May 14 Zodiac (Taurus) Horoscope & Info

Updated November 14, 2022
May 14 Zodiac (Taurus) Horoscope & Info

What sign is May 14? People born on May 14 are born under the sign of Taurus. They aren’t the same as all other Taurus people, though.

Each Taurus born throughout the Taurus season will have slightly different personalities depending on their birthday. They have different signs they get along with and different purposes in life.

A May 14 Taurus is born in the third decan of Taurus. Late-season Taureans tend to be more strict, and this is especially true for a May 14 Taurus person.

Compared to other Taurus people, there is a serious note about May 14 Taurus. The hard-working, ambitious traits of Taurus are more noticeable compared to Taureans born earlier in the season.

Taureans born on May 14 are dedicated to their jobs, are good planners, and tend to have more traditional values. They are not always the relaxed, light-hearted type of Taurus!

May 14 Info
DateMay 14
SignTaurus ♉︎
StrengthsStrong-willed, Dedicated, Good planner
WeaknessesInflexible, Emotional communication, Letting loose
Opposite signScorpio ♏︎
Best matchCancer, Pisces, Scorpio
Worst matchAquarius, Gemini, Libra
Tarot birth cardsThe Magician, Wheel of Fortune, The Sun
Angel number1
Spirit animalsElephant, Buffalo, Goose


The May 14 horoscope for Taurus is incredibly stable. If you’re born on this day, you likely have more of the hard-working traits of Taurus than the “lazy” ones.

Taureans born on May 14 don’t need to learn how to work hard. The May 14 personality is naturally ambitious and will go far in life because they are willing to do the necessary work to achieve their goals.

While Venus rules Taurus overall, third decan Taureans, like a May 14 Taurus, are also sub-ruled by Saturn. This tends to make things like budgeting and finances easier for a May 14 Taurus than other Taurus people!


Finding stability and security through their career is something May 14 Taureans excel at. They will have no problem finding the best job for them and settling into something that will make them financially prosperous.

A May 14 Taurus will typically find their life’s purpose aligns with their career. This is a Taurus whose purpose is to provide for themselves and their families.

A May 14 Taurus is a Taurus who provides stability for others. It will be easy to find stability for yourself if you’re born on May 14.

You will be able to spread that stability to the people you work with by taking on a managerial role, and you will be able to provide stability for your family by handling finances and being a secure presence in their lives.

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Positive Traits

The Taurus zodiac sign is known for being hard-working, even if they also have pleasure-seeking tendencies. May 14 Taureans are especially good at working hard and are some of the most ambitious!

You can always rely on a May 14 Taurus. This is someone who is successful because they stick to exactly what they say they’re going to do. They are great at planning out their life, especially when making plans for reaching their goals.

A May 14 Taurus is a responsible employee, a dedicated partner, and very mature and reliable overall. They do not let obstacles get in the way of their goals and know they need to work hard if they want the finer things in life.

Negative Traits

Stubbornness is one of the May 14 characteristics. This Taurus doesn’t know how to quit, even if sometimes it might be better to take a step back.

A May 14 Taurus is often so dedicated to their goals that they don’t always realize they may benefit from loosening the reins or making some changes.

This is a Taurus that isn’t just stubborn for the sake of being stubborn. It can be challenging to understand when others tell them they should quit or change course because they are used to working hard and getting what they want!

It can take some time for a May 14 Taurus to learn that it’s okay to relax sometimes. Their inflexible nature can make loosening up difficult. Other Taurus people know how to relax, but a Taurus born on May 14 needs to learn that skill.


May 14’s zodiac sign compatibility isn’t always the same as generic Taurus compatibility. May 14 Taureans are often far more compatible with water signs and aren’t as compatible with other Taurus people as some Taureans are!

A May 14 Taurus’ best match for love is water signs. Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio can all make great partners for this Taurus!

Cancer is the top match for May 14 Taurus because they can show this Taurus how to relax more. Cancer will appreciate the stable nature of a May 14 Taurus and will be able to bring out their softer side.

Pisces is equally good at bringing out the gentle side of this Taurus. Scorpio offers a challenge while also being a loyal, dedicated partner.

A May 14 Taurus’ worst match for love is air signs. Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra don’t often vibe with a May 14 Taurus. Air signs tend to be too unstable for someone as stable and reliable as a May 14 Taurus is.


Communication can sometimes be difficult for a May 14 Taurus, especially regarding emotions.

This is a Taurus who is good at planning and paying attention to their goals. They just don’t always know how to communicate their needs to others.

This Taurus usually benefits from having friends and partners who are good with emotional communication. May 14 Taureans are honest and straightforward. They just don’t always know what to say about their feelings!


It might take a May 14 Taurus longer to warm up to someone than other Taureans. This is a Taurus who is especially cautious and is often more focused on their career than on sexual pursuits.

This Taurus will usually attract people who are more emotionally open than them.

They also tend to attract people looking for stable, loyal partners. The sex life of a May 14 Taurus is unlikely to be wild because that is often not what they’re focused on.


A May 14 Taurus often dates with marriage in mind. They aren’t the type to casually date around or waste time with people they don’t intend to keep in their lives.

For this reason, they can sometimes be slow to start dating people and may even spend years focusing on their careers and not dating.

A May 14 Taurus usually likes to go on well-planned and organized dates. They might make a reservation at a nice restaurant, for example, and plan the night out from there, rather than being spontaneous.


The Taurus personality tends to be romantic. This is true for a May 14 Taurus as well, though they might not always be romantic like Taureans born on other days.

A May 14 Taurus takes love seriously! The tie they feel to Venus is important, and they don’t take it lightly. When a May 14 Taurus is in love, they will dedicate themselves completely to the person who has won their heart.

A May 14 Taurus will feel a strong love for their family, especially if they have children. They show love by providing, especially in a financial sense. Their love language is often gift-giving.


May 14 Taureans prefer committed, monogamous relationships. They like to settle down with a partner they can trust. It can take them a while to genuinely bond with someone, but that bond will be hard to break once it develops.

This Taurus benefits from being in a relationship with water signs because they bring a nurturing, emotional element to relationships that this Taurus is sometimes lacking. They aren’t always warm, affectionate partners, but they are loving in their own way.

If you’re in a relationship with a May 14 Taurus, you can trust them to be faithful to you.

They will prioritize your relationship and will ensure they always have time for you, even when they’re busy with work and other things in their lives.


May 14 Taureans often marry later in life because they focus on their career. By the time they get married, they can usually provide financially for their families, and they know what they want in a relationship.

Some May 14 Taureans have more traditional values when it comes to marriage.

They prefer monogamous relationships and are genuinely looking for someone to grow old with. They want a partner they can rely on for a lifetime, not just someone they can have fun with.

May 14 Taureans are faithful partners. They see marriage as just another thing they need to work at! They will often have goals for their marriage and relationship just like they would for work.


The sexuality of a May 14 Taurus can sometimes be a little restricted, similar to how it might be for a Capricorn.

Taurus is a sensual sign, but a May 14 Taurus is unlikely to lose themselves in their sensuality. They can take a while to open up to their sexual partners and reveal all their inner desires and fantasies.

A May 14 Taurus often benefits from being in a sexual relationship with a sign like Pisces or Scorpio because of the expressive nature of those signs. They will be able to bring Taurus out of their shell more easily than other signs.

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