May 17 Zodiac (Taurus) Horoscope & Info

Updated January 2, 2023
May 17 Zodiac (Taurus) Horoscope & Info

What sign is May 17? This day is in Taurus season. Taureans born on this day are in the third decan of Taurus.

People born on this day are prone to becoming stressed out, but they can rise above it by finding structure in their lives.

Venus rules the May 17 zodiac sign of Taurus. The third decan also has Saturn as its subruler. Third decan Taureans are extra hard-working and practical.

People born on this date are prone to overworking themselves. They are intensely responsible and don’t always realize when it’s time to slow down. They often push themselves too much.

While Taurus is generally good about relaxing, Taureans born on this day push their limits more. They will often only slow down when they have to, rather than resting before they reach their breaking point.

May 17 Info
DateMay 17
SignTaurus ♉︎
StrengthsResponsible, Hard-working, Productive
WeaknessesOverworking, Stress, Slowing down
Opposite signScorpio ♏︎
Best matchCancer, Pisces, Scorpio
Worst matchAquarius, Gemini, Libra
Tarot birth cardsThe Emperor, Death, The Fool
Angel number22
Spirit animalsElephant, Ant, Turtle


The May 17 horoscope can be a stressful one! Taureans born on this day often have a lot of energy, but they don’t always know how to stop before that energy runs out.

These Taureans test their limits. This can be advantageous for them at times because they can get a lot done in one sitting. They are motivated and ambitious and will always work hard on the tasks they need to complete.

This can backfire on them, though! These Taureans can easily push themselves too far. They might also make themselves do tasks just because they think they must do them, even if they don’t genuinely want to do them.

Taureans born on this day need to learn how to slow down. Taurus is generally a sign that is good about relaxing. These Taureans need to learn how to do that before they stress themselves out too much.


The May 17 Taurus’ purpose in life is to find structure. This will usually help them to be their hard-working self without overdoing it.

Planning and scheduling times to relax will enable these Taureans to reach their true potential. They will be able to do everything they want to do without burning themselves out.

These Taureans don’t need to stop working hard. They just have to work smarter! Finding structure and learning to rely on others more will help them get everything done while still finding time to relax and enjoy themselves.

Taureans born on this day can accomplish great things. They won’t be able to do that if they burn themselves out. Their purpose is to learn how to be ambitious without overdoing it.

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Positive Traits

The May 17 personality is hard-working, but that’s not all they’ve got going on!

Some positive Taurus traits people born on this day have are dependability, dedication, and a good eye for art.

These Taureans are responsible and diligent, but they aren’t dull. They have a love of beauty like every other Taurus does. They can bring their artistic minds into their work and use them to develop innovative and creative ideas.

When these Taureans are well-rested, they will have many ideas to share with others and the drive to turn those ideas into reality. They have to make sure they take care of themselves.

Negative Traits

Some negative Taurus traits Taureans born on this day have are stubbornness and a tendency to become anxious quickly.

These Taureans don’t always know when to quit. Even if it would be better for them to stop doing something, they won’t stop. They may push back against others who tell them to take a break.

Taureans born on this day often think they know best, but that isn’t always the case. They need to learn how to listen to others more.

These Taureans also need to learn how to slow down. They will be better off in the long run if they know how to do this. It will ease their stress and anxiety when they rest more.


The best match for a Taurus born on this day is Scorpio. Scorpio can match Taurus’ ambitious nature, but they are also stubborn enough to push back when Taurus is overdoing it.

Scorpio won’t just sit there and let Taurus overwork themselves. They are a great partner for Taurus because they will know when Taurus needs to take a break and won’t stop pushing until they do.

Cancer and Pisces are also excellent matches for Taurus. They are supportive and compassionate signs. If Taurus is feeling stressed out, Cancer or Pisces will be able to calm Taurus down and get them the help they need.

The worst matches for Taurus are Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. Air signs tend to be all over the place, and that will stress Taurus out more. Taurus wants stability in life, and these signs can’t typically provide that.


Taurus’ personality tends to be direct. This is true for Taureans born on this day. Their communication style is honest and to the point.

These Taureans aren’t that chatty. They will usually say just enough to get their point across. They don’t see a need to talk just for the sake of talking.

When these Taureans chat for fun, it will usually be about art and aesthetics. When they aren’t speaking about work, they will want to talk about the beauty they find in the world.

These Taureans don’t always show their creative side, but if you chat with one long enough, you’ll discover their love of art and beauty.


Taureans are usually attracted to people who are confident and ambitious. Taureans born on this day are especially attracted to people who are responsible and hard-working as well.

Taurus is a sensual sign, so physical appearance is often important in attraction. They will usually be drawn in by someone who dresses well and takes care of their appearance.

Soft skin, lovely smelling perfume, and smooth hair are all things that will attract a Taurus. Keeping their attention will require more, but you can draw them in with the little things.

Attraction is about appealing to a Taurean’s physical senses first, then keeping them around with your confidence and other traits they find attractive.


Taureans don’t always date around a lot. Taureans born on this day are often far too busy to have a casual dating life.

Taureans typically have specific things they like to do when they go on dates. They tend to enjoy going to nice restaurants. They may also enjoy going to a museum or doing something outdoors.

These Taureans can be picky. If a date isn’t up to their standards, they will likely cut it short. They don’t want to waste their time on things they don’t enjoy, especially when they have so many other things to do!


It can sometimes take Taurus a while to find love. Taureans born on this day aren’t always as focused on love in the first place as others.

Venus rules Taurus, so this is a romantic and sensual sign. Love is important to them but isn’t necessarily their top priority.

A Taurus born on this day might not be actively looking for love, but they won’t turn it down if it comes along at the right time.

Finding the time for romance can be difficult, but these Taureans will realize that they are much happier when they make time for it in their schedules.


Taureans want a stable relationship. They crave stability and security in their lives, so they will need a partner who can provide that for them.

One reason Taureans enjoy being with signs like Cancer or Scorpio is their loyalty. These signs are dedicated partners. Taurus sometimes has difficulty trusting people, so they need a partner they can rely on.

Taureans born on this day will also benefit from having a partner who can stand up to them. If they’re overworking themselves, they need someone to help them settle down and take a break.


Taureans take commitment seriously. They will not get married on a whim and may take a long time to decide to settle down.

Taureans born on this day are especially responsible. They don’t like to do anything halfway. If one gets married, they intend on staying married and doing what it takes to make the marriage work.

These Taureans are sometimes a little too dedicated to their marriages. They are stubborn and have a hard time letting go of things. If their marriage is failing, they might try to hold onto it long after others would have given up.


Taurus is a highly sensual sign. They enjoy sex because of all the sensations involved. It’s one way for them to enjoy the world and can also be a relaxing experience.

Taureans typically like falling into a routine when it comes to sex. They can branch out but don’t always feel the need to.

It’s common for a Taurus born on this day to find a few things they like to do during sex and stick with them. If they have a more adventurous partner, that partner will often need to push them out of their comfort zone.

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