May 18 Zodiac (Taurus) Horoscope & Info

Updated November 14, 2022
May 18 Zodiac (Taurus) Horoscope & Info

May 18 birthdays fall under the sign of Taurus. People born on this date are not on the cusp of Gemini.

They are in the third and final decan of the sign Taurus, giving them a unique personality.

People born on May 18 are nurturing and hard-working. Venus rules the Taurus zodiac sign, but Saturn is the sub-ruler of this decan.

They are charming but have firm expectations. People born on this date are productive and attract opportunities for abundance and success.

They are traditional and love to make others feel comfortable. May 18 Taurus people have an eye for beauty and can be conservationists.

May 18 Info
DateMay 18
SignTaurus ♉︎
StrengthsCharming, Patient, Self-disciplined
WeaknessesJealous, Cautious, Aloof
Opposite signScorpio ♏︎
Best matchCancer, Pisces, Scorpio
Worst matchAquarius, Gemini, Libra
Tarot birth cardsThe Hierophant, Temperance
Angel number5
Spirit animalsBull, Flamingo, Buffalo


May 18 Taurus people are detail-oriented. They are patient and down-to-earth. You’ll never see them lose control of their emotions. They can be rational and love to make deals that leave everyone feeling satisfied.

They are great leaders and can be successful in their careers. You can rely on May 18 Taurus people to be consistent and stable. They have a cautious nature and never rush.

People born on this date are family oriented. They love creating comfortable and secure homes. They are obsessed with financial stability. They have excellent taste in art and investments.

They don’t take risks with money but know when it’s worth splurging on something valuable. People born on this date need savings set aside for a rainy day.

The May zodiac sign for Taurus is determined and persistent. People born on May 18 succeed because they never give up. They are cautious with money and resources but know when to invest in a career or business.

A Taurus horoscope is associated with patience and vitality. People born on this date never give up and eventually succeed, no matter how long their journey takes.


People born on May 18 are here to build the foundation upon which others can grow. They are wise beyond their age and think of ways to protect others and provide comfort and security.

They are on a mission to build and create. People born on this date bring beauty and compassion to others through practical work. They are adept at creating financial security for others.

People born on this date combine art, pleasure, and stability to leave a legacy for their children and younger generations. They are mindful of the impact their actions have on others.

They help preserve history and create the framework others need to thrive. They bridge the gap between past, present, and future. The May 18 zodiac sign gives people the talents they need to create stability for their families and community.

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Positive Traits

People born on May 18 are charming. They have a traditional sense of beauty and can be talented artists and crafters. They are patient and work toward expertise in their trade.

They are conscientious and have a strong sense of responsibility. People born on this date are self-disciplined. They are excellent planners and their organizational skills help them succeed.

They have excellent memories and can be great historians. They can be entertaining storytellers and help preserve tradition through the arts. They are resourceful and persevere in difficult situations.

The May 18 zodiac sign personality is strong-willed. They easily resist outside influences. They are willing to work hard for their goals.

Negative Traits

People born on this date can be stubborn. They are nurturing but provide for others in practical ways. They can be withholding and aloof. They suppress their romantic nature sometimes and can be reserved.

People born on this date are hard working and can be materialistic. They confuse financial stability with well-being and security. Often, they place too much emphasis on career and finances.

Another challenge for people born on May 18 is their concrete mindset. They can be so traditional that they become closed-minded. They aren’t flexible when it comes to adapting to new ideas.


May 18 Taurus people have fixed routines. They need to be with a specific type of partner for romance to work. Their best compatibility is with people born under the signs of Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio.

Taurus compatibility with Scorpio is among the best. People born on May 18 find the balance they need in a Scorpio partner. These signs are opposites and the tension they create in romance helps strengthen their relationship.

This zodiac sign’s compatibility is also ideal with people born under the sign of Cancer. Like Scorpio, Cancer is also a water sign. May 18 Taurus people feel at ease with sensitive and intuitive Cancer.

Cancer partners create a peaceful and loving home, which Taurus loves. They are born affectionate and traditional. They share a love of family and can form a harmonious relationship with little effort.

People born under the sign of Pisces are as mystical and emotional as Taurus people are practical. Their styles differ, but these two form a solid relationship. Pisces can soothe a May 18 Taurus’s tense nerves.

Pisces inspires a May 18 Taurus’s imagination. Though Taurus is traditional and concrete, a Pisces partner can soften their rough edges. They help to nurture Taurus’s emotional nature.

Taurus people born on May 18 provide stability and security to the otherwise emotional water signs. Their romantic potential is strong because they blend empathy and rationality.

The May 18 zodiac’s personality is less compatible with those born under air signs. Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra are too fickle for their comfort. Taurus needs stability, and the air signs change their minds frequently.

Aquarius is particularly rebellious. Taurus people born on May 18 need consistency and don’t like controversy. Aquarius can’t help shocking people and disrupting the status quo.

Geminis are indecisive. May 18 is days away from the Taurus cusp with Gemini, yet these two signs have nothing in common. They frustrate each other and can’t understand each other’s needs.

Those born under the sign of Libra have a similar desire for beauty and romance as people born on May 18. But they share their artistic and loving style in different ways. Neither can satisfy each other for long.


May 18 Taurus people are minimally expressive. They put their ideas to work through the projects they take on. You may have difficulty getting them to talk about their thoughts. They never talk about feelings, either.

Though they are not verbose, people born on this date are clear and direct when they have information to share. They keep communication on a need-to-know basis and are great at keeping secrets.

You’re not alone if you wish your May 18 Taurus would text you more. One of the most common complaints in relationships is they don’t express themselves openly through text.

They keep text communication simple and focused. You may think they ignored your text messages, but usually, they are focused on work. They don’t intentionally ignore people.


People born on May 18 are attracted to people who are traditional and wear vintage outfits. A classic look gets their attention. They are also attracted to creative, resourceful, and ambitious people.

You must have a good financial sense if you want to attract someone born on this date. You can meet a May 18 Taurus in an office, or at the bank. They are also likely working silently in the background of a company.

They prioritize work, but you can also meet them in the community. They like to attend historical events and visit museums. Show off your knowledge of art history and local history if you want to get their attention.


The perfect date for a May 18 Taurus involves a full course meal at a formal restaurant. They like entertainment that is calm and enjoyable. No loud concerts or chaotic settings for a person born on this date.

They love cultural events and galas. Their favorite date is an atmosphere that makes them feel powerful. An upscale theater or concert is ideal. They are elitists when it comes to picking their perfect date.

You can impress a May 18 Taurus by taking them to the opera or a classical concert. They love historic sites and art galleries as well. This zodiac sign’s dates need to be formal, they love having a reason to dress up.


May 18 people don’t openly show when they’re in love. They hide their feelings and don’t show vulnerability. You’ll know they care when they give you gifts and tokens of appreciation.

They have a materialistic way of showing affection. People born on this date are nurturing and affectionate. They show you they love you by working hard to finance your comfort and goals.

Someone born under the May 18 zodiac’s Moon Sign can make them more empathic and intuitive. Other planetary placements can make them more sensitive and expressive in love.


People born on May 18 are eager to get into committed relationships. Yet they are cautious and discerning at first. They are picky when choosing a partner.

Once a person born on this date is sure they can trust you, they define the relationship. They have a jealous side and don’t want to risk losing you to someone else.

Never intentionally provoke their jealousy. They don’t trust easily, and if you toy with their emotions, they will shut down and never trust you again.

Be honest with people born on May 18, and in return, you’ll have a partner for life. They are caring and devoted partners who want peaceful, calm relationships.

Although they are often working, they spend their money making their partner as comfortable as possible. They may seem emotionally absent, yet they are loyal and faithful. They are excellent providers in relationships.


Once a May 18 Taurus trusts you, it doesn’t take long for them to start thinking about marriage. They are traditional and want to be married to preserve cultural customs.

Family is important to them as well. They view marriage as an instrumental step to creating stability. People born on this date are careful about their finances.

Regardless of their feelings, they won’t marry someone who has bad financial habits. They need to know you aren’t going to undermine their desire for financial stability.


People born on this date are minimally sexually active. They can be sensual when the mood comes over them, but sex is not a primary motivation. They are sexually reserved.

They don’t experiment in the bedroom, preferring to stick to a few tried and true routines. Repetition may be boring for those born under most signs but people born on May 18 enjoy predictability in the bedroom.

They need an emotional connection to feel sexually aroused. People born on this date are typically not promiscuous. They don’t look for sex outside of a serious relationship.

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