March 11 Zodiac, Personality, Horoscope, and More

Updated May 20, 2023

March 11 birthdays fall under the water sign of Pisces. The sign of the fish is known for empathy and compassion.

March 11 falls under the third decan of Pisces. Their planetary sub-ruler is Pluto, making their personality intense.

March 11 Pisces are sensitive, empathic, and compassionate. They have strong personalities compared to other people born under the sign of Pisces.

People born on March 11 can be inspiring mentors and influential leaders. They take a soft, subtle approach to guiding others.

The Pisces horoscope can be emotional and devoted to love. They are healing and intuitively inspired; Pisces can be endearing, affectionate, and loving.

March 11 Info
DateMarch 11
SignPisces ♓︎
StrengthsCompassionate, Psychic, Healing
WeaknessesManipulative, Needy, Confused
Opposite signVirgo ♍︎
Best matchCancer, Scorpio, Virgo
Worst matchAquarius, Sagittarius, Aries
BirthstoneAquamarine, Bloodstone
Tarot birth cardsThe Hierophant, Temperance
Angel number5
Spirit animalsFish, Swan, Skink


Neptune rules the sign of Pisces, giving people born under this sign exceptional psychic talents. Pisces are spiritual, sensitive, and compassionate.

They are introverted, imaginative, and have vivid fantasies and dreams. Often, Pisces are prophetic. They are understated and passive. Their receptive personality makes them good listeners.

Others confide in Pisces as they are nonjudgmental and compassionate. Pisces born on March 11 are docile, gentle, and kind. They make friends and attract love interests.


The March 11 horoscope is on a special mission. They are here to heal others through their connection to spirituality, the arts, and emotion. People born under the sign of the fish are sensitive guides.

They make excellent counselors, healers, and art or music therapists. Pisces born on March 11 are attracted to careers that blend healing, storytelling, showing compassion, and artistic expression.

They are excellent art or music teachers and are attracted to careers in language and speech pathology because they often feel misunderstood. Pisces have a mission to form connections with people from all walks of life.

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Positive Traits

What is Pisces’ personality like? People born under this sign are endearing, compassionate, sensitive, and loving. They are often emotional and empathic, absorbing others’ feelings.

People born on March 11 have many of the best characteristics of Pisces’ personality. They are psychic and creative. They have gentle, kind personalities.

March 11 Pisces horoscope is associated with dreamy, mystical people. They have a powerful connection to the spiritual realms and receive wisdom from their otherworldly connections.

Negative Traits

What are Pisces’ weaknesses? Pisces born on March 11 try to be perfect and avoid conflict. Their negative traits stem from their desire to be people-pleasers. They can be manipulative.

People born on March 11 are shy and introverted. They let others make decisions for them. They fear making the wrong choice and can be needy and dependent on relationships.

People born on March 11 are dreamy and sometimes lose their connection with reality. They become lost in fantasies and can be overly optimistic. Pisces are sometimes impractical because they are so imaginative.


Pisces’ personalities make them open and adaptable. They get along with everyone, but their best romantic compatibility is limited to a few signs. Their best matches in romance are Cancer, Scorpio, and Virgo.

Pisces people born on March 11 are an ideal match for sensitive Cancer. Cancer is nurturing and understands Pisces’ emotional nature. This pair enjoys a sentimental, loving home life.

Pisces and Scorpio compatibility is also high on the chart. In addition to being emotionally validating and healing, this pair helps each other explore their spiritual interests.

Mercury is the planetary ruler for Virgo, and this sign is opposite of Pisces on the zodiac wheel. Though Virgo is rational and intellectual, while Pisces is emotional, this partnership can be a perfect match.

Pisces’ personality is much different from Virgo’s but these two complement each other well. They balance each other’s strengths and help each other succeed at home and in business.

The March 11 Pisces sign’s worst matches are Aries, Aquarius, and Sagittarius. People born under these independent and dominating signs have little in common with Pisces.

Pisces feels invalidated and abandoned by aloof Aquarius. The rebellious water-bearer is not a good match for the sign of the fish. Pisces needs more emotional connection than Aquarius provides.

Aries is direct, determined, and passionate. They don’t know how to make sense of Pisces’ introspective, shy nature. Pisces seems overwhelming to Aries, and Aries is too dominating for Pisces.

Sagittarius is too independent for Pisces. People born on March 11 want to stay home and enjoy romance and affection. Sagittarius wants to travel the world. They repel each other.


March 11 Pisces are more assertive than most people born under this sign, yet they still shroud their communication in symbolism. Their poetic communication style can be eloquent but vague.

They are sometimes confused about their own message. Pisces born on March 11 think out loud to help process their ideas. Yet this communication style confuses others.

They can be influential and intense once their thoughts are organized. Creative outlets often help them get in the right mindset to express themselves.


March 11 Pisces have magnetic, intense attraction energy; they radiate beauty and charm. They have more influential personalities than others born under the Pisces sign.

They are attracted to people who are more determined and decisive than they are. Yet they can’t tolerate people who are bossy and dominating. They often attract wounded, emotional, and edgy people.

You can attract a Pisces born on March 11 by having an interest in the occult and spirituality. People with metaphysical knowledge also attract those born on March 11.

You can find Pisces born on this day at healing centers, yoga classes, spiritual workshops, art studios, and volunteering at animal shelters. They love helping people and are often around people who need guidance and counseling.


Pisces born on March 11 prefer quiet, intimate dates. The ideal Pisces dates include evening strolls by a lake or ocean. They also love candlelight dinners at romantic restaurants.

Take Pisces to movies, but only to see romance or comedy films. Anything too action-packed overwhelms their feelings. They also avoid horror or graphic movies.

They enjoy dancing and dates that promote affection and physical contact. Pisces want to go on dates that allow them to talk with you, so don’t take them to noisy venues.


When March 11 Pisces fall in love, they devote themselves to you. They are always in love and never stay single for long. They often fall in love with fantasy images projected onto others.

They can be intense in love and often go to extremes to show their emotional connection. They get attached quickly and are insecure. Pisces needs constant emotional validation.

People born on March 11 can be jealous. They constantly think about their love interest and put this person on a pedestal. You can do nothing wrong when a Pisces loves you.


March 11 Pisces people are dependent on relationships. They put their faith in you and are trusting, deferring to your authority. They set aside their ambitions and support your dreams.

Pisces people are devoted, loyal, and affectionate. They always want to be around you and become anxious when you’re not with them for the shortest amount of time.

The Pisces horoscope is supportive in relationships. You don’t have to tell them you’re having a bad day. They sense your feelings and try to soothe your nerves.

They are empathic and nurturing partners. Pisces tries to help you accomplish your dreams. They are also kind and compassionate. They avoid conflict in relationships.


March 11 Pisces people want to marry as soon as they fall in love with you. Often, they plan the wedding on the first date. They confuse infatuation with intuition and know you’re the one immediately.

When you marry a Pisces born on March 11, you have a devoted spouse for life. They stick with you through thick and thin. They dedicate themselves to helping you heal from past wounds.

People born on March 11 can be sensitive spouses. They need approval and praise. When they feel betrayed or neglected, they become passive-aggressive. They must work on overcoming fears and being more direct.


People born on March 11 are the most sexually expressive of all the Pisces birthdays. They are adventurous in the bedroom and can be kinky and pleasure-seeking.

People born on March 11 use their creativity and imaginations to satisfy your desires. They prefer being receptive partners but can be attentive and nurturing in bed.

They give in to your fantasies and will follow where you lead. They seldom initiate new sexual games or positions, but they enjoy learning new things from you in bed.

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