They perfectly complement each other. Both are intellectual and love to learn new things. Sagittarius encourages Gemini to dream bigger and think on a broader scale.

Sagittarius finds Gemini amusing and entertaining. They create an inspired and caring relationship. Both enjoy traveling together, and their bond is highly unconventional.

May 21 Gemini is also a perfect match for Aries. The sign of the ram empowers Gemini and keeps this wishy-washy sign focused. People born on May 21 can feel lost in their many ideas, but Aries keeps them on target.

Geminis are not the best romantic match for just any sign. People born on May 21 are the worst partners for those born under the earth signs of Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus.

Earth signs need stability; Capricorn is traditional and efficient. They are hard-working and prioritize their careers. May 21 Gemini people want to have fun and explore new things.

Gemini seems frivolous to Capricorn. May 21 Gemini people see Capricorn as too old-fashioned; they feel stifled by Capricorn. This pair frustrates each other before long.

May 21 Gemini shares a planetary ruler with Virgo, but they have nothing else in common. Virgo people are perfectionists who use their analytical skills in practical ways.

Virgo finds Gemini too flighty and unreliable. Gemini people born on May 21 need inspiration and imagination, while Virgo is down to earth and focused.

Taurus is romantic and sensual, but someone born under the sign of the bull becomes frustrated with indecisive Gemini. Taurus has firm boundaries, and May 21 Gemini people don’t like limitations.

Taurus and Gemini repel each other instantly. They have entirely different lifestyles, and their goals don’t easily align.


People born on May 21 have a gift for communication in their native tongue but in multiple languages. They adapt and learn new languages. They are fascinated by all forms of communication.

They are diplomatic and articulate. Gemini’s expressive nature makes them gain friends quickly and easily. People born on May 21 are comfortable communicating through a variety of channels.

They are gifted in computer languages and coding. May 21 Geminis can communicate with people from all walks of life.

Geminis can talk for hours and carry on several separate conversations through their numerous devices. They can jump from one topic to another and never get tired of sharing ideas.


People born on May 21 are attractive because of their kind personalities. They are flexible and charming. Their intelligence is part of their charm. The May 21 zodiac sign is often attracted to first impressions.

You can attract someone born on this sign if you have unusual information about pop culture trivia to share. You must be well-read and up on current events if you want to attract someone born on May 21.

Never let a conversation drag if you want to attract someone born on this day. Keep them fascinated by teaching them something new. Using puns and being articulate attracts their attention.

When you understand Gemini astrology, love life issues with people born on May 21 are easily solved. You can work around the challenges in relationships with people born on this day.


May 21 Gemini people are fun to date. They can be casual about dating, but deep inside, they want to find true love. On the path to finding their long-term partner, people born on this day enjoy exploring new interests.

Take them on intellectual dates. They love trivia night and brain games. They also enjoy dates revolving around video games, comic conventions, concerts, and festivals.

Their favorite dates involve crowds of people or a group of friends going on a double or triple date. Geminis enjoy fun, playful dates; take them roller-skating or to a comedy club. They enjoy movies and bowling.


May 21 Geminis fall in love quickly, but they also become infatuated. Sometimes they confuse the two. They project fantasies onto their love interests and sometimes get ahead of themselves in love.

People born on May 21 are affectionate and flirty, but they aren’t always in tune with their deeper feelings. Their love style is not vulnerable and emotion-driven.

They fall in love with the idea of a person they love. They often fall in love with a fantasy image, but they aren’t always patient with the process of finding and keeping true love.


People born on May 21 are great at maintaining relationships but can struggle in romance. They avoid commitment at first because they don’t want to lose their independence.

May 21 Geminis need variety to avoid boredom. When a Gemini born on May 21 is in a serious relationship, they still need continual connection with their friends.

They need mental stimulation to maintain their interest in romance. Gemini can also be insecure. Their indecisive nature leads them to waver when they are in a relationship.

They may push boundaries or pick fights to sabotage relationships when things get too serious. People born on May 21 must overcome insecurities to maintain serious relationships.


May 21 Geminis can be devoted and loyal in marriage, but getting them to walk down the aisle can take time and patience. People born on this day avoid committing because they value their independence.

When married, May 21 Geminis fill every day with excitement. Marriage to someone born on this day is like spending every day with your best friend.

In marriage, Geminis born on May 21 are attentive, friendly, and helpful. They love solving problems and encouraging you to fulfill your dreams.


May 21 Geminis are creative in the bedroom. They have a moderate to high sex drive. People born on May 21 are passionate and rely on fantasies and imagination for sexual arousal.

Geminis are turned on by words; read erotic poetry to seduce them. They are adaptive and flexible in bed. They don’t usually initiate but are receptive if you set the tone in bed.

May 21 Geminis have a passionate side, but their kinky nature needs to be triggered by a more focused partner. They can be inspiring in bed if you are open to learning new things.

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