May 10 Zodiac, Personality, Horoscope, and More

Updated September 12, 2023

The May 10 zodiac sign is Taurus. These Taureans are born on the first day of the third decan of Taurus.

These Taureans tend to be exceptionally hard-working and responsible. They are also incredibly curious and ambitious. They can get a lot done when they want to.

The ruler of Taurus is Venus, and the subruler of the third decan is Saturn. The restrictive nature of Saturn can sometimes get in the way of Venus’ romantic, creative spirit with these Taureans.

Taureans born on this day are great at sticking with something once they’ve decided to. They will not abandon a project until they are done with it and stick to their convictions.

May 10 Taureans just have to be careful not to become too stubborn! They sometimes need to learn how to relax and listen to other people.

May 10 Info
DateMay 10
SignTaurus ♉︎
StrengthsReliable, Hard-working, Conviction
WeaknessesStubborn, Easily frustrated, Aggressive
Opposite signScorpio ♏︎
Best matchCancer, Pisces, Scorpio
Worst matchAquarius, Gemini, Libra
Tarot birth cardsThe Lovers, The Devil
Angel number6
Spirit animalsBull, Buffalo, Elephant


The May 10 horoscope is an interesting one. These Taureans sometimes seem like something is blocking them from expressing their genuine personalities.

Taurus is usually a sensual sign. They can be easy-going and love to indulge themselves. Taureans born on this day don’t always like to give in to life’s simple pleasures.

These Taureans are incredibly hard-working and don’t want to appear lazy. They may try extra hard to avoid that and sometimes go a little overboard!

Taureans born on this day are reliable, and they stick to their convictions. They will stand by their beliefs and always stand up for the people they care about.

These Taureans have a softer side but need to learn how to express it. They don’t always want to, but they will be happier when they know how to relax and be themselves.


The purpose of a May 10 Taurus is to get in touch with Venus. These Taureans sometimes ignore the softer sides of their personalities, and they shouldn’t! They will be more well-rounded when they allow themselves to experience the pleasures life has to offer.

These Taureans will be able to find genuine partnerships and form deep connections with people when they allow themselves to open up and be vulnerable.

They will be able to tame their stubborn, aggressive nature when they get back in touch with their ruling planet.

Positive Traits

The May 10 personality is incredibly reliable and grounded. These Taureans know how to work hard and will never make a promise they can’t keep.

Some positive Taurus traits these Taureans have are their diligent natures and determination. These Taureans do not give up easily! They are not lazy at all.

These Taureans also stand by what they believe. They take their values seriously, and it is challenging, if not impossible, to make them change their minds once they’ve made them up about something.

Taureans born on this day are also trustworthy. They are honest, and you can always believe them when they tell you something. They will never purposely give bad information.

If a Taurus born on this day promises to do something for you, you can trust that they will do it. They are often punctual as well. In general, they are people you can count on.

Negative Traits

Stubbornness and a harsh temper are some negative Taurus traits that these Taureans tend to have.

These Taureans don’t always know when to listen to other people. They are good at sticking to their convictions, but that isn’t a good thing if their beliefs are flawed or incorrect!

Taureans born on this day often need to learn to be more flexible. Standing by their values isn’t bad, but they sometimes stick to beliefs that no longer serve them just because they don’t want to change their minds.

Learning how to compromise can take a while for these Taureans. They will be happier in life when they can do that, though! They will be able to bond with others better.


The best match for a Taurus born on this day is Cancer. Pisces and Scorpio are also excellent matches for these Taureans.

Cancer is a compassionate, patient sign who is good at calming down others and bringing out their softer sides. If Taurus is being overly stubborn or aggressive, Cancer will be able to help them relax.

Scorpio and Pisces are also great at taming the aggressive nature of Taurus. Scorpio won’t let Taurus walk all over them. Pisces is compassionate enough to overcome Taurus’ stubbornness.

The worst match for Taurus is Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra. Air signs are often far too unstable for Taurus. These signs can connect with Taurus, but Taurus will have a harder time forming a genuine bond with them.


Taurus’ communication style is direct. Third decan Taureans aren’t always well-spoken but will get to the point when talking to someone.

Taureans think before they speak. Third decan Taureans might not use flowery language, and they can sometimes be quiet, but they will be clear and straightforward when they talk.

These Taureans often won’t say any more than they need to. They don’t see the point in small talk and will only elaborate on something they’ve said if they are specifically asked to.


It won’t always be obvious when these Taureans are attracted to someone. They aren’t as flirty or romantic as other Taureans can be, and they will not always be drawn to someone just because of their physical appearance.

These Taureans can appreciate beauty, but they need more than that. A beautiful person might catch their eye, but they won’t pursue anything based on physical attraction alone.

Taureans born on this day are often attracted to compassionate people. They need caring and nurturing partners, so they will seek out those traits in anyone they approach.


These Taureans prefer intimate dates that allow them to bond with whoever they are with. They aren’t looking just to have fun. They are often dating with a purpose!

Taureans born on this day might enjoy going to a nice restaurant, but they need more than good food to have a successful date.

These Taureans often have a lot going on in their lives, so any date they go on must feel like it’s worth their time. They will do their best to get to know the person they are dating to determine if that person is the right one for them.


Taurus’ love language is usually gift-giving. Third decan Taureans may also show love with acts of service.

The gifts these Taureans give are usually practical rather than showy or luxurious. They want to give gifts that you will actually use and appreciate, not just things that look nice!

These Taureans will also run errands, clean up around the house, or cook you a nice meal to show they care. They will take on extra work if a loved one is stressed out and needs help.

Taureans born on this day will always be the first to offer assistance when someone they love needs help moving or doing a project.


These Taureans are extremely dedicated when they are in a relationship. They prefer long-term, monogamous relationships over casual flings and will often stay single until they find the right person.

Taureans born on this day are often more practical than romantic in relationships. They will show their love for their partner by caring for them and ensuring their needs are met instead of showering them with gifts and grand romantic gestures.

These Taureans want a genuine partnership. They want a relationship with someone they consider their equal and to find balance and stability in their relationship.

They need a genuine bond with their partner. They aren’t just looking for someone to spend time with. They want someone they can truly connect with.


Marriage is something that Taurus takes seriously. This is especially true for third decan Taureans, who are incredibly responsible.

When these Taureans get married, they intend on staying that way! They are willing to work hard to maintain their relationship and make their marriage successful.

However, these Taureans usually have to learn how to compromise to make their marriage last. They are highly devoted, but that isn’t all they need to have a happy marriage.

Their stubborn nature can work in their favor because they will stubbornly refuse to let their marriage fail, but it will work against them if they refuse to compromise with their spouse.


Taurus is usually an incredibly sensual sign who enjoys having sex, but the influence of Saturn can sometimes repress these Taureans.

It will take these Taureans a long time to open up to new partners. They might desire sex, but they won’t have it with just anyone. They would rather not have it than have it with the wrong person.

These Taureans may struggle to form intimate, emotional bonds during sex. They may become frustrated if their partner doesn’t have the same preferences as them, as they often become stuck in a routine during sex.

When these Taureans learn how to open up and become more flexible, they will have excellent sex lives. They just have to learn how to listen to their partner’s needs instead of focusing on what they want.

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