May 16 Zodiac, Personality, Horoscope, and More

Updated August 25, 2023

A May 16 birthday falls under the sign of Taurus. Those born on this date are in the second decan of Taurus.

Venus rules their sign, but Mercury is the planetary sub-ruler. They are diplomatic, creative, and articulate.

People born on this date are more adaptive than the average Taurus. They can be excellent writers, artists, and performers. They have a gift for public speaking as well.

May 16 Taurus people are successful in their careers because they know how to leverage their vast networks. Their technical skills are also better than the average Taurus.

They are romantic and can get along with people from all walks of life. They speak their minds and can express their feelings diplomatically.

May 16 Info
DateMay 16
SignTaurus ♉︎
StrengthsRomantic, Imaginative, Communicative
WeaknessesCautious, Jealous, Demanding
Opposite signScorpio ♏︎
Best matchCancer, Pisces, Scorpio
Worst matchAquarius, Gemini, Libra
Tarot birth cardsThe Empress, The World
Angel number3
Spirit animalsChinchilla, Elephant, Goose


People born under the May 16 zodiac have several unique gifts that make them stand out from others born under this sign. They have a gift for speech and language. They pick up new languages and adapt their thinking.

They can be flexible and nurturing. People born on this date love to make others feel comfortable. They are encouraging and can reassure their friends and loved ones.

People born on this date have a gift for writing and poetry. They learn quickly and commit facts to memory. They have artistic talents excelling in painting, crafts, photography, cooking, and decorating.

May 16 Taurus people are grounded and love to spend time in nature. They love environmental issues and try to save animals and natural resources.

The May 16 zodiac personality is associated with talents for communication and the arts. They can be excellent documentarians, photographers, and journalists.

The May 16 personality is practical, comforting, and intelligent. They use their intellect to help inspire and encourage others.


People born on May 16 have a unique mission. They are born to teach others to appreciate valuable resources. One way they accomplish this is through speaking. They have a gift for using the arts to deliver their message.

They may be documentarians, teachers, counselors, and artists. They love to show the natural beauty in the world, and through their art and words, others learn to share their values.

People born on this date can be determined. Their persistent nature helps them succeed in their careers. They are often entrepreneurs, and their business reflects their values and beliefs.

They love to teach others through storytelling and draw on personal experiences to make their point. People born on this date crave stability and are here to help others find security.

They may work in finance and use their knowledge and skills to help others find financial security. People born on this date can be materialistic but usually maintain a balanced perspective.

The May 16 zodiac gives people the strength to see their projects through to completion. They never give up on a goal and will find a way to succeed against the odds.

Positive Traits

May 16 Taurus people are attractive, nurturing, and kind. They help others become confident. They can be great parents, lovers, and role models. They lead by words and example.

People born on this date are reliable. They take promises seriously and won’t give you their word unless they intend to follow through. You can also count on them to be honest.

They tell you exactly what they think. Although Taurus can be diplomatic, they won’t mislead you. People born on this date don’t sugarcoat things. They are kind and inspiring but also realistic.

Negative Traits

May 16 Taurus people have challenges they need to overcome. They can be stubborn, as all Taurus people are. Yet they are also more likely to come around after some discussion.

Their minds are concrete but not inflexible. You must make a compelling case to convince them to change their thinking.

People born on this date are also prone to jealousy. They need reassurance in relationships, or else they can become insecure. They are image-conscious and can be quick to judge based on appearances.

The May 16 Taurus personality is challenging for people who don’t share their opinions. They try to be understanding but expect others to think the way they do.


For the May 16 zodiac, compatibility can be a challenge. They know what they want in a relationship and never settle for less. Their best compatibility is with people born under water signs.

May 16 Taurus compatibility is strongest with the sign Scorpio. Scorpio is their opposite sign, and the tension between these two partners keeps the obsession alive.

They fascinate each other: Scorpio is mysterious and sexual. Taurus is patient and nurturing. They bring out the best in each other. These two also help each other overcome their challenges.

Another sign that is ideal for May 16 Taurus compatibility is Cancer. Cancer is sensitive and intuitive. They are homebodies who share Taurus’s nurturing energy. Though they are emotional, Cancer doesn’t overwhelm sturdy Taurus.

A May 16 Taurus can reassure Cancer and help them overcome their insecurities. This pair can share a lifelong romance and make great business partners.

People born on May 16 are sensible and realistic. Yet a sign like Pisces can help them become more playful. Mystical Pisces helps Taurus let go and enjoy life. They remind Taurus of the importance of faith and intuition.

Taurus, on the other hand, helps to keep Pisces’ expectations realistic. They provide stability for spontaneous Pisces. Pisces’ empathy combined with their May 16 soulmate’s practicality ensures this couple succeeds.

May 16 Taurus is not compatible with air signs. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius confuse Taurus. They don’t relate well to each other.

Taurus and Libra compatibility sounds good in theory. Both have Venus as a ruling planet, yet these signs couldn’t be more different. Taurus shows love in practical ways, but Libra misses their subtle nature.

Libra seems too demanding and needy for Taurus. Libra can also be too indecisive for opinionated Taurus. People born on May 16 can be as creative and inspiring as Libra, but they clash in romance.

Gemini also frustrates Taurus people born on May 16. People born on this date need a consistent, reliable partner. Gemini is too flighty for their comfort. They don’t understand how Gemini constantly changes their mind.

Aquarius is too rebellious. People born on May 16 see Aquarius people as careless and irresponsible. Even when Aquarius is successful, their spontaneous personality is too erratic for Taurus to trust.


May 16 Taurus has a gift for communication. This is rare among Taurus people who keep their ideas to themselves. People born on this date are more expressive. They can be chatty and easily share their thoughts.

Though they are opinionated, they don’t keep their feelings to themselves. They are honest and can be too abrupt for some people’s liking. But they believe in being direct and assertive.

People born on May 16 understand different perspectives, though they still have their own beliefs. They aren’t afraid to hear people out and can be excellent listeners.


People born on May 16 have a gift for attraction. Others notice when they walk into a room. They are considered beautiful, and their personalities make them easy to get along with.

May 16 Taurus people are attracted to calm, gentle, kind, and creative people. They align with partners who are different enough to balance their personalities but must have common ground.

They usually are attracted to people who can soften their rough edges. People who can help them relax and get in touch with their feelings and sensitivity are ideal.

You can find people born on this date in literary workshops and classes. They are likely to volunteer at libraries and educational programs. They are also often at the gym or wellness centers.

Ironically, you can also find May 16 Taurus people at venues that encourage indulgence in their favorite pleasures. They love to eat well and never turn down dessert.

Spend time in financial institutions or finance workshops if you want to attract a May 16 Taurus. You need to have your finances in order if you want them to take you seriously.


A May 16 Taurus enjoys dates that are physically satisfying and intellectually stimulating. People born on this date love music, theater, and the arts. They also love Trivia related events.

You can’t cut corners when planning a date for a May 16 Taurus. They become offended if you take them to a venue that is too casual or cheap. They expect royal treatment.

Pamper them on a date, and make sure you have fascinating topics to discuss. A Taurus born on this date must never become bored while talking to you. Take them to places that are entertaining but not tacky.

Taurus born on May 16 dates people who are fun but value their time. Never leave them waiting. They won’t plan a second date if you’re late.


People born on this date fall in love with those who are confident, sensitive, and compassionate. They need a partner who understands their need for stability. They fall in love with people who help them expand beyond their comfort zone.

They are cautious in love and keep their guard up at first. May 16 Taurus can fall in love long before they show any signs of their adoration. When they start to reveal their feelings, they use a subtle approach.

They buy you gifts and check in with you throughout the day. They even show signs of jealousy. But you must never intentionally try to make them jealous.


Those born on May 16 date a lot before making a relationship official. They need to make sure you fit their lifestyle and ambitions. They are serious about relationships and don’t waste time if they don’t think things will work out.

When you are in a relationship with someone born on this date, you must be honest. Don’t hide secrets from them. They are sensitive to deception. People born on May 16 are loyal and devoted partners.

You must show them you are reliable. In a relationship, they expect to share a household. You must match their financial habits, or the relationship will not last.

They can be frugal but are willing to spend on items that are valuable to them. Don’t invalidate their purchases. You must also be careful not to overspend if you’re in a relationship with a May 16 Taurus.


People born on this date eventually want to get married. They take time to get to this phase because they are reluctant to commit unless they are certain they can trust you.

When married, May 16 Taurus still expects romance to be a routine part of their relationship. They are affectionate homebodies who enjoy being treated to their favorite luxuries.

Surprise them regularly. Appeal to their sensual nature and offer to give them massages. They need to continually feel loved and valued for the marriage to be harmonious.


May 16 Taurus has stronger sexual desires and fantasies compared to other people born under this sign. They are more experimental in the bedroom and can enjoy seduction through flirting.

People born on this date need regular sexual contact or else they will feel deprived. You will know if they are mad at you because they become sexually distant.

Yet when you resolve a conflict with them, they become lusty and passionate again. People born on this date crave a romantic atmosphere as part of the seduction process.

They are turned on by erotic music and images. Appeal to all of their senses in preparation for a satisfying night of romance and love.

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