March 15 Zodiac, Personality, Horoscope, and More

Updated May 10, 2023

March 15 birthdays fall during the sign of Pisces. People born on March 15 are in the third decan of Pisces.

Theirs is an intense and empowered sign, with Pluto as the sub-ruler of this decan.

People born on March 15 can be imaginative. They are psychically attuned and can be dramatic and mysterious.

They are charming and have great sexual allure. Pisces born under the March 15 zodiac are more confident than others born under this sign. They are persuasive and influential.

They are deep and emotional. Motivated by desire, March 15 Pisces are nevertheless calculating and can steady their passions.

March 15 Info
DateMarch 15
SignPisces ♓︎
Opposite signVirgo ♍︎
Best matchCancer, Scorpio, Virgo
Worst matchAquarius, Sagittarius, Aries
BirthstoneAquamarine, Bloodstone
Tarot birth cardsThe Hermit, The Moon
Angel number9
Spirit animalsSkink, Shrike, Golden Retriever


March 15 Pisces people are romantic, loving, and sensitive. They are sentimental and emotional but can also be much more focused than others born under this sign.

They have a gift for empathy and intuition and use their sensibilities and talents to bring healing and love to others. March 15 Pisces is compassionate and willing to help others work through pain and trauma.

They can be loyal and devoted. Pisces is often charming and clever. They see hidden truths and make connections others miss.

They are spiritual and see through illusions and deceptions, which is something that is not easy for others born under this sign. Their Pluto influence helps them sense when others are manipulating them.

Pisces born on March 15 are more likely to follow through with their dreams and often become successful as artists and musicians. They are tenacious and pursue their fantasies with zeal.


People born on March 15 are here on a special mission. They help facilitate healing and transformation using the arts, humanities, and spirituality.

They help others find meaning in trauma and suffering. Pisces born on March 15 is suited for bearing witness to others’ wounds and losses so they can help people find empowerment and healing.

They can be self-sacrificing and may gain strength from their experiences with trauma, loss, and pain. Pisces use their experiences to help others find purpose and spiritual perspective.

March 15 day birthdays are more outgoing and can be on a mission to help others express themselves creatively. They can be spiritual and intuitive.

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Positive Traits

The March 15 zodiac personality has many positive traits. They are considerate, empathetic, thoughtful, and nurturing; Pisces born on this date are loving and loyal.

They have many artistic gifts and may be talented musicians, actors, performers, and entertainers. They are fascinated with psychology and spirituality.

People born on March 15 understand the importance of emotional validation and can be adept healers because they take the time to connect with others on a personal level.

The March 15 zodiac male personality is more sensitive and vulnerable regardless of traditional gender roles. The March 15 zodiac female personality is assertive but doesn’t lose the compassion and empathy this sign is known for.

Negative Traits

March 15 Pisces people have several negative personality traits they must work to overcome. Usually, their negative qualities are extreme degrees of their strengths.

Pisces are prone to extremes and addictions because their overwhelming emotions can be complicated. They often feel consumed by their feelings, hiding from their pain through escapism and fantasy.

March 15 Pisces can be prone to extremism and addictive behavior because of the pressure from Pluto’s influence. Among March 15 Pisces, males have some toxic patterns such as jealousy and possessiveness.


The March 15 zodiac sign’s compatibility is best with Cancer, Scorpio, and Virgo. Their two fellow water signs and opposite sign, Virgo, help balance Pisces’s personality.

Pisces and Virgo are attracted to each other because of their many differences. Virgo is practical and grounded. Pisces is mystical and dreamy; they help each other find balance and harmony through their shared connection.

The March 15 zodiac personality is perfect for a Scorpio in romance. Relationships with Scorpio help Pisces feel validated and seen. People born on March 15 can be as creative and mystical as dynamic Scorpio.

Cancer people are homebodies who crave security and emotional validation. They love connecting with others emotionally and bringing affection to the relationship. Pisces and Cancer understand each other’s desires.

Pisces is unconditionally loving. Yet they are not ideal romantic matches for people born under the signs of Aries, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. The fire signs are too passionate and dramatic for sensitive Pisces.

Aries is a warrior who can be bold and dominating. Pisces feels alienated and overwhelmed by Aries’ strong personality.

Sagittarius people love traveling and excitement. They are independent and opinionated. Though they share Pisces’ love of spirituality, they are not emotional enough to satisfy Pisces’ desire for emotional validation.

The Pisces horoscope can’t relate to Aquarius. The shocking sign of the rebel is erratic and unpredictable. Yet they appreciate Pisces’ sensitivity and compassion. Aquarius feels smothered by Pisces’ emotional needs.


March 15 Pisces are diplomatic, influential, and inspiring speakers. They have an emotional, empathic communication style. They make great counselors and sales specialists because of their ability to speak to others’ feelings.

They know how to appeal to others’ feelings and can be attentive, compassionate, and instinctual. Pisces can read between the lines and sense when people are holding back.

They are also able to appeal to the humanity and sensitivity in others. People born on March 15 can be persuasive because they see into your soul and understand your heart and psyche.


People born on March 15 are attractive. They are often considered romantic and have a classic, sentimental and otherworldly. They have a supernatural beauty others find attractive.

They are attracted to other sensitive people. Pisces notice people who are sensitive, spiritual, and mysterious. They love to be enigmatic.

You can attract a Pisces born on March 15 if you are artistic and compassionate. They love people who openly show vulnerability and express their creative talents.


Ideal Pisces dates are romantic and quiet. They love getting to know you in secluded places with low lighting and soft music playing. Ensure you can be affectionate and authentic when dating a Pisces.

They don’t want a noisy crowded club or party to distract from hours of staring into your eyes and talking to you about all kinds of topics. They also love spiritual and philosophical topics.

March 15 Pisces people love movie dates. They enjoy dancing and romantic dinners. But they also like obscure dates. Take them to psychic seances or a drumming circle.

Spiritual events or workshops appeal to Pisces as ideal dates as well. They love exploring other worlds and sharing their interests in taboo subjects. They love fairy-tale romance but can also be edgy.

Take them on a date near or on the water like a romantic boat ride. Pisces love comfortable dates that expand their minds and awareness. Of the ideal dates for March 15, events related to spirituality and metaphysical topics are perfect.


March 15 Pisces fall in love easily. They devote themselves to their love interest and can be obsessive in pursuit of the people they admire.

People born on March 15 can be possessive in love. Their insecurities lead them to become jealous. Of all those born under the sign of Pisces, March 15 can be the most prone to jealousy.

More than other Pisces, March 15 birthday personality is not going to give up on love even if it seems their feelings aren’t shared. They can be determined to win over the hearts of the people they care about.

March 15 Pisces people are romantic and attentive. They find out all they can about you when in love. They delve beneath the surface and try to learn about your fears and desires.


March 15 Pisces people want to move fast in relationships. Before they start dating you, they’ve already been researching your past. They leave nothing to chance and want to keep you infatuated.

They can seem emotionally manipulative but intend to find out your emotional needs and meet them in any way possible. Their love for you is constantly on display in a relationship.

Pisces born on March 15 are devoted partners who take relationships seriously. They are never neutral and fall in love fast. Their relationships are all-or-nothing, and they can be intense and obsessed.

They can fall in love with people who seem wounded or edgy. March 15 Pisces may have a codependent streak and need to be mindful of boundaries when they are in love.


March 15 Pisces people are eager to get married. They are caring and loyal spouses who crave the attention and validation of their partner. They often marry early in life.

March 15 Pisces can be emotional and sensitive. They feel everything deeply and are often empathetic to the point of absorbing their spouse’s feelings and becoming overwhelmed by the intensity of their feelings.

They are not always well organized but can be right-brained and emotional. March 15 Pisces people need a spouse who is more grounded than they are. Their spouse must be organized to compensate for their free-flowing nature.


March 15 Pisces are more sexually expressive than many born under this sign. They are open to expressing their sexual desires and finding unconventional ways to experiment in bed.

They love intimate connections and explore sexuality with a partner even before establishing a solid relationship. They crave emotional connection as part of their sexual encounters.

People born on March 15 can be intense and love exploring power dynamics in the bedroom. They are interested in kinky sex games and role-playing in bed.

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