March 31 Zodiac, Personality, Horoscope, and More

Updated May 13, 2023

What sign is March 31? People born on this day are Aries. They are born on the first day of the second decan.

People born on this day tend to be incredibly driven. They don’t know when to quit, though, and can also be reckless.

Mars rules Aries, and the second decan has the Sun as its subruler. The influence of the Sun makes these Aries extra creative and energetic.

These Aries are incredibly ambitious. They are always willing to work for what they want. They are brave and adventurous. However, they do not always know what their limits are and don’t know how to quit while they are ahead.

March 31 Aries won’t give up even when it might be better for them to do so! They must learn how to choose their battles and focus on what is important in life.

March 31 Info
DateMarch 31
SignAries ♈︎
StrengthsPassionate, Ambitious, Confident
WeaknessesReckless, Stubborn, Setting boundaries
Opposite signLibra ♎︎
Best matchLibra, Leo, Gemini
Worst matchPisces, Cancer, Capricorn
BirthstoneAquamarine, Bloodstone
Tarot birth cardsThe Chariot, The Tower
Angel number7
Spirit animalsHummingbird, Porcupine, Tiger


The March 31 horoscope is a powerful one. These Aries have a lot of potential. They just need to learn how to focus on the right things if they want to succeed in life.

These Aries can focus intensely on what they want. However, they don’t always prioritize or focus on things that will serve them well!

Aries born on this day have strong personalities. They are energetic, ambitious, and driven by a strong desire to be successful.

These Aries know how to work hard. They are strong people who will always stand up for their beliefs. They will stick by their convictions and are also highly loyal to the people they care about.

However, these Aries don’t always know when it’s best to take a step back. They will refuse to back down from an argument even if they are in the wrong. They must learn how to fight only when it’s genuinely necessary.


A March 31 Aries’ purpose is to learn how to focus on the right things. These Aries have a lot of ambition and drive, but they don’t always know how to channel that drive into something that will serve them well.

These Aries can sometimes feel aimless. They will push themselves and work on something just to work if they don’t feel like they have a purpose yet.

These Aries can do great things, though. They have a lot of potential and may be able to change the world for the better when they find the right thing to put their passion into.

Aries born on this day will go further in life when they have the right people at their sides. They can’t do everything alone and will be more content when they have others who share their values and can help them to achieve their goals.

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Positive Traits

The March 31 personality is action-oriented and driven. These Aries know how to work hard and will put a lot of passion into anything they work on!

Confidence and assertiveness are some positive Aries traits these Aries have. They don’t let anything hold them back, and they are confident they can achieve their goals and create the life they want.

These Aries are brave and not afraid to step outside their comfort zones. They will try new things and take the necessary risks to get what they want.

If someone they care about is being hurt or taken advantage of, these Aries will always stand up for them. They want to make life better for others, especially those they love most.

Negative Traits

Being reckless and stubborn are some negative Aries traits Aries born on this day tend to possess. Sometimes, it’s better to quit or take a step back and reassess the situation. These Aries don’t always know how to do that!

These Aries will continue fighting a battle even if it’s clear they aren’t meant to win. If they realize they are wrong halfway through an argument, they will keep arguing out of pride and a need to stick to their views.

Setting boundaries is difficult for these Aries. They will overwork themselves and put all their passion into projects or people that aren’t necessarily good for them. They don’t always know how to say no.


The best match for Aries born on this day is Gemini. Gemini and Aries can have a lot of fun together. Gemini is intellectual enough to keep Aries interested, and these two can come up with great ideas when they work in sync.

Leo and Libra are also excellent matches for Aries. Leo is independent enough for Aries and won’t make them feel stifled. Libra can balance the stubborn nature of Aries and help them relax more.

The worst match for Aries is Pisces, Cancer, or Capricorn. As friends or coworkers, Aries could learn something from these signs. However, Pisces and Cancer may stress Aries out with their clingy, emotional natures.

Aries and Capricorn sometimes work well together but won’t be good romantic partners as Capricorn requires stability, and Aries is too reckless for them.


Aries’ communication style is straightforward. These Aries speak their minds but don’t always think before speaking!

Aries born on this day speak with complete confidence in whatever they say. They are honest and try not to lie, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everything they say is factual. They may just believe that it is.

These Aries speak passionately as well. It will be obvious if they are talking about a topic they genuinely care about. They won’t be able to hide their passion and excitement about it.


These Aries are attracted to people who are confident and ambitious as they are. They don’t have time for people who aren’t go-getters and won’t always take the time to notice wallflowers or people who sit on the sidelines.

Aries tend to be physically attracted to people who are fit and strong. These Aries sometimes overlook people who might be a good match because they focus more on looks.

The confident nature of these Aries tends to attract others, but their stubborn and aggressive nature will also push people away. They don’t always attract the people they want to because of this.


These Aries don’t always have time to date. They may have periods in life where they are more focused on dating and others where they avoid it entirely.

These Aries may not always know what they want in a person, so they may date around a lot before finding the right person.

Physical activity like hiking or dancing is always a good idea when going out with an Aries. These Aries have a spontaneous side, so you don’t necessarily need to plan everything out. They may be more than willing to just go with the flow.


Aries’ love language tends to be physical touch. These busy Aries may also show love by spending quality time with the people they are closest to. These Aries are passionate and want the people they love to know how much they love them.

If an Aries born on this day schedules time with you, it’s because they genuinely want to spend time with you. They wouldn’t bother otherwise.

Boundaries can sometimes be difficult for these Aries, though. They may overextend themselves and spend time with the people they love most, even when they should be doing something else!


These Aries often take a while to settle into serious relationships. Love isn’t always their top priority. Even if it is, they can sometimes have difficulty finding the right person.

Many Aries born on this day don’t know what they want in a relationship. They may start a relationship based on physical attraction, only to realize they want something less shallow and more meaningful.

These Aries will be incredibly loyal partners when they find the right person. They often have to learn how to compromise, though, as they will be extremely stubborn when they don’t see eye-to-eye with their partner on something.


Aries can be a loving, supportive spouse. They can be incredibly faithful and loyal. They sometimes just need time to find the right person and settle into a stable, mature relationship.

These Aries are more successful in marriage when their partner is independent and freedom-loving. They are busy people and don’t like clingy partners, so their partner should be okay with being by themselves now and then.

It can sometimes take these Aries a while to find a sweet spot when setting boundaries and compromising with their spouse.

Sometimes, they overexert themselves trying to please their partner. Other times, they push their partner away by being stubborn about things that don’t truly matter.


Aries are passionate, confident lovers. They are sometimes a little too optimistic about their abilities, though!

These Aries want to please their partner, but they don’t always know how to communicate appropriately about their partner’s needs. They may make assumptions, so it’s important to be clear about boundaries and preferences.

Aries born on this day can be spontaneous and adventurous in the bedroom. Setting clear boundaries ahead of time is vital, as they can sometimes be a little reckless and won’t necessarily ask before doing something all the time.

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