May 12 Zodiac (Taurus) Horoscope & Info

Updated November 14, 2022
May 12 Zodiac (Taurus) Horoscope & Info

May 12 birthdays fall under the third decan of Taurus. Saturn is co-ruler of this decan, giving people born on May 12 a practical personality.

May 12 Taurus people are wise beyond their years. They are responsible and ambitious.

May 12 Taurus people are down to earth and conscientious. They are honest and have traditional tastes and sensibilities.

People born on May 12 are creative and romantic. They love creating comfort for others and enjoy entertaining at home.

They can be successful in business and work hard to establish their reputations. Taurus people born on May 12 are unstoppable once their minds are made up.

May 12 Info
DateMay 12
SignTaurus ♉︎
StrengthsPractical, Nurturing, Hard working
WeaknessesStrict, Workaholic, Aloof
Opposite signScorpio ♏︎
Best matchCancer, Pisces, Scorpio
Worst matchAquarius, Gemini, Libra
Tarot birth cardsStrength, The Star
Angel number8
Spirit animalsTurtle, Flamingo, Chinchilla


May 12 Taurus people love nature and animals. They are generous and work hard so they can share abundance with the people they love.

People born on the May 12 zodiac are friendly, but can be introverted initially. They need to warm up to you, but when they do, they go out of their way to shower you with praise, encouragement, and gifts.

The May 12 birthday zodiac is known for being materialistic yet they are also hard-working and efficient. They never waste money or other resources. They can be frugal but also find quality and never cut corners regarding comfort.

They can be excellent gardeners, cooks, craftspeople, and artists. The May 12 zodiac personality loves building new frameworks and may have a knack for decorating.


May 12 Taurus people have a unique mission. Their purpose is to help people derive comfort and security from the past. They set the foundation on which others grow.

They are excellent financial managers and investors. They are also skilled builders, designers, architects, and crafters; the Taurus May 12 zodiac person helps others use their creative gifts efficiently.

They are patient and help others discern what is truly valuable. Taurus people born on the May zodiac sign help others become grounded and focused. They can be excellent teachers and guides.

Part of their mission involves conserving resources and nature. They may be wildlife rehabilitators or become involved in preserving the environment. May 12 zodiac female and male personality is similar. Both are attracted to nurturing careers.

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Positive Traits

May 12 Taurus people have many positive traits. They are persistent, patient, and creative; they balance their sentimental nature with practicality and rationality.

They are generous and can easily follow their ambitions, generating abundance because of their hard work and savvy investment tactics. Though they attract wealth, they use their resources to invest in future generations.

They are diligent and always follow through on their promises. They take commitments seriously and are honest and authentic; May 12 Taurus people can be reliable and are always on time.

The May 12 zodiac Moon sign can accentuate this sign’s nurturing traits. A water Moon sign adds emotional depth to this already caring, generous sign.

Negative Traits

Though there is much to admire about a Taurus born on May 12, they have some flaws to overcome. They can be so discerning that they sabotage good opportunities. They don’t easily trust others.

May 12 Taurus is also notoriously stubborn. They can be inflexible to their detriment. They have difficulty opening their minds to new suggestions and resist changing with the times.

Those born on May 12 can become obsessed with money and material success. They can be resourceful, but when they are under stress become obsessed with money.

The May 12 zodiac rising sign can balance out the worst traits of this personality. A water or air rising sign can help Taurus become more flexible and compassionate.


May 12 zodiac sign compatibility is highest with Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. The water signs help soften Taurus’s rough edges. Taurus helps ground the water signs, and the water signs help Taurus become more flexible.

Taurus and Cancer are both financially savvy. They are homebodies who love to entertain in the comfort of home and are devoted to family. They can be traditional and understand each other’s need for security.

Taurus and Pisces are a great romantic match because they complement each other’s strengths. Pisces brings spirituality and empathy to the relationship; Taurus brings sensuality and consistency to help Pisces thrive.

Taurus and Scorpio are opposites on the zodiac wheel. They bring out the best in each other though their personalities are different. Scorpio is deep and craves emotional intimacy. Taurus is stable and seldom reacts to emotion.

Taurus and Scorpio help each other overcome each other’s worst habits. Taurus helps Scorpio find stability and security; Scorpio encourages Taurus to look beneath the surface.

May 12 Taurus people are not an ideal romantic match for everybody. Their worst compatibility is with Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra; the air signs have no common ground with Taurus.

Taurus seeks stability and comfort and Aquarius is rebellious and erratic. They frustrate each other and often repel each other early in the relationship.

May 12 Taurus people are patient but their patience wears thin when they try to build a relationship with Gemini. Gemini is too flighty for Taurus. Taurus needs commitment and Gemini changes their minds constantly.

Taurus and Libra may attract each other initially. Both are romantic and sensual, yet Libra is idealistic and indecisive. Taurus is cautious and slow to open up. They trigger each other’s insecurities.


May 12 Taurus people are clear communicators. They are articulate and honest, yet they use as few words as possible to express themselves. They may text only a few words at a time.

People born on May 12 can be direct and get to the point. They often communicate in literal terms and miss the meaning of nuances or irony. They may have an old-fashioned style of communication.

They can be concise communicators and prefer texting as it is efficient. They can be diplomatic and avoid drama when communicating; the May 12 zodiac rising Sun and Moon must be taken into consideration.

An air rising or Moon sign can improve Taurus’s communication skills. They can become more flexible depending on other aspects of their birth chart.


May 12 Taurus people are considered attractive and naturally beautiful. They don’t require makeup or accessories to bring out their beauty; they can be traditionally attractive.

Taurus people are attracted to sensitive, emotional, and artistic people. They love people who are imaginative and creative. Taurus is one of the most romantic and sentimental signs.

You can meet a May 12 Taurus in a financial workshop, bank, or networking event for business professionals. They can also be found in parks, hiking trails, and crafts classes.


Ideal Taurus dates must involve food. May 12 Taurus people are fond of going to see classic romantic movies. They love dancing and historic tours.

You can impress a May 12 Taurus by taking them on a date someplace upscale and comfortable. They love enjoying the status associated with trendy restaurants and clubs.

Avoid taking May 12 Taurus people on extravagant or avant-garde dates. They don’t like anything too experimental or unconventional. They move slowly in romance so dates should be modest initially. Don’t presume they want to cuddle or open up at first.


May 12 Taurus people can’t be rushed in love. They assume you aren’t right for them if you try too hard to get them to open up. You must be patient to develop a romantic relationship with them.

They can be generous in love. One of the earliest signs they are in love with you is when Taurus begins showering you with gifts. They spend money freely on the people they care for.

Taurus people born on May 12 show their love in small steps. They avoid lowering their guard until they’re sure of you. Trust is essential to Taurus people born on May 12.

They are romantic and sentimental but they won’t reveal their sensitive nature until you prove you are consistent and reliable. You may notice them becoming more loving and affectionate after you’ve dated for months.

Never play mind games with a Taurus born on May 12. They need to see that you are genuine and follow through. They can be jealous in love as well. Never trigger their insecurities.


May 12 Taurus people take relationships seriously. From a young age, they set out on a quest for love. They hide their gentle nature, but this is because they don’t want to get their hopes up unless a relationship has potential.

They can be persistent and court their love interest, waiting for their feelings to be reciprocated. Taurus can be nurturing provider. They strive to make you comfortable and work hard to set a stable foundation for you.

They need predictability and romance in relationships. Taurus never gets bored with repetition as long as you show them you care. Be practical and show your thoughtful nature and they’ll be devoted and faithful for life.


Taurus born on May 12 long for marriage. They are traditional and may opt for a lowkey, inexpensive yet sentimental marriage. They take their vows to heart.

They are family-oriented and care for their homes and families, putting their needs aside. They can be strict parents but are also nurturing and affectionate. They often manage the budget for their household.

Taurus people born on May 12 are caring and generous in marriage. They invest in your dreams and strive to ensure you are happy. Though they can be frugal, they spare no expense to care for their spouse when married.


May 12 Taurus people are highly sexual. They have many fantasies and are among the most sensual Taurus people. Though erotic, they are also cautious and may be reserved initially.

Taurus won’t show their freaky side until they know you are their ideal partner. When they trust you, Taurus people born on May 12 become more sexually adventurous and expressive.

They love erotic massage and love sensual cues. Play romantic music to seduce a Taurus. They also love comfortable, soft bedding and candlelight, go out of your way to set the stage for intimacy.

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